Robot madness

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well today I read Tales to Astonish #60 from essential hulk where hulk shared a book with giant man

unfortunately only the hulk stories are included, and that's too bad since all my knowledge of giant man comes from the [amazing] avengers cartoon

to the point...the story features a spy who jumps into a indestructible anti-atomic bomb suit made by banner, even the hulk can't destroy the thing!

the next cover [#61] names him as 'Android' (there is a tag for him on the site, but there is no information on the page :( )

I'm also reading (online) Spider man family #4 [for some reason I had a collection of 1-3 sitting around in my house..and it featured the black suit :) ]

the cool thing is that SF includes the Untold Tales of spider man, and they are great i'm going to try to collect more..I already collected #3-4 as separate issues

once again to the point..SF #4 guest stars Agents of Atlas, a pretty wacky miss-mash also includes a robot. I love how spidy calls him Gort :) (from the day the earth stood still)

overall I'd recommend looking for Untold Tales of the meantime i'll be reading more stories and posting my thoughts

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