World Breaker Hulk – The Immortal Iron Hulk

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Before we begin

What insanity is this?

I’m going to be making a comparison between the Iron Fist and World War Hulk.

That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!

First, let’s just sit back and relax. Now play the song below and open up your imagination.

No thanks. I’m out of here.

Suit yourself. It’s your loss. Now let me begin.

Who and what is an Iron Fist?

The Iron Fist is a chosen warrior from K’un-L’un that has proven himself through various tests in martial arts. This warrior is chosen to harness the energies and powers of a mystical dragon. With this power, the Iron Fist can use its energy to perform various types of lethal striking techniques such as punching through a jet,

knocking down a temple by punching the ground

And karate chopping down a flying battleship.

So far this power has only been shown to increase Danny’s (the current Iron Fist) durability, speed and striking abilities. It acts like a multiplier to his current stats which are of a normal human being. Here are Danny’s stats.

Power Grids
Official Ratings[7]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


Notice how all his stats are rated near the peak of man. Yet his energy projectile rating is rated at a 3. It is because of this energy projectile rating that specializes in amping mostly his strikes that allow him to perform his feats. So how does this relate to the Hulk? Specifically World War Hulk?

Gravage Hulk vs World War Hulk (aka Green Scar Hulk) vs World Breaker Hulk

World War Hulk is just the Gravage Hulk after going through a lot of physical and emotional pain and trauma during the Planet Hulk storyline. There really is no difference in persona, only strength. During and after the Planet Hulk storyline the Gravage Hulk became much stronger and powerful than all his previous incarnations.

So who is World Breaker Hulk?

To cut it short, World Breaker Hulk (WBH) is just World War Hulk (WWH) using his powers to the full extent. In other words he’s just “cutting loose.” It has been hinted time and time again that the Hulk emits gamma radiation and more so when he is angered. World War Hulk is the first Hulk to actually emit so much gamma radiation it becomes a weapon. The first showing of this energy was when he almost sunk the East Coast of the US by taking a mere step which released this devastating power.

To further clarify, take a look at his most updated power grid.

Notice how Hulk now has an energy rating of 5. This is Hulk at his absolute peak so far. This energy projectile rating of 5 directly reflects how angry he is which also coincides with his strength and durability. In this state, his durability and strength rating of 7 are further amplified by his energy projectile of 5. Thus

World War Hulk + Energy Projectile Rating of 5 = World Breaker Hulk

Even before this projectile rating of 5 was released, we saw a peak of this power when he almost sank the seaboard. Go back to that image and notice all the green energy everywhere. Here Savage Hulk almost turns in World War Hulk.

We even got a hint of it when Red Hulk couldn't absorb all the gamma energy out of WWH. It was most likely that WWH created and stored so much gamma energy that Red Hulk couldn't steal it at a rate that WWH was emitting it. He even performs a gamma energized thunderclap that pretty much finishes the Red Hulk off and gives him a bloody nose and mouth.

Now where am I getting at with all this?

World War Hulk – The Immortal Iron Hulk

If Iron Fist’s energy rating of 3 allows a peak human male to knock down temples, uppercut through small ships and karate chop down a flying battle ship, imagine what it allows a Hulk with a strength and durability rating of 7 to do. Of course Hulk is never going to use this power because he can’t control it like Danny can. But he can actually summon and use this power anytime he wants or needs it. But look at the collateral damage it causes.

Here he causes a giant crater when he summons this power.

Here he destroys the East Side of Las Vegas just by summoning this power.

Just by powering up in this state you can see the devastation and collateral damage it causes. This is the reason why WWH never uses this power, because of the dangers it holds. But don’t think he can't summon this power when he wants as he did above and he did so again later.

Above, you can see him telling Doctor Strange that he’s going to cut loose and use this power again. What happens? Red She Hulk and WWH trade a blow that indirectly blows up a planet. Indirectly meaning they didn’t even need to touch the planet, the explosion was caused by the gamma energized sonic boom from their blow.

The special thing to note above is that collateral damage didn’t happen when he used his WBH powers. This is the most interesting part to me as he unleashed and channeled that power when he traded the blow with Red She Hulk. It makes me curios to see if in the future through training if WWH could actually channel and use this energy just like the Iron Fist. I highly doubt it though as it would make him overpowered than he already is.

But with that being said, I want you to walk out of here and speculate how powerful WBH’s strikes are. Imagine if Iron Fist had a strength rating and durability rating of 7 and his energy projectile is at a 5 rating. That is World Breaker Hulk right there, the Immortal Iron Hulk.

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Awesome blog!

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Nice, I'll read it in the morning and get back to you, man :)

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The only thing is, and of course there's no telling if this is anything more than just talk, but Hulk says he is actually not going to hold back against Red She-hulk, implying that what we see is very much the current limit of his abilities. If thats correct, then he's powerful, definitely a top Earth level hero in Marvel, but not worthy of some of the hype.

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Fun read.

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Interesting Concept to be sure...and like you said, A World of Pure Imagination. It is an incredible leap of logic to create the idea of an Iron Hulkfist....but cool. Personally, I think the sources of energy are too completely to match up that way...but the thought of The Hulk focusing it all in the same way Danny does is pretty awe-inspiring. I don't think it would work like that though...and I'm not sure I'd like it if it did. Iron Fist is all about focus and discipline and control and that's cool for him. The Hulk though...he's the opposite of that....he's all rage and aggression. I really liked the way they used him in the early Ultimates stories...where he was basically Nick Fury's Nuclear Option. He only really let him off the chain when he had nothing else left.

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World War Hulk channeling his energy into his strikes like Iron Fist does with his chi powered hits. If Iron Fist can wreck trains and battle ships with his hits, Hulk trying to do the same thing could be really destructive. The only problem is I'm not sure whether even WWH could train to do that. Even WWH isn't truly focused and disciplined when he snaps out of it and turns into a raging brute. Danny's training requires a lot of focus and I'm not sure Hulk can duplicate that given he's all about aggression. Awesome blog post Slim!

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Neat concept.

Now only if we can make Hulk fight at Lightspeed, then we have a real contender for Superman.

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This is why I like the Hulk. He's such a generic character but Marvel has been able to keep him interesting for decades. I was wondering after the fight with Sentry if he would ever be able to generate that kind of energy again and apparently he can so that's awesome. What would be cool is if skilled Hulk's like She-Hulk & Lyra figured out a way to incorporate this in a fighting style.

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I never really understood Hulk's energy projection ability until now, as I figured he was just the typical brute that got stronger and stronger.

Awesome comparison of the two though. Thanks for sharing this.

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Nicely done. So basically you've shown:

  1. How damaging the raw power is.
  2. That he can summon it at will.
  3. To a degree, it appears he can channel it into his attacks (like punches & Thunder claps)
  4. Then present the possibility of him learning it to Richard dragons level of control

This was very well laid out, I have no issues :)

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@slimj87d: Your logic makes sense. You should be the one in charge of making Marvel Power Grids, lol.

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Cool... but scary.

Hulk lashing out with blows that can easily shatter planets?

That'd seen even the mightiest hoeroes and villains into retreat if they knew what Hulk was about to perform.Technically speaking, he can do this as we've seen him shattering massive asteroids and mountain-sized objects with a single, focused powerful blow.

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marvel are just plain stupid...

now hulk is like a dragon ball z character....

why stop there make him be able to shatter the sun or rip the universe in half...

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Hulk has been on the universal level on four different occasions:

1. In an attempt to counter a attack from Night-Crawler, the Savage Hulk slams his hands together with so much force that not only does he defuse the attack, but he manages to destroy all the planets/landmasses within the entire dimension(Incredible Hulk #126)!

2. Destroying Nightmare's Realm with his sheer power alone (The Incredible Hulk #299)

3. Sending concussive energy through countless dimensions after clashing with Ironclad (Incredible hulk #305)

4. Dr. Strange tells the Unleashed Hulk that his power is going out of control, that the gamma energy he's absorbing and unleashing that he normally could control is coming from every dimension/universe in existence, and it would eventually lead not only to his destruction... but the entire destruction of the Marvel Universe itself(Incredible Hulk #450)!

I'm telling you this because the Hulk has been an overpowered character from the beginning. Your outrage should have been present long before the title of "World breaker" was given.

Unlike other characters, The Hulk's unlimited power doesn't hinder him from being a good character or having good stories.

Unlike other characters, where you guess that what they're limits are, the Hulk is one the characters we know has no limits whatsoever but we know he won't be allowed to abuse his powers which is what would make for horrible "Silver age Superman"-type stories.

Because the Hulk is established as truly invincible from his origins, and not for some illogical reason, he doesn't need PIS(Plot Induced Stupidity) to make him look good and he does not depend on PIS and flexing his muscles like a Douchebag for a story. The Hulk can take on anyone at anytime but he doesn't.

Hulk is about inner conflict. It's not about "winning" or "saving the day". It about facing his own monstrous self and kicking some butt along the way. He's not the stereotypical superhero. He can hardly even be called a superhero. This is what people like about the Hulk. He goes everywhere, does everything, sometimes he plays the hero and sometimes he finds himself to be somewhat of a villain.

Let's do a break down....

Basic Hulk storyiine formula is this:

A. Hulk gets into random fights

B. He goes where the wind takes him or where he wants due to however he feels about the fithing he does

C. He plays the hero

D. He plays the bad guy a little

E. Even with all the fights with others, he really fights with himself more than anyone else.

In concluson,

Hulk can be as overpowered as he wants but you'll never hear about anyone complaining about it because the Hulk is not written like a "Silver-age douchebag".

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@dum529001: Man, do you have scans for those instances?

#20 Edited by dum529001 (1624 posts) - - Show Bio


Here's a scan for the fourth instance of universe busting power I mentioned earlier. Scans for those others feats are already shown in CV's Hulk forum respect threads.

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This is a good blog. Sorry it took me so long to read though. The hulk is a good deal more versatile then people think and this blog outlines one of the things that makes him a little bit more then a brick.

Great job!

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This blog is awesome. Now that I think of it... I think a team-up with Iron Fist and Hulk would be pretty cool. Am I the only one? :)

#23 Posted by medulaoblaganda (925 posts) - - Show Bio

`me in think hulk will kick supermans ass

#24 Posted by Erkan12 (2741 posts) - - Show Bio

Good one.

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Good blog!

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This blog is awesome. Now that I think of it... I think a team-up with Iron Fist and Hulk would be pretty cool. Am I the only one? :)

It would be good but I prefer his team-ups with Wolverine, especially when Hulk tosses Wolverine into opponents.

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I would love to see this happen. I would like to see a wbh energy focused pumch

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@greenscar1990 said:

This blog is awesome. Now that I think of it... I think a team-up with Iron Fist and Hulk would be pretty cool. Am I the only one? :)

It would be good but I prefer his team-ups with Wolverine, especially when Hulk tosses Wolverine into opponents.

Yep, Hulk and wolverine are my favourite Marvel characters by far, so I would love that too!!

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This is another thread that needs some attention. I honestly like the thought of channeling his WB energy into a single hit.

Instant Death, or KO at the very least, for most.

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