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Final Cut for the "Face Off"

One of the many strengths an Original Graphic Novel (OGN) has is that its page count is set.  A writer can decide how he wants to pace a story, this Human Target story is a good example of it, Peter Milligan breaks the story down into 4 chapters and each chapter reads at its own pace.
This OGN is the sequel to the first Human Target Vertigo series.  It has been collected as well into the Human Target: Chance Meetings trade for those interested about this book.  As a Sequel, this story makes more sense if you have read the prior mini-series.  Emerald is a reoccurring memory of a character and is a symbol of the insanity Christopher Chance faces. Like "Emerald", who we never learn her name, died as a "reputation", Chance is losing himself in his Job.
The confusing situation of who is who Peter Milligan gave us in the mini-series about Identity is just as brilliant in this OGN. This time there is only Chance and he is battling himself.  Taking on the "Face" of so many people, he is losing himself in his work.
Besides the internal struggle, the Kid Napping and Ransom story makes this a great thriller of a story.  Every entertaining.  The only problem I had with the original mini was the lettering and this time it was lettered by Comics Legend Todd Klein, so there was no problem at all.
This is a Silkcuts suggested reading, I loved the Vertigo Human Target series.
- Silkcuts


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