RULK TWEETS IN REVIEW: "Hulk of Arabia", Comic Rankings & More!

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Here's an expanded recap of the latest #RedHulkBlog tweets: 

7/22/11 - Check out Red HULK writer Jeff Parker's new interview about his new upcoming story arc "HULK OF ARABIA"!
Hulk of Arabia
7/20/11 - New Red Hulk Hitting Comic Book Stands Today: HULK #37 and AVENGERS #15

7/18/11 - First Look: Marvel 50th Anniversary Red Hulk variant HULK #42 cover debuting this October.

Marvel 50th Anniversary Red Hulk variant

7/15/11 - More June Comic Sales: AVENGERS #14 Fear Itself featuring Red Hulk on the cover ranked 4th.

7/15/11 - Comic Sales for June released today: HULK #34 ranked 62nd. HULK #35 ranked 67th.

A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.  
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