Would anyone consider Hulk to be Marvel's Superman?

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I mean, who thinks they share similarities in some ways? they did fought in Superman/Spider-Man, DC vs. Marvel and Superman vs. The Incredible Hulk DC Marvel crossovers.

I mean who thinks Banner is like Clark Kent, Betty is like Lois, Rick like Jimmy Olson, Leader like Lex Luthor, Doomsday like Abomination and all that?

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in strength perhaps. but everything else HELL NO!!! not even close.

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Sentry is Marvel's Superman. Hulk is more like a cousin to Solomon Grundy than the man of steel.

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In power level he does

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In terms of being the top physical powerhouses heroes of their respective universes i can see it. I know a bunch of Superman fans on another board who think this is true at any rate. Generally though i think people take the "Character X is Marvel's Superman/Batman/whatever" analogies too far as they never really work entirely. If you restrict yourself to certain domains you can come up with lots of different correspondances:

Hulk is Marvels Superman in terms of being the physically toughest hero.

Captain America is Marvels Superman in terms of being the most inherently "good" and inspirational hero.

Thor is Marvels Superman in terms of being the Avenger/JLA big gun with a red cape and a bunch of powers.

Spider-Man is Marvels Superman in terms of being their most iconic and recognisable character.

Sentry/Gladiator/Hyperion is Marvels Superman.


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Nahh. Captain Marvel holds that title I'd say. Captain America even?

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Nah. Gladiator is Marvels Superman for sure.

But you are right Hulks supporting cast is a lot like Supe's.

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Only thing that really strikes me as similar is Rick and Jimmy. However, Rick cross over with a lot of heroes. I think he's a closer analogue with Snapper Carr than with Jimmy. Shoot, how come everyone complains about the MM being removed from JLA origin but nobody seems to remember how boss Snapper was.

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Not really. The closest Marvel had to Superman was the Sentry.

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I'd say Thor is marvel's superman, cept he loses too much

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Count Nafaria is Marvel's Superman.

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No. In what way are they relatable besides strength levels.

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Hm... When Clark Kent walks into a room and introduces himself, does everyone immediately try and get the **** out of that room as fast as humanly possible? If he arrives in a city, do the superheroes within that city wait there for him, not letting him in until they've made sure he's safe to allow? When Clark Kent changes into Superman, does everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, not just bad guys, **** themselves with fear, and begin to run? Is Superman hunted down by the military and destroy entire cities simply by being there? Do they broadcast Superman warnings like weather warnings when they know he's on his way to a city?

What's that you say? No?

Then no, I do not consider Hulk to be Marvel's Superman.

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Ugh, why does Marvel need a Superman? Why can't people just be content with the heroes they have instead of drawing parallels that don't exist between characters which are really nothing alike?

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No.He's not.

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Nope, only thing they have in common is super strength.

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Squirrel Girl is Marvel Superman

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@samuel_larson_10 said:

I'd say Thor is marvel's superman, cept he loses too much

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Let's compare the two characters.

Kal-el (Superman) came from an alien world and was sent away when he was an infant, he crash landed in america where he was found by a sterile farming couple who adopted him and took care of him and treated him with love, they raised him untill they died, but by that time he was a good man and willingly put on a Supersuit and started saving people. He also has a job as a reporter at the Daily bugle where he works under the disguise of humble Clark Kent. His powers consist of Suprstrength, Flight, Superbreath, heat vision, Supervision, Superhearing, etc...

Bruce banner a human Gamma radiation scientest invented the gamma bomb, he accidently got caught in the blast of his own bomb and transformed into a monster with Superstrength known as the Hulk, he has to constantly run from the miliatary who are trying to find him and experiment on him.

Tell me if you see alot in common here...

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Maybe I'm bias, being from the UK, but for me it's Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) that is marvel's Superman.

When Brian Braddock rubbed an amulet he was transformed from an ordinary man into a superhero, complete with a more muscular physique.

Brian Braddock has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes, senses, and the ability to fly at supersonic speeds. He also possesses enhanced perceptions that allow him to be aware of things others may miss (such as objects cloaked ).

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