Kukaburra K #1 Review, Sounds Like A Dance Move

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Kookaburra K...I know a Kookaburra is a bird.  What does it have to do with a comic set in space?  As much as I love sci-fi, there's just something about sci-fi comics that I can't fully get into.  I think it's mainly that there's too much color in the comics.  This comic with art by Humberto Ramos and colors by Leondardo Olea might change my opinion.

As I mentioned, I think the biggest problem people will have with this is the price.  The question is, would you rather pay more for some solid entertainment or pay a little less for the same stuff you read all the time.  What I liked about Kookaburra K is that it is a different comic.  Is the story entirely original?  It's a little hard to say at this point but then, a lot of stories are almost variations of other ones.  What remains to be seen is where things will go after this first issue.  
Didier Crisse is a writer born in Brussels.  I love that Marvel is working on bringing over the works from creators in other countries.  Humberto Ramos' art is fun to look at.  There have been times in the past when I felt his style didn't quite fit with the book he was working on but I really dig it here.  The great thing about starting fresh with all these new characters is anything can happen.  You don't have to be familiar with decades of continuity to know what is going on.  While this may not be the absolute greatest comic I read, it was incredibly refreshing to read something that wasn't quite like forty other books that came out last week.  Give it a shot.
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liked it alittle
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i might pick this up. because ive always wanted check out a comic that has nothing to do with superhero genre. 
so lets hope my local comic book store has this comic!!!!!

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Farscape was pretty bright for a sci-fi series at times, but it always worked. Helps that they had the Henson Creature Shop behind it.
I always enjoy Ramos' work. Crimson was a really good series. The art is always so visually appealing and you can always feel the depth. I will most certainly be checking this out at some point. Not just because of the boobies.Why does a woman need to change the way she dresses to keep people from bothering her?
Thanks for the review. I might of completely missed this series without this.
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I don't wear glasses, but I felt like they would've helped.  We'll see how this goes, I'm still unsure.  I just thought the large word bubbles and tiny text took away from Ramos' rockin' art.
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the principal character look like wolverine on the cover
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i do not like humberto ramos at all. ug, i hate style like that

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Doesn´t appeal to me.

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tits,space,violence,no adds... il pick it up tomorrow :P

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Ya sounds good to me. I love Ramos' art, but maybe ill wait for the trade for this one. No adds and 48 pages does appeal to me though.

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I was looking forward to this.  I liked a little of Sky Doll (also a Marvel-Soleil production) and I absolutely LOVE Ramos.  But I can't help but feel a little disappointed.  And strangely it's for the one thing that G-Man loved; the colouring.  It was a little too bland for me.  I was hoping for something reminiscent of his work on Crimson, but instead I thought it was dull.  Shares of grey.  Pink-grey, purple-grey, grey-grey... it's way too washed out for my liking.  I thought it made Ramos' energetic style look aged and monotonous. 
Otherwise, it was okay.  Nice to have a Marvel book that feels like an Image title.  A bit bonkers to slap that huge 'Mature Content' on the front like they do with Sky Doll (after all, that's why Marvel started those discreet little T+ ratings, right?).  I don't think it's a 'mature' title.  I guess it's just how a different country/culture views the human body (i.e. nothing to be ashamed of from an early age). 
BTW: Dancing to the Kookaburra Song.

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I've read the original Kukaburra series. (I'm from Belgium, ain't that cool ?)  
It was cool, but the rate of the series were too sloooooow. 
But I'm very curious about what Ramos will do on this one.
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I loved his run on avengers the initiative and wolverine. and his work on x-men was great too. =) 
Would like to see him work on wolverine again or perhaps even x-force would be cool. 
This one looks pretty good, but i may give it a miss. 

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xerox-kitty said:

BTW: Dancing to the Kookaburra Song.  

Wow...anyway, Red LAMP sang a bit of that after I posted the vid.  But I think he was singing the Wiggles' version.
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loved ramos' work on civil war : wolverine. and this was something i was looking for, a little break from the super hero thing.
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The price is scary...

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