How powerful is the Human Torch really?

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I'm just thinking, how powerful is the Human Torch? Like what are his other feats or capabilities aside from the obvious ones that are always being mentioned? And does he get more powerful as he matures? Which villains can he beat? If he's the ultimate "fire starter" and can create supernova or be as hot as the sun couldn't he just incinerate a whole lot of super villains or even those creatures who killed him?

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I don't know the full extent of Johnny's power. The most I've seen Johnny push himself is when he used a bunch of fire blasts and went nova, and then he got exhausted and overwhelmed by the Annihilation Wave. He almost went nova again, but he was taken out by Annihilus and the wave before he could.

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Maybe the writers could make it that the Human Torch becomes more powerful as he matures, since it is also his will power that affects his powers. But probably they won't do it because he's part of a team and he might outshine the rest of the F4?

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Not sure how powerful he is actually.

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@TDK_1997: @Lanzslyde: @The_Tree: He can become as hot as the surface of the sun, which is referred to as his "Nova Flame."

That's about his only talent.

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According to the issue I was just reading, the Human Torch can melt titanium and can be hotter than a star. And this scan shows he can melt bullets. I think writers and Torch are just holding back. If he gets really pissed off, he could definitely melt a lot of enemies within seconds if he wanted to. Say he gets into a fight with Wolverine, he can melt his skin faster than he can regenerate.

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I think he's kinda like Iceman, lots of unrealized potential. If he looked at his powers intellectually he could become a real force to be reckoned with but he prefers to hotfoot Thing and such.

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This is an interesting topic... do you guys think that Johnny using the Cosmic Control Rod would be an even match for the Silver Surfer?

This Johnny:

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@Shiryu: i HATE that johnny lol

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planck temperature.

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@SoA: Why? He seems pretty cool (no reverse pun intended.)

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@Shiryu: if you ever played against him in PVP you would know lol

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@SoA: Oh, I see.

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easily he could match thor or superman at that level if he harnessed its energy and perfected its power! :D johnny is happily on of the best and most powerful heroes with that and hes a herald too, if th writers went flat out he could be the most powerful.

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