What would happen if The Hulk recieved a Red Lantern Ring?

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What if Hulk got a Red lantern ring?
As you know hulk gets stronger with rage and the rings inrease rage and power.
the hulk would keep getting more angry and powerfull in an infinate cycle, what would happen? what would the hulk do?

#2 Posted by CaptinAwesome (323 posts) - - Show Bio

he'd be to mad to do anything even move.

#3 Posted by weaponmaster (1415 posts) - - Show Bio

The universe would implode.
#4 Posted by YoungGunna (2680 posts) - - Show Bio

instead of World War Hulk it would be Universe War Hulk

#5 Posted by ssejllenrad (13028 posts) - - Show Bio

He'll look like a Christmas decoration.

#6 Posted by theicon (1827 posts) - - Show Bio

u mean universal war hulk..........the universe breaker

#7 Posted by jayskee (1913 posts) - - Show Bio

#8 Posted by FortressoftheMoon (685 posts) - - Show Bio

I would say that basically the whole world would @#$% their pants...........at the same time.

#9 Posted by VenomX10 (176 posts) - - Show Bio

God help anyone that gets in the way of Red Lantern Hulk
#10 Posted by White Angel Of Death (711 posts) - - Show Bio
@VenomX10 said:
God help anyone that gets in the way of Red Lantern Hulk

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