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5 Days of Grace.

All of Human Target was not 5 stars for me, but this one was a solid 4.  The premise is that there is a friend of Christopher Chance that breaks out of jail and helps out his old friend to maintain his reputation.  This premise is where the comic looses a star, as great as the issue is, it is not a must and really is just a character issue of what kind of man Chance really is.  He takes on this task as a "pro bono" to give friend and criminal Jim Grace 5 days of freedom.
This comic has two plots going in two directions until they are tied up at the end again.  One thread is criminal Jim Grace avoiding the law and living it up and the other is Christ Chance avoiding trouble while living the life, I know it sounds confusing, but this Charlie Foxtrot situation becomes a great ending.  Although this was a stand alone that doesn't improve the overall plot, it does develop Christopher Chance a little, but it is not really important overall.
This one is a solid read, but not needed in a single format, I do suggest reading it in trade.
- Silkcuts

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