The RED HULK is General Ross... or is he??

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Spoiler Alert:

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I'll be highly disappointed if it actually is Talbot.

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It's not. Rulk even says in the preview that he is not so I'm not quite sure what all this hype is about. It's like seeing a picture with a kid with a cigarette and yelling about children smoking and the kid shows us that it's a lollipop. Bad way to hype a new issue. Perhaps in cables timeline talbot became rulk and not Ross. I think that theory is much more plausible that the one given here that rulk himself disproves.

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I think the only logical explanation is that Talbot became Red Hulk in an alternate timeline that Cable was witness to. It can't be mainstream reality because we've seen beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ross and Red Hulk are the same. Amazing though, because this little revelation totally reminds me of the Dead Again story arc in the Superman titles back in the nineties.

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It's not a preview Kallarkz, the issue is already out.

Cable says to Red Hulk (who he believes is Talbot) I "..fought you before... and everytime... you lose.." ...yet I read some comments from an avid Cable fan indicating that Cable has never crossed paths with Talbot.

So if that's true then I would assume Cable came from an alternate future where Talbot still lived... and was ultimately approached by the Intelligencia with the same offer that we witnessed go to Ross.


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Rulk has been a lesson in WTF, much like Sentry.

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