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Fialkov is killing it in the Ultimate Universe, to bad he might be the one to actually kill the ultimate universe. So for those who haven't followed what this story is about, in the aftermath of AoU the multiverse broke apart, and a the time of this event Galactus literally ripped open a hole in the universe entering the ultimate marvel universe, that consists really of one of the final pages of this issue. Mainly we're following Ultimate Rick Jones a.k.a Nova who has been missing since his last appearance in ultimate spiderman( before miles). It turns out that for the past year he has become the protector of the universe with the watcher constantly in his head telling what he needs to do. Now the odd thing about the ultimate universe is that unlike the marvel universe there not a lot of alien life, it's basically just the Chitauri and the Kree, who happen to be at war with each other while everything is happening. Now like my ultimates review I'm gonna post a spoiler at the bottom so we can talk about the events. So besides what I've said Joshua Fialkov is an amazing writer and Leonard Kirk is a great artist, he can really draw outer space battles really well, everyone gets a 5/5. Now on to the spoilers


So, as the Chitauri and the Kree are fighting with Nova trying to calm the situation down, the ultimate universe galactus or the Gah Lak Tus Swarm, appears and attacks everyone. It doesn't seem like anything worse could happen until the reality break from Age of Ultron occurs, and its not long after that, that Galactus rears his giant purple head. What happens next is where I get the nickname Megalactus, the swarm tries to consume galactus but fail and end up merging with galactus, this makes him more powerful and gives him the ability to send the swarm as his new heralds, hence Megalactus.


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    Galactus just recieved a power-up. And considering he was already crazy powerful before that(heck, this issue he tears a hole in reality, just to enter the Ultimate Universe), yes, this is absolutely terrifying. I never really bonded with the Ultimate version of Rick Jones, because I think we weren´t given enough time with him the first time he was introduced. Here, he is decently entertaining though, if slightly on the whiny side. Not too crazy about the Chitauri(the Kree are always awes...

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