What if they made a GodBreaker Hulk

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k so I thought of this what is they made a Godbreaker Hulk? So Hulk once again starts a familybut this time with a very powerful wife. Anyway but the gods and both skyfathers zeus and odin both think of hulk and his new family as a treat so both zeus and odin kill all of hulks family in front of hulk which releases the most angry, hatefulled and heartless hulk every GodBreaker Hulk at this level Hulk goes on a rampage trying to kill both Zeus and Odin and there family At this level hulk is above galaxy buster level and wants nothing more then to kill both of them and he has the power to do it so hulk goes and tries to kill all of them so what do you guys think do you think this hulk would be epic ect. :D

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I'd pitch a fit. I am one of the few that thinks that WorldBreaker was overrated (or made so by excessive fans, similar to Broly on the DBZ forums) and that there shouldn't be like Galactic level Hulk cosmic stuff. We got cosmic beatdowns from Red Hulk that turned out to be garbage. So why tarnish Big Gren even more with similar situations and abilities?

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really well i would very well like to see a God Breaker Hulk I think that it would be very interesting

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it shouldn't be pure anger, prehaps hulk gets exposed to some of "odin" or "zeus" force energy as he gets hateful which then increases WBH tenfold.

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Closest thing so far:

From Heart of the Monster.

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It wouldn't be epic, it sounds stupid. What's he gonna do, thunderclap a galaxy away? Kill Galactus with a punch? Leap from Earth to Pluto? No. Worldbreaker is a cool Hulk and I like the gamma energy leaking touch quite, but honestly anything above that to where Hulk is a galaxy buster would be just boring and overpowered.

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Despite what you said god_spawn I think it would be epic if unlike others who were on galaxy buster level they made the stroy for a GodBreaker Hulk if they made it make sense not just what I said and why would he fight Galactus like I said hes out for zeus and odin not galactus(Sure people are gonna get in is and by the way even if hulk was at galaxy buster level a full powered galactus would give him a really hard time) and they way you said you just liked worldbreaker hulk and didnt want a hulk 10x stronger just mean you like the hulk to a pretty good extent but you just dont want a hulk higher because it'll be stupid but with a great story behind it, it wouldnt in fact I think if they made this hulk It would be my favorite hulk all that it would need is powerful foes to get in his way like odin force thor or other heavyweights and really all it would need like i said all it would need is a great plot for it to become a great hulk and also god_spawn just guessing even with a great story you wouldnt like it because you cant comprehend or accept a skyfather level hulk but i think with a good plot it would be great and enjoyable

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@Dernman: Bang My Head Against Wall thats what you said in short term what you should have said is BMHAAW Bang My Head Against a Wall thats a proper sentence but I this agree with that like I said with a great plot for this it would result in a Great Hulk

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@WorldBreakerHulk616: it would be an epic and tragic WHAT IF story but not main 616.

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@WorldBreakerHulk616: Actually it was me saying Bang My Head Against the Wall with me purposely leaving out the T and no the idea is just bad.
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@Dernman: well thats your "opinion" everyone has one and mines that this would be epic

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@WorldBreakerHulk616: Except only mine is right. :p
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No way!! You can't just slap a new title on the world breaker hulk and call it a new story! If he was given some other original reason for being that powerful then fine but no more killing off his family.

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@WorldBreakerHulk616: There isn't anything hard to comprehend about it and I can't see a good story to it. Your story involves both Odin and Zeus seeing Hulk's family as a treat for what exactly? And killing them for sh*ts and giggles. Plus, Hulk is purely physical in his powers, he punches things and claps at them and in his upper levels has a very rudimentary control over gamma emission. He would be fighting beings that have a very high level of power and versatility. He can be on equal strength footing as them or emit so much radiation that an entire galaxy gets cancer, he can't beat them without some major plot device and 2 supposedly wise and millennia old beings aren't just going to throw down physically with him when in danger. So what if they try and transmute him? Is gamma radiation going to somehow block out high end magical powers? Is he just gonna tank and heal through odin force blasts then punch them in the face? The only thing good out of it would be for Hulk fans and I mean ones that wank the character really hard. Everyone else would be bashing their faces against the nearest desk wondering what kind of garbage they just read.

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This just reads like some fanboy wishing Hulk was skyfather level. Am I right or am I right?

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Why would Odin (who is stuck Asgard space alone) and Zeus see the Hulk and his offspring as a threat. Has everyone forgotten what happened the last time Hulk went up against Zeus?

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Thy would have to invent a new shade of green

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@TheAcidSkull: i am a hulk fan and i think it's completely stupid, because everyone remember that the version of the hulk which fought zeus was not WB! besides, hulk wanted cure for all of his family members, not to fight and win against god! WBH would stomp zeus! i'm sure he would!

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i wouldn't like a more powerful version than world breaker 1:Because then al the butt hurt blue boy scout fans will hate it, 2: I like WB because he is just powerful enough to go up against these god like people and no one has ever actually seen him at his full potential so then godd breaker hulk at full potential would be like TOAA lmao

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Ok I respect all of the your opinions but I think this is a good I idea but it would have to make sense and have a good plot and the person who said I just want a skyfather level hulk is axiomatically wrong

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@/worldbreakerhulk/... Whoa whoa whoa... WBH was not going to stomp Zues. I'm sure Zues is way above world breaker level in total power (not strength) . That's too much fan wishing going on .

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Ya...no, as soon as Hulk starts taking down gods then he'll lose any respect I have for him.  Every character needs to have a limit on what they can/can't take/do.

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This seems similar to Kratos in god of war. I think this idea is pretty interesting but however, it would have to be more than just strength that the hulk gains because if he has enough power to kill a god, he would have to gain high resistance or immunity to magic. Zeus and Odin and any other form of a god or high deity can simply use magic or matter manipulation. Unless he was wearing special augments like the gem that Juggernaut wears or something else that throws off magical attacks or learned how to do magic himself, then it would be pretty good.

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Yes thats pretty good im not saying he should win just by being angry beyond measure I mean maybe like someone said before he gets a portion of zeus or odins power or maybe hera or loki gets mad at odin or zeus (well loki always is mad at odin but you know what I mean) then they give hulk some power were he can use magic to amp his own power or they give him something that makes magic useless but that would leave the story boaring so ya maybe they give hulk to power to use magic I think GodBreaker Hulk would be epic and awesome but I still respect everyones Opinion :D

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Good stories can be done with stupid ideas, stills remains that this is a stupid idea nonetheless.

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I hope this never happens.

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@WorldBreakerHulk616: That's a decent story, but it's a bit of a retread of World War Hulk, and Planet Hulk before it. I'd like to see a Godbreaker Hulk, personally, just to see what he'd do. Try this on for size:

Banner's been locked in Hulk's head for a while (following the current atrocious line of comics). When Hulk gets into a casual brawl with Thor, whose upset that Banner appears to have been suppressed entirely within the Hulk, Kid Loki makes contact with Banner inside Hulk's mind. Banner manages to trick the young, naive Trickster into letting him out using magic. Appearing to be cured of his insanity, Banner thanks Thor and Loki and goes on his way. But now, having seen that the magic of the gods can truly do, giving him control over the Hulk, Banner sets out on a plan to steal it for his own use. However, the all seeing eye of Odin falls upon his efforts as Bruce makes contact with Red She-Hulk, hoping to enlist her help in his crusade. When she agrees, Odin strikes her down, and does the same to Bruce. Watching Betty die yet again, before his eyes and in his arms, Banner snaps and transforms into an all-new, Hulk. One fueled by both Banner's insanity, and his rage at the Gods. All of Banner's intelligence, and the rage to kill a god-

We're not talking about you, get out.

Anyway, continuing from where I left off: Enough rage to kill a god, (while simultaneously taking care of the rather bad Red She-Hulk), this new Hulk sets out on a crusade against all Gods, starting with Odin, and moving onto Zeus when he tries to help Odin from some age-old alliance.

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Thats a great Idea but then again contraire to many different opinions I think that both Jonsmith and Samuel_larson_10 are the only ones willing to explore the different possibilities I mean really If they did make a GodBreaker Hulk (which I highly Recommend They do) its not like hes gonna go kicking Galactus's A$$ or beat the sh!t out of TOAA or Kill Living Tribunal I mean come on thats stupid plus what motive would he have to kill them hes going after zeus and odin only sure alot of people are going to get in his way but there are gonna always be people who would curbstomp a GodBreaker Hulk plus even at this level just imagine how cool he would look like maybe Like WorldBreaker but with Magic Leaking from him plus Maybe that could be His Limit and nothing above so people will be happy that, thats it for his power ups and stuff plus his battles would not be easy with odin or Zeus that would be stupid plus maybe he could meet or make new friends like Loki or Hera or new characters who hates them to join hulk like World War Hulk witch could lead to something cooler like maybe after fighting the ones who would get in his way he would bond with his new team so when he faces off against Zeus or Odin the go after his Team because of what he did to the people who got in the way so that could lead to Something actionfilled and suspenseful not just Pure Rage I think this hulk could be the best hulk not just some overpowered stupid Hulk

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@WorldBreakerHulk616 said:

If they did make a GodBreaker Hulk (which I highly Recommend They do) its not like hes gonna go kicking Galactus's A$$ or beat the sh!t out of TOAA or Kill Living Tribunal

... Well... About that...

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That would be cool.

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i would like it. if it made sense, from what i know banner needs to be pretty piss to beat a god.

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Go at the abrahamic religions then we have a deal

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@notoverrated: Really did you even listening to me I said Sure hes gonna be really angry to even take zeus or odin on but it wont be Pure angry No that would be stupid Like I said My theroy is that Loki Or Hera Gives him the power to use magic and or have a high magic resistance and increase his power so he could take on zeus or odin and maybe that could open up a new range of characters to help hulk like worldwar hulk and 1 the reason that hulk would even want to go up against zeus or odin could be like jonsmith said and they could have killed red she hulk then hulk wants to kill both zeus and odin then when hulk goes to kill both of them hera or loki gives him magic power so he can go toe to toe with them maybe because hera or loki wants to see zeus or odin dead or beaten beyond reason because zeus or odin did something to hera or loki to want to see them dead plus you have to admit that it would be cool to see that and like worldbreaker he could have magic power leaking of him and have an up grade in intellegents because banner wants them dead to for what they did to betty ross red she hulk so he would not only be powerful but smart so he calculate little habits they do to take them down when he fights them and of course he would need a speed boast so he could amp his speed with his magic so he could keep up with zeus or odin i think that GodBreaker Hulk would be beyond epic and i would really enjoy it and he would probably end up being my favorite hulk

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If they did,he would be up on the Planet Buster/Galaxy Buster scale most likely.

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I think I'd cream myself. I love Hulk and I love cosmic/mythic Marvel. Make it happen!

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If its well written I wouldnt have a problem with it. If the wrriters simply threw it in a story it would look awsome but ultimatley would not last because of the lame writting.  
1) The leader could not produce a finite measurment of Hulks power. 
2) Apocalypse postulated that Hulk's energy may be the Key to taking on the celestials. 
3) Silver Surfer postulated that Hulk's energy source may be extra dimensional.    (Sorry on my tablet so cant post scans!) 
These things considered I dont think it would be far fetched for Hulk to reach such a level as it is within his potential. Like I said it must be well written though.

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@WorldBreakerHulk616: I like your train of thought. A god level Hulk is possible. I have this story I want to pitch to Marvel about a god level Hulk--I cant tell for fear of copyrights-- and how he transcends on a cosmic level due to the gamma radiation that permeates throughout the universe. It would work. I honestly think Hulk can fight a sky-father to stand still....each character is based on the elements of Earth...SKY-FATHERS, magic and science....HULK can perceive magic and he is based on science, plus he's Bruce f@#$in Banner, 1st 2nd or 3rd smartest person on Earth.

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