What if Atrocitus offered the Hulk to become a red lantern?

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Just wondering how would it be like if The Hulk became a member of the Red Lantern Corps.

Red Lantern Hulk - A monster with full of rage and powered by his emotion.

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Hoo boy....

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it wouldn't be pretty, but he already is fueled by emotion and in this case, the same one - rage

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Hulk would have the single most durable constructs ever. He would get so much hate if he were given Red lantern powers.

Also this would further make Red Hulk more pointless than he already was. Nobody gives a shit about fitting in with the team or making strategies, we want Hulk to smash shit next to Cap and Thor.

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That, quite frankly, would be awesome. Can we have him partner up with Dex-Starr? That would make my life :)

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