Time for a new Hulk game?

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It's been quite a few years since we got to play as the not so Jolly Green Giant. Now I actually liked The Incredible Hulk movie tie-in game that came out. However it fell a little flat in areas, namely the fact it was all New York. In Hulk Ultimate Destruction we got to have what I assume was New York and a desert area, both of which were pretty large. I for one would love a game where you get to CHOOSE your Hulk experience. Like flash back to when Banner gets hit with the gamma bomb. You get to choose between three Hulks.

1: Grey Hulk. Doesn't deal as much damage as the other two, but can deliver combo moves faster and gives one-liners while playing as him.

2: Savage Hulk. This is the Hulk most people know best. He deals hard hitting blows, but is slightly more sluggish when it comes to combos

3: Mindless Hulk. This is the strongest Hulk, able to take down enemies with very few hits. However he's extremely slow in attacking. Basically when he hits it counts.

Gameplay wise you get three sandbox areas. One is a city, the other a desert, and the last is a forest. The first location is meant to deal with more supervillain enemies, the second to deal with gamma mutants, and the third is for things like the Wendigo.

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Could we throw in some unlockables like WWHulk and full on World Breaker

#3 Posted by Smart_Dork_Dude (2611 posts) - - Show Bio

@joshmightbe said:

Could we throw in some unlockables like WWHulk and full on World Breaker

Of course!

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@Smart_Dork_Dude: But you have to beat the game before you get the option for world breaker, cause that needs to be earned. Maybe make it a full blown Planet Hulk/WWHulk game. Separate it into 3 acts, act one can have Hulk doing his thing on Earth toss in some flash back scenes/missions along with the story line and that act ends when Hulk gets blasted off into space, Act 2 all about Hulk on Sakarr and act 3 would be his return and he fights it out with the heroes. I wouldn't want it to go down exactly like the comics because frankly World War Hulk pretty much petered out in the middle but it started out as a great idea.

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I'd love a new Hulk game.

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I would sooo want a new hulk game. Ultimate destruction one of the best comic book character based games imo.

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im surprised the avengers movie didn't have its own game

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@SoA: It was cancelled

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@SoA said:

im surprised the avengers movie didn't have its own game

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More smashing, more destruction!

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If the creative team who worked on the God of War Trilogy planned to do a Hulk video game for PS3, I'd definitely get it! How about a Hulk game that also has the other Hulks- Skaar, She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb, Lyra and Red Hulk- and each has their own missions/storylines. The game should have massive enemies and cool killing combos. And how about unlockable costumes/personas/designs for Hulk and his allies?

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They should make a Hulk game where you finish the story you can fight Abonimation and kill him and you can become Abonimation and Hulk. Run around in a big New York and make massive destruction!

How fun doesn't that sound? Slamming cars, throwing buses and crushing trains/pimp slapping people.

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