top 5 hulk comics.

#1 Posted by svtballa (369 posts) - - Show Bio

alright ladies and gentleman let hear your top 5 favorite hulk comics!

#2 Posted by Feliciano2040 (665 posts) - - Show Bio

As in titles ? Or stories ?
I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's stories, in no particular order:

1) The End.
2) Future Imperfect.
3) Planet Hulk.
4) World War Hulk.
5) Ultimate Hulk VS Wolverine.

#3 Posted by RedHulk (118 posts) - - Show Bio
Planet Hulk and Future Imperfect are definitely at the top of the list for me...
#4 Posted by Feliciano2040 (665 posts) - - Show Bio

Then again, as amazing as Hulk is as a character, he really doesn't have that many good stories to his name.

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