A good starting point for Helena?

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I've admired her character since my first encounter with her in the first Hush Batman arc. She seems like quite a powerful and well constructed character and if there is anything that attracts me in comics, it is characters with three dimensions. 
Where would be a good place to start with Helena Bertinelli? Preferably nothing ancient as old fashioned art often gets to me unless it is incredibly well constructed. Anyone got any great recommendations?

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Huntress: Year One.

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@The Dark Huntress:
I feel pretty stupid right about now.
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@The Dark Huntress said:
Huntress: Year One.
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Batman/Huntress: Cry For Blood and Huntress Year One are great places to start since they deal with her origin, and the writing treats the character with the utmost care and respect. I would encourage you to get Paul Levitz The Huntress 6-issue miniseries beginning in October. I have a feeling we'll be clamouring for a solo after it's finished.

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