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Seeing green

When they announced that they were going to release Hulk I had big expectations, this character has a possibilities and it could be a great show of action. But it was a let down. 
Everything starts with Dr Banner (Erica Bana) suffering an accident when experimenting with Gamma radiation, when he wakes up he realizes has something is different. Until here the story is how we know it but as the story goes on everything turns confusing and psychedelic. Dr Banner's father (Nick Nolte) knows that his son had an accident with Gamma radiation and tries to protect him, something that is not very clear because we see a fight of dogs infected with radiation gamma fighting with Hulk. The best moments of the film are at the end when Hulk manages to escape of a secret base and General Ross (Sam Elliott), orders to catch him at any cost even if that means to the loss of an innocent life.
There are moments that images of colors and different shapes appear with no explanation, or we have moments that take us to flashbacks of Dr Banner's infancy suffering a traumatic experience. We have to wait for almost one hour to see Hulk, and one hour is a lot of time. The story doesn't leave clear if the accident at the laboratory is what turns Dr Banner into Hulk or if it was the experiments his father made when he was working for the militaries.  
Director Ang Lee wasted a good chance to make a great story with actors like Eric Bana, Sam Elliott, Jennifer Connelly and Nick Nolte. It was great to see Stan Lee walking beside Lou Ferrigno, actor who played Hulk in the 1970'-1980's TV show.

Posted by bbanner42662

dr. banner, that is actually brian banner, actually gives several dosages related to his his projects on super soldier to his little son.

he know that effective cell saturation can increase the possibility of regrowth of human tissues and organs........................

when bruce becomes a nulclear physicist, he actually misguide by general theadus ross....................ross knows the previous super soldier program of steve rogers.............................

the whole story revolves around a person, who becomes a fugitu=ive by general ross

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