delphic's Huntress #2 - Crossbow at the Crossroads, Part Two review

Just Not Much Going On

This issue didn’t seem to have as much going on in it in the way the last one did, and felt more like filler than anything else. We see Helena investigating more into the prostitution ring, and freeing more of the enslaved. Though it is nice to see Helena doing her thing, there’s not a whole lot more to it than that. We are given a little more information about what’s going on with the Italian mob responsible, and we see Helena tracking them.  I can’t say I was disappointed in this issue, but I can say there wasn’t a lot going on in this issue, but it’s not so uneventful that it’s uninteresting.  


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    Luck About to Change? 0

    This continues the great story that started in issue #1. Huntress is freeing sex slaves in Italy. It's pretty cool that she's so kick-ass, but it's also a bit boring. So I'm guessing that next issue, being the middle of the series, will bring in some drama. Otherwise, she's getting to be a Mary Sue and that's boring.I picked up the first issue because she's supposed to be the Earth-2 daughter of Batman and Catwoman and that seemed pretty cool. The authors seem content not to explore whether or n...

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    Deja vu 0

    It's a good thing we know nothing about Helena, the city, the people she's tracking or anything else about this story because there has been 0 exposition and 0 progress in the story. This is the exact same story as issue #1 with the parts shuffled around. The only real difference is that there are less fight scenes. This issue didn't need to exist at all in the story and as such it is filler.The writing itself for the story is good enough to be on a better title and the art is nice. I think this...

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