Ultimate Hulk

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We are all familiar with World Breaker Hulk. He is the strongest Hulk because he is the Hulk that uses both Bruce's genius intelligence and Hulk's brute strength & rage. Now, in the Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk arc, we saw Bruce control Hulk so is this kinda similar to the World Breaker persona of his 616- counterpart or is this a different situation?

#2 Posted by War Killer (20827 posts) - - Show Bio

Kinda the same, in the Ultimate U, Bruce was able to gain full control over his Hulk form, although I believe he still has to be in a stressful or life threatening situation to transform. But even then, Ultimate Hulk has been defeated easily by foes much weaker than him and can be taken down easily as well (Ex: Wasp was able to knock him out by zapping him in a certain part of his brain), so that does make World Breaker superior in a way.

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The difference is that WB Hulk is a trained gladiator too who learned to control the hulk through battle, pain, and heartache where as Ult Hulk was tamed though concentration and mediation. WB Hulk is pure rage plus intellect while Ult Hulk was just a calm smarter Hulk

#4 Posted by Nefilim927 (449 posts) - - Show Bio

Anybody know where Ult Hulk's been?
#5 Posted by crackerjack82 (2650 posts) - - Show Bio

slowly being forgotten marvels plan for a good universe, screw it up so bad nobody reads it and then throw it out

#6 Posted by Theworldbreaker (1678 posts) - - Show Bio

WB is superior in evey way, he is WAY WAY Stronger like this many >>>>>> (without exagerating) and is a trained gladiator. ok maby he lacks the intelect but he's still smarter then savage hulk.
#7 Posted by VenomX10 (176 posts) - - Show Bio

WB Hulk is actually pretty smart compared to some of the Hulks. Yes, he is a trained gladiator, but combine that with Banner's genious intellect, and you have a force that CAN not and WILL not be stopped
#8 Posted by comicdude23 (11904 posts) - - Show Bio

Ultimate Hulk gained control in Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk, but read his other stories, he lost control and continued to be savage.

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