One bit I think should be deleted.

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Okay there is a section bellow on the Batman Beyond series a title that is based on the Batman Beyond animated series and may not be canon to the regular Earth Zero DCU and more in common with the DCAU
 I want to delete the section that implies that Damian Wayne may be the future Hush as it assumes the DCU and DCAU are the same it also says that Damian took Terry McGinnis hostage when he didn't both Batman 700 and Superman/Batman 75 show that Damian raises Terry in the regular DCU and he watches over Terry instead of Bruce. 

Damian Wayne Friend Of Terry McGinnis
 Seen above is Damian Wayne watching over Terry is has been confirmed by the Batman editor in a CBR interview.  
I am putting this in the forum since I don't want to delete a section just so someone will put it back up. 
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Okay I am going to delete it. 

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Oh yeah, I forgot that Batman Beyond got a comic. When the first trade comes out I'm gonna take a peek, then I might just jump in. :p

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