World War Hulk

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Hello all, im interested in reading the WWH storyline but have no clue what issues that encompasses. Im only interested in reading the story that involves Hulk returning from space to woop some ass and ends up fighting alot of the other heros in the process. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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@RingSlinger: There's actually a 1-5 miniseries that you can purchase . World War Hulk is the name

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@evilvegeta74: Awesome, are there any tie-ins in particular that would go good with it? (excluding Planet Hulk)

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@RingSlinger: All the comics relating to the event are on its wiki page

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@guttridgeb: Thanks, much appreciated.

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@RingSlinger: No worries. I recommend you get the main miniseries, the Incredible Hulk tie ins and the X-Men ones first. They were the best IMO.

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