What do you think of Edward Norton possibly being out?

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Rumor has it that Marvel wants Edward Norton out of the Avengers movie even though Edward very much wants to be apart of the film. He even spoke to possible director Joss Whedon! I think this is horrible new but what do you all think?
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norton must be hulk he did it so good in the incredible hulk

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Why would you want one of the best actors of the modern age in your film? Geez, use some common sense. 

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@FadeToBlackBolt:  Heh heh... My thoughts exactly! rumor has it Marvel doesn't want to pay Norton's Salary!
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Marvel needs to realize that their audiences appreciate CONTINUITY. People were already irked that the Human Torch is playing Capt. America, and now we have to have, what, a 5th person playing Bruce Banner?! I don't want to be watching this movie and thinking the whole time how much better of a job Ed Norton could've done, or that whomever they choose should've been Ed Norton. That kind of thing pulls you right out of the movie. So much for suspension of disbelief. Thanks, Marvel.

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Gosh, I'm so mad!
Ed Norton was a good Bruce Banner, he starred in the recent film and I was excited to see all these stars from the most recent marvel movies come together ... now that has been ruined.
 If they replace Liv Tyler, than that is the last straw for me.

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Apparently, Marvel wants to cast an 'unknown' in the role of Bruce Banner,
so it's probably to save money on actors. And since he's probably the least known out of:  Sam, Scarlett, RDJ  etc ... then it's easier to drop him.

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Damn, I really wanted to see Downey and Norton in this, a scene with those 2 would have been awesome. 

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a completely retarded decision on behave of marvel 
norton made the last hulk film as awesome as it was 
marvel have dropped the ball on this one 
they might as well get ang lee to direct it

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I seem to remember reading about "cretive differenced" between Norton and the producers. Maybe they just couldn't be @r$ed with more arguments on set :P

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Very bad news indeed, this has pulled down my estimates of Marvel Studios competence somewhat dramatically

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I would have to agree with everyone here.  
Very unhappy with Marvel's decision here big time

Not to mention their reasoning was, how could I put it, downright spit in Norton's face.
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I'd like to see Norton continue the role but I had read that him and the director of Hulk had alot of creative differences. So maybe along with the huge paycheck he is asking for, they want to avoid any creative differences...

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Here is an LA Times Article that give a pretty good breakdown of how Norton was Dropped from the Avengers. 
Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is quoted in the article as saying:
 "We have made the decision to not bring Ed Norton back to portray the title role of Bruce Banner in the Avengers. Our decision is definitely not one based on monetary factors, but instead rooted in the need for an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members." 
What every that means! It sounds like this guy really doesn't like Norton! I think they will be shocked at the reaction they will be getting for making too many changes to the central cast. If the Avengers movie is Iron Man/RDJ heavy it won't feel much like the source material. The Avengers has quite a balance of personalities in it and with Chris Evans as Capt. I think a lot of the other characters could end up coming up flat. they need a Norton to balance things out. Fiege also mentioned that they wanted to replace Norton with a Well known actor and not a no name.

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the incredible hulk pulled in 263 million dollars. and that was low, mostly due to bad timing of the release. i can't think of anyone better to play banner and if norton, one of the more down to earth actors, wants to be in the movie he'll take a paycut. nobody goes and talks directly to the director unless they are very serious about it. it's not like marvel doesn't have the money to pay the guy. god this sucks.

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Norton was great as The Hulk...
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@Fire-brand:  I agree...considering all the difficulty of having to go up against the fresh memory of Ang Lee's boring installment of the Hulk and competing with other big blockbusters I'm surprised the movie did so well. and that is due to the collaboration between Norton and the director. Who are still friends to this day. It was really the studio and Norton that had creative differences. Norton has passion that equals the passion that Robert Downy Jr. has for the role. He took it seriously. I think Norton would be a much needed balance to those guys. I have serious doubts about whether or not the other actors are going to not be eclipsed by RDJ. What is even worse is what about the other characters like Liv Tyler as Betty as Gen. Thunderbolt Ross are they going to be recast as well? Too many changes to continuity with good actors and Marvel will start to get a reputation as Company that is hard to work with unless you have an in!

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