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Puny Human

Okay this movie a lot drama and not enough action because of ang lee(The king of drama and not action.XD)This movie i have very mix feelings about it has good moments and some un-speakable moments but what did the movie have right was the hulk he looked good,Strong,Powerful,Fast,And and tall(but some people complain that he looked like sherk i don't blame them there are some points he does and doesn't)Bruce banner who was portrayed by none other then eric banna who did a good job on the role same goes for the others actors,Now the story was good one about bruce and his father having his father creating a pre-hulk(thats what i call for a un-completed hulk)in his son but you can't be going on with the story other wise it'll be boring which movie did.I'm not gonna be on the hate wagon like everyone else because i actually enjoyed this movie,I liked it,It was entertaining,And they could've use  Abomination as the enemy in the end and think it deserved a sequel for the grey hulk(which they were gonna do but called it off because the fans and reviews)Anyways with all do respect i give this movie 4/5 cause it's a good movie

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