The Return of the Abomination

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One of the Hulk's greatest enemies, The Abomination/Emil Blonsky, has been dead for about seven years after being killed by Red Hulk/General Thaddeus Ross. However, like all Marvel villains, it's only a matter of time before he returns to ravage the world again. But the question is: How will he return?

Well, I've taken it upon myself to come up with some scenarios in which Abomination could return to challenge the Hulk. I've also taken into thought of Abomination getting a increase in power and a updated look that isn't too far from his classic design. Shall we begin?

Abomination- Agent of HYDRA & AIM

Since Hulk/Banner are currently working with SHIELD, what better way to bring back the Abomination than to have him connected with the secret agency's greatest eneimes- HYDRA and AIM?! I could see AIM bringing Abomination back from the dead, improving him by increasing his size, powers and abilities in order to him a more formidable threat to the Hulk. It would make for an interesting conflict and storyline. Definitely has some potential, don't you agree?

Abomination in Hell... Errr... Hades

It's no secret that it was revealed in Incredible Hercules and Chaos War: Incredible Hulks that the Abomination was one of the undead prisoners of Lord Pluto's domain. In fact it was stated that out of all the dead, the Abomination was physically the most powerful of the undead. I could imagine if Bruce Banner/The Hulk had to venture into Hades, whether on a mission or some deeper plot, that he confronts not only Pluto but his old enemy.

With the powers of Hades, an army of undead by his side, not to mention his own formidable power, Hulk (or anyone else for that matter) would be in for one hell of a fight! I can just imagine Abomination being Pluto's champion, challenging the Hulk to a fight, smashing and spewing hellfire blasts at our heroic Jade Giant. Sound exciting enough? I know we would (pardon the pun) have a hell of a lot of fun!

Demonic Possession

While not really a storyline of how Abomination would return, I've always thought the idea of Zom possessing Abomination to be a really, really cool idea. Not only would it be cool because the two formed an uneasy alliance in Chaos War: Incredible Hulks, but also in a sense of the struggle for control. Would Zom influence Abomination?

Would they battle for control? Or would they come to an agreement through their shared animosity towards the Hulk? One could only begin to wonder. Besides, a Zom-possessed Abomination would definitely be a match for the Hulk. The fight scenes alone would be epic!

What do you think?

Feel free to state your thoughts. :)

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Awesome ideas! the problem is though That waid had mentioned that he would like to stay away from typical hulk villains, but who knows?

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@theacidskull: Right. But he didn't say how long he would stay away from Hulk villains, did he? Who knows? But I can't be the only one hoping that we'll get an Abomination story in the future, right? :)

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I actually quite like these ideas which makes for a change in your blogs. Abomination is a truly great villain of Hulk's who was mistreated at the hands of Loeb and has been underused since then. These are some very good ideas for Blonsky to come back with a well explained power boost that makes him a physical as well as an emotional match for the Hulk. Nice work, I hope Blonsky makes a return in the future at some point.

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@theacidskull: Right. But he didn't say how long he would stay away from Hulk villains, did he? Who knows? But I can't be the only one hoping that we'll get an Abomination story in the future, right? :)

Well thats true, though it's obvious we won't be seeing him anytime soon. i think that waid will re-introduce abomination after he makes some other villains appear on the title :)

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@theacidskull: Exactly! That's what makes it so great. We'll get tons of new villains for a while, then once the time is right... the Abomination will rise to battle the Hulk again! :)

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I really like the AIM/Hydra idea.

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@lvenger: Thanks. :)

Yeah, I think the handling of Abomination by Jeph Loeb was horrific. I believe, and I hope I'm not alone on this one, that if Blonsky was to be killed it should have been in one last epic confrontation with the Hulk. Getting killed so easily by Red Hulk was like a slap to the face of all the fans.

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@guttridgeb: Thanks.

I think it's a pretty cool concept.

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