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Mark Waid and Marc Silvestri's NEW ongoing series STARTS! It's a new and different kind of Top Cow excitement as high-octane action and character-driven suspense bring you into a world where none of the standard rules of heroism apply! Led by Wolf and Ellis, the Hunter-Killers are out to save the world from paranormals--and they'll go to whatever extremes they must! Three covers available by Hunter-Killer artist Marc Silvestri, Trevor Hairsine (Ultimate Nightmare), or J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl)! 
In this issue, Sam brings the recently deceased Cathy Cthulu's head to agent Haruspex who has the ability to read memories.  He finds that Cathy drained someone who knew the location of the "Catalog", a mapping of all other Ultra-Sapiens.  Sam and her team depart immediately for Montana, to the home of Ellis and his parents.  Ellis' uncanny intuition leads him to take iodine pills in preparation for the bionuclear radiation that will soon be present.  His parents turn out to be rogue Ultra-Sapiens as well and quickly share with Ellis who he is and what they have done while ushering him out an escape tunnel.   
Ellis' parents activate their powers, killing many of Sam's strike team with a bionuclear explosion generated by Ellis' mom, powerful enough to be felt by seismographs in Beijing.  Unfortunately, it also killed her.  Ellis' dad has a natural armored form that resists the blast and anything Sam and her strike team can throw at it.  Meanwhile, back in the tunnel, Wolf confronts Ellis and Ellis discovers he can mimic the powers of nearby Ultra-Sapiens.  He escapes from Wolf and heads back to the surface where he is confronted by his father.  Rather than let Sam and her team take Ellis in and be dissected for his catalog, he tries to kill Ellis, forcing a failsafe to corrupt the Catalog.  However, paniced and confused, Ellis absorbs the latent bionuclear energy from his mother and explodes, killing his father.  Now, in a state of shock, Ellis is easily tranquilized by Sam's team and taken away.

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