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At the outbreak of WWII, homicide detective Ben Hunter was drafted and sent overseas. Promoted to Sergeant, he was asked to oversee a special commando force comprised entirely of criminals culled from the Army stockade. These hardcases at first refused his authority until his fists earned their respect. Hunter's efforts galvanized the men, turning them into a hard fighting team that always returned unscathed from their missions to both the European and Pacific Theaters of Operation. Hunter himself survived the war and was promoted to Colonel. The Hellcat's were comprised of Brute, Swinger , Snake Oil, Juggler, Light Fingers, Brains, Cracker, Hard Head, and Zig Zag. Hunter also recruited a woman known as Heller. It is undocumented if any of the other members survived World War II. He married and fathered twin sons who grew up to also join the Army - Major Nick Hunter and Captain Phil Hunter. The latter served in the Green Berets. The boys formed a tight bond, saving each other's lives in Vietnam.

Ben Hunter was alive during America's bicentennial. He was out of the country when Gravedigger, The Losers, Jeb Stuart, and Mademoiselle Marie met up for a reunion in a pub.

Ben Hunter is the present leader of the Creature Commandos, who came back from test piloting a spacecraft from deep space. His aging has slowed for unknown reasons. It is plausible this occurred during 1976 when he was out of the states during the bicentennial.

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