Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! #1, Run Out And Get This

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Nothing like a douchey character to lighten up your day.  We don't have many comics like this nowadays. 


I'm really curious how this is going to end.  Will he get caught?  Who's going to catch him?  Will he somehow redeem himself?  What happens when J'onn returns?
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hahahah dang G
this comic looks intense, and seriously interesting

you surely made me want to read it!

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again, at work, so I didn't watch the vid yet..
You know what sucks about this book? No one wants to read it because "final crisis" is in the title.
If this book was just called "Run" it would sell twice as many copies...

I read it, and I loved it... High recommend.

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I think he is going to slip on a banana peel, hit a car, and die.

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I gotta check this comic out
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I got this and its freaking awesome i have a newfound respect fr the man now

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GAH  so much hair, going to have to check this one out

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Wow, G-Man,  haven't seen you this animated and happy about a comic in awhile.  Finally, a fun comic to check out.  The Human Flame--a douchebag?  Sounds like a kindred spirit! Bwaa Haa Haa!!
Anyhoo, gonna pick this one up after I see Star Trek tomorrow.  Yeah, buddy. (oh, and catch up on all the Green Lantern stuff). 

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wheres the flash review?

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Awesome, nice video, nice review. You make me want to dig that guy. I hope DC can keep the pace up, I mean 6 issue? And it's all about him running?

I wonder if this "Run!" is more apropriate to the Flash?

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Well if you read final crisis it would explain the title...did i mention i love final crisis!?

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When I first read the preview for this i was like wow this guy is an absolute dick ! Needless to say I pre-ordered it shortly afterwards. He even stole his little girl's bike. Say it with me now..."Asshole!"

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Ha, interesting take on a villian

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definately an awesome book haha, i really enjoyed the first one

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Gotta check this out, thanks G-Man

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He's a fun character for sure and it was work reading.

Still, I coulda done without 2 splash pages and one full two page splash.  There was really nothing epic enough in the book to merit that.  There could have been 4 more pages of storyline.

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The whole concept was a little silly too.

Why would anybody be out to get the Human Flame?  He didn't kill the Martian Manhunter.  Libra did.  To a lesser extent, Dr. Light and Effigy did.  Human Flame just watched, same as Luthor, Sivana, Grodd and Ocean Master.  Why the hell would Luthor be after the Human Flame?

I kinda wanted that to be the joke.  Mike and his friend are talking about how the cops and all the superheroes and a lot of supervillains would be out to get him but it turns out that the heroes don't know who he is and the villains don't care about him.  Then he causes a lot of problems while running and that makes people in turn come after him.

Instead, we just have a lot of people illogically trying to hunt down the Human Flame.

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