World War Hulk 2

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Just read it and it is awesomely done. The art, the story, the battles. I only had on problem with it and its with Hercules. They show these incredible battle scenes with everyone he is fighting in this issue with bold action shots (I wish they would have shown more of the Blackbolt "fight") except for Herules. Hercules is shown in the background twice and in one pic he is not even colored. I know this is a Hercules fanboy complaint, but I'm still making it. Hopefully their battle will continue in much greater detail in World War Hulk 3

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The Hercules fight started in another book (forget which) so you may get to see more of it in the next issue of that book.

PS. Strange is a Skrull.

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yep i agree its the shiznit

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Hercules fight started in hulk 107. I think so at least, it has them fighting on the cover.

And I haven't bought it yet... ugh. I'm four dollars too poor. Which is kinda sad.

And also, Hercules hasn't gotten any attention in YEARS. It would be nice to see some.

And thanks Buckshot, for ruining it.

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I didn't ruin anything. "Strange is a Skrull" is just what I've been thinking lately and a page in this book made me want to say it. There's no actual Strange/Skrull mention in the book at all, I was just posting my thoughts.

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ah. never mind then. I might remind you then of New Avengers Illuminati #1 (The War with the Kree is Over) in which Dr. Strange is tortured on a Skrull ship.

And his backstory would suggest that he has no Skrull affiliation.

#7 Posted by Buckshot (19358 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, and it's not possible that on the Skrull ship, he was replaced by a Skrull? Or maybe he was replaced before that and was getting tortured and playing along so know one would know? Doesn't it also make sense that a Skrull would try to impersonate someone not likely to be considered a Skrull?

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if ya cant afford ya can always just read it at the store lol

#9 Posted by The Iron Cavalier (257 posts) - - Show Bio

nah. I'm not like that. And I like to reread shit.

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Just got done -- excellent. I love Romita Jr. -- his work was even a little sharper in Eternals, but I really like his facial shapes. Super angular.

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