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During the time when Magneto was with the X-Men, Phoenix (Rachel Summers) was psychially attacked by a powerful entity that made her believe the X-Mansion was a desert. The other X-Men rushed to save her seeing a desert and a postman in the distance. When they entered the "desert" all felt as if they were starving. Wolverine felt that sometime was wrong with the postman and stabbed him. In doing so made the desert disappear and all became normal again. All day each was attacked with horrible visions but Wolverine was the only one to prevail. Phoenix discovered that the entity ,who described itself to Kitty Pryde as Hungry, was in Africa. So they boarded the Blackbird and went to confront the demon. Once there they witnessed a tribe with starving children and a plane full of supplies about to crash. They rescued the children and caught the plane and began to help distrubute the supplies. Rogue, cradling  a young child who died of malnutrion in her arms, deceided to attack the creature by herself that evening. Absorbing all of the X-Men's powers she confronted Hungry, but he overpowered her and took possession of her body. Storm confronted and battled the Rogue/Hungry being. Slowly the other X-Men's powers returned. Storm believed that her ancestors might have encountered Hungry and defeated him as well. Phoenix  "grabbe" Hungry`s' essence from Rogue and seemingly destroyed it. Later that evening the X-men still felt Hungry's lingering presence.

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