Would WWH have turned out the same if Captain America was around?

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During World War Hulk, when Rick Jones told the Hulk that Captain America was dead, the Hulk actually looked quite distraught and couldn't think of anything to reply. This was one of the few moments in WWH where the Hulk momentarily forgot about his rage. Could the whole series of events have turned out differently if Cap was there? Would he be able to reason with the Hulk, making a quicker end to the conflict? Would he come up with different tactics to take the Hulk down? Or would he just be another obstacle whom the Green King would walk over?

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This is a good point. Though its hard to discuss because in one sense a lot of things would probably have been different if Cap had been around at this time.

I definitely think that Cap is the guy with the best chance of reaching across that divide between Hulk and the other heroes. Theres obviously a lot of resentment in general from Hulk towards the "hero community" and Cap isn't totally exempt from that by any means but i think hes much more likely to stop, listen and accept any blame if he thought it might be deserved. He also didn't have anything to do with the Illuminati's decisions and doubtless would have been pretty mad himself over some of the things they had taken it upon themselves to do. Hell given the way things were between Cap and the winners of Civil War I wouldn't be too shocked if he joined Hulk's side. Almost.

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