What are your thoughts/where do you stand regarding the following

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Opinions on what the Hulk can adn cannot do seem to vary more than just about any character. To try and get a better idea what are individual posters opinions on the following:

1. Does the Hulk truly have unlimited anger and unlimited/universe shattering strength or is it just hyperbole?

2. Can the Hulk, if angry enough, transcend laws of science allowing him to eventually/possible do things like punch astral forms, withstand anti-matter blasts, and if angry enough resist transmutation from Dormammu and thunderclap the entire Marvel solar system? Should instances like these be accepted as the norm or are these instances in your opinion at least stupid writing?

3. Do you think Hulk should be able to defeat Zeus in a fist fight? No other powers being used by Zeus except for strength augmentation.

5. If the Hulk truly has unlimited strength and find himself trying to lift something as heavy as all planets, asteroids, and other matter in the universe combined could the Hulk with the sufficient level of anger do it? If you think the Hulk's strength is unlimited, but think that the could could not lift this, why could the Hulk not lift it?

6. If the Hulk truly has unlimited strength, can do the feat listed in the previous question, and transcends the physical could he then punch out Eternity? If not, why not?

7. If you disagree with claims like the Hulk's strength is unlimited then what limit do you think should be placed on it or how would you handle that aspect?
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If I was in charge of writing the hulk:

1. Unlimited, yet it has to be built up.

2. The punching astral forms and thunder-clap-the-universe tidbits are bad writing.

3. Yes, if he can survive the opening rounds.

5. Theoretically but no. There's no possible way he would reach the required level in time.

6. I don't believe he should be able to transcend the physical world.

7. The fact he has to build it up and can lose it all if he loses his anger should be enough to limit him severely and make things interesting.

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