What do you think of Greg Pak's long run on the Incredible Hulk

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greg has been writing the hulk for nearly 6 years now, i am amazed no one is mentioning anything about his run
anyway i felt it was amazing, he really expanded the hulkverse, punched in tons of great storylines, gave hulk a colorful team (literary ). bruce and hulk slowly getting used to each other was also fantastic
great villains, ecellent supporting cast, plus he made hulk a real beast now living up to his famous hulk is the strongest one there is phrase , and showed the true potential of how smart banner can be
whats your favorite story, mine was all round couldnt really pick but could choose WWH , WWHS, i cant really remember the story title names, but when they went to the savage island, annd the great spy noir, plus the last monsters arc was an awesome way to finish the story
i really feell bad to see the hulk team leave

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I loved his run. Pak brought me back to the Hulk and I have loved every story it is sad to see him go but I have been loving Aarons work on Wolverine so I am excited to read his take on the strongest one there is

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This must have been what it was like to loose Lee and Kirby from FF, or Layton from Iron Man.

I love Greg Pak, I've enjoyed damn near everything he's written (Not Rise of the Imperfects, that game was just too shoddy to be referenced). Otherwise, fantastic. I know a lot of people started to drop off when it became the Incredible Hulks, but I enjoyed that more. I enjoyed his family expanding and his Kids and everything else. I just thought it was a fantastic run with interesting characters and story's. Very cool.

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@BloodTalon: i have just read the first issue and i feel that the incredible hulk is safe in aaron's hands
but no hulk family got to get used to that
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@higher_evolutionary: well no Hulk family yet you never know they might be back at some point at least Rick (A Bomb) he has been in hulk sense the get go

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Banner and Son was one of the best Hulk stories ever, Planet Hulk was good, WWH was garbage, WWHs was even worse garbage. That Hiro-Kala arc also sucked. But the WWHs epilogue was amazing.  
I'd give it a 7/10. Still, I'd much prefer Pak keep on writing than bloody Aaron. 

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It was good, but i liked Peter David's run more.
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I loved Pak's run. I agree with BKole, it is the end of a legendary era, similar to when Claremont left X-MEN in the early 90's (for the first time, wished he woulda stayed away lol). But I really enjoyed the first issue with Aaron, I think he'll nail the book. Hopefully he'll be a mainstay on the book and be on it for a good 3 or 4 years straight, to really build the story up. Pak was awesome. His run would have been even better if they could have kept Loeb away from touching any of the Hulk stuff during that time.

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It was top notch. Maybe the best Hulk run ever.

Pak made me like the Hulk more than I had since I was a kid over thirty years ago.

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@TheGoldenOne said:
It was good, but i liked Peter David's run more.

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