Off My Mind: Human Torch…not dead…

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Okay, I bought the Fantastic Four #587 issue; okay so I bought the black bag issue, but never opened it, and then this week I bought the non-black bag issue and the #588 issue and FINALLY read it, and I have to say I’m both pissed off and not convinced that the Human Torch has bit the farm.


This is the now “famed” final last stand and death of the Human Torch…


Here is issue 588# we see Reed getting what’s left of Johnny’s uniform...what’s wrong with this picture people?


I’m sorry…I know this may seem gruesome, but I think getting swarmed by monsters and being handed a ripped shirt WITH NO BLOOD ON IT mind you is a piss poor way to convince me that the Human Torch bought the farm when so many greats and not so greats have had far better death scenes.

Prime Examples: 
Captain America shot dead on the steps of a court yard.    













Nightcrawler hole through the chest due to phasing to protect Hope.    















Osiris eaten to death  















Powerboy burnt and impaled.     



















 Max Lord dead due to broken neck by Wonder Woman     















Death of Superboy    














 First greatest death in the DC opinion...      






















Second greatest death in the DC opinion...again












I mean am I the only one who was looking to see his body torn apart or his head or arm handed over to Reed? There was LITERALLY nothing to bury save for the torn shirt. Again I know this is gruesome but I still feel if you’re going to off a guy like the Human Torch he deserves a more convincing death than JUST getting swarmed by monsters and JUST showing nothing left of him but a ripped shirt.

It’s been said that with the 600 series coming around the corner the return of the Human Torch is possible, now I could be wrong Johnny COULD be dead and this COULD be the weakest   death scene I have ever seen in a comic book…but I'm putting my money down that he’s not dead at all…I’m betting he’s being held prisoner in the Negative Zone by Annihlus either being tortured on a daily basis or being brainwashed into serving him…either way all the tear shedding and solemn talk does not convince me that the Human Torch’s flame was permanently extinguished. What’s your thought on this people?

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He's shown next to Uncle Ben, he's dead.

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@Blue Son: I totally agree with you. Marvel hasn't killed him off, just rejuvenating the FF. After a twelve issue run, Johnny will be back (SURPRISE!!!) and they'll make him go independent for a bit, after finally rejoining a newly reformed Fantastic Four
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Johnny will definitely be back, the specifics are unknown at this point, however. 
I didn't care much for the death either, seemed anti-climatic to me.

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As much as love the guy, I hope he stays dead so his death means something. If not, I think he's still alive and going to return as an enemy of the FF after being somehow corrupted by Annihilus. 

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Marvel has said that Johnny is not coming back in a year. In my opinion he will be back, but maybe after, at the most, 7 years. It makes his death more meaningful then.

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Human Torch is living energy now, of course he's not dead. He's like one with the universe or something of that nature

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@TheCrowbar said:
" He's shown next to Uncle Ben, he's dead. "

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