Worldbreaker Hulk (not WWH) and other what-ifs

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I'll start off by saying i'm a fan of the hulk series (mostly because of his mental battle with Bruce) and do acknowledge he'll probably lose in a fight against some of the more powerful heroes in Marvel (Silversurfer).

With that said, this thread is about possibilities. Before we continue, this is World Breaker Hulk.. people keep thinking that title is the same as the hulk in WWH, but he's actually a herald of Galactus imbued with the power cosmic in "What If? World War Hulk Vol 1 1".

I've seen many threads asking about a battle between Worldbreaker Hulk (WBH) and -insert superhero name- (eg. thor, superman), and it always ends up with people mistaking him for the hulk in WWH.

Anyway, I've always wondered about some possible 'what if's' involving the Hulk. Some arent even storylines, and just possibilities. Feel free to comment/correct them.

1. What if Bruce Banner finally decides to fully "give in" and the devil hulk emerges? Would he be stronger than any known version of the hulk (except WBH)?

2. What if Bruce Banner decided to cooperate with the hulk, using his intelligence to create weapons and armor to aid the hulk. Things like vibranium-kryptonite gloves or whatever. Maybe even alter hulk's DNA to make him even more formidable.

3. Could Hulk's seemingly limitless power/energy come from the ability to digest matter and yielding nuclear energy from the atoms?

#Hulk: The End

Those who read about quantum theory would know that a large amount of energy exist in matter. So just by ingesting a piece of rock, would allow him to sustain himself and all his activities.

That's all for now, these thoughts have been in my head for a while now. Let me know what you guys think.!

I'll try to add in more if I can remember.

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i think absorbing radiation is enough for hulk to survive, not to mention his ability to adapt which means he doesn't require eat,drink,breath or sleep.

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Devil Hulk would be more viscious, but I can't say for sure if he would be stronger.

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