The incredible Hulk Vol 3 #9 preview

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The Incredible Hulk vol3 #9
The Incredible Hulk vol3 #9
The Incredible Hulk vol3 #9
The Incredible Hulk vol3 #9
The Incredible Hulk vol3 #9
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I have just started reading comics, i jumped on to this at 7.1 which seemed like a good idea. I have decided to drop it now as i cannot get on with it, i do not like the artwork and i thought the dog thing crime boss in number 8 was ridiculous. Anybody else?

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@Coopsuk: yes i agree, though you should continue from issue 13#, because this arc ends at 12#, Jason Aron just doesn't know Hulks character

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The colours are quite vibrant, but the pencils leave a lot to be desired.

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Is this Drax? lol!

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Just read issue 8. Thumbs down to that one. Go back and read every issue before that if you can. They were much better.

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why is marvel making their characters bald?

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Why isn't he with his son again?

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art is so much better then issue 8,i hate steve dillion with a passion. #9 had the artist from mighty thor which was a feast for the eyes

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