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Vic Bragg was a swimming champion before turning to crime, before he fell in with Dr. Krill, the brilliant medical doctor and marine biologist who had also turned to a life of crime for some unknown reasons. Dr. Krill had been studying Aquaman's powers and crime-fighting methods, and had hypothesized that the only way for a person to commit crimes on the sea is if one could escape into the air afterwards, where Aquaman would not be able to follow.
 After coming to this conclusion, Dr. Krill surgically altered Bragg making him not only just amphibious, but able to take to the air for short periods of time with the aid of a special costume. After several months of recovery and training, Bragg began his career as the Human Flying Fish. Initially, Aquaman was indeed stymied by the Human Flying Fish's ability to escape into the air for a time, but he soon came up with clever ways to counter that advantage, and eventually captured both criminals.

New Fish?

It is unknown if the new Human Flying Fish that appeared in Aquaman, The Sword Of Atlantis #54 is related to Vic Bragg.

Powers and Abilities

Human Flying Fish is amphibious, and able to fly with help from his costume.

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