When did....

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....The hulk stop being Professor Hulk? Like, What comic was it?

#2 Posted by warlock360 (28180 posts) - - Show Bio

Professor Hulk?

#3 Posted by Shaper (5199 posts) - - Show Bio

The Smartest Hulk. I thought he was called that.

#4 Posted by Shaper (5199 posts) - - Show Bio

Nope, this guy:

#5 Posted by Paragon (7283 posts) - - Show Bio

Joe Fix-It.

#6 Posted by lordraiden (8375 posts) - - Show Bio

Shaper says:

"Nope, this guy:
" />http://image.comicvine.com/uploads/item/3000/2267/177466-hulk_400.jpg"

I think it was not long after #425 with the end of the Pantheon?

#7 Posted by zee crusher (9067 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah i was about to say the Pantheon to.

#8 Posted by Shaper (5199 posts) - - Show Bio
#9 Posted by Venom-Hulker_1 (1669 posts) - - Show Bio

Issue #425! It says it on the picture

#10 Posted by lionheart (1208 posts) - - Show Bio

yeah it was issue 425

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