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Respect The Hulk

The Incredible Hulk

yes, this a respect a hulk thread, and all haters/trolls will be reported, i know there is one or two threads like this but i'm planning on covering as much feats as i can. the incredible hulk is vastly underrated on comic vine so i made this blog to show just how awesome he is. HULK is The Strongest there is, the raging man-monster with the heart of a hero. One of the most unique characters ever. Over the years I've seen a lot of people claim to be a hulk fan, mostly because he is one of the most powerful beings Ever. However Thous people, to me ,are no hulk fans. Sure, i love hulk because he is the strongest there is, but what most people don't understand is that strength!! is not hulks defining quality. why ? because A character is not defined by his powers, people don't love spider-man because he shoots webs or sticks to walls, people love spider-man because of Peter Parker, a nerdy , witty, responsible hero. The same thing can be said for the hulk, because without Bruce Banner hulk is nothing. Bruce makes hulks anger unique, and hulks anger makes Bruce a sympathetic character. Hulk has many interesting qualities, and his multiple incarnations is one of them, you see characters like the hulk are very interesting because you can't get bored with a character that is full of riddles, writers like taking on the hulk because they can execute their own views of the character. Savage hulk, world war hulk, Joe fixit, and many other hulk versions have their own power sets , personality , and appearance, which makes hulk all the more interesting. Moreover, The Hulk is interesting character because he has a unique relationship with Bruce banner, we've seen them as both enemies and as allays, but at the end of the day, no matter how they look at each other, they hate each others guts. This is a great dynamic because even though hulk fights one insanely powerful guys, his most interesting clash takes place within him. Furthermore, no matter how people look at it, The hulk and Bruce are both heroes, this makes hulk intriguing because he is always misunderstood and viewed upon as a monster , yet, he still finds a way to do the right thing. The Hulk teaches people a great thing, it shows you that everyone has a monster within them, but Bruce banner manages to redirect that monster and turn him into a hero, because hulk is Bruce, he is simply a different aspect. The Hulk is also one of the most iconic marvel characters ever created, he is easily recognized by many people including both adults and children.

"Then why do you suddenly look scared? Maybe you see that you could be ten times stronger than Hulk, and it still would not matter. Not when all Hulk has to do is become ten times as mad!!"

-Hulk/Bruce Banner

Powers and Abilities


The Hulk's gamma irradiated physiology allows Hulk to survive in space, bust planetoids, etc. Hulk draws upon the universes' limitless nuclear energy, particularly the strongest energy form, gamma rays. Hulk/Banner's increase in gamma radiation in proportion to stress(caused by his own physical exertion/anger or other outside forces), converting it to new and stronger cellular mass (his tissues are incredibly dense), turning what would be lethal damage into marginally superficial and nonlethal damage. in order to survive.The growth of Hulk's gamma ray-fueled transmutation gives him limitless strength extending to unparalleled abilities of regenerative healing, stamina, self-sustenance, and immunity to any magnitude of lethal injury.

Vast Superhuman Strength

Hulk is one of the physically strongest beings in the entire universe. His Strength completely depends on emotions such as excitement,stress and mostly anger(pain can also increase hulks strength). Since Hulk has the power of gamma rays, He has 100 ton class strength, able to lift in far in excess of that with great ease (to what extent depends on the incarceration), and the angrier Hulk gets the stronger he gets, and there seems to be no bound to his immense strength. Banner always suppresses hulk so he cannot hurt anyone, but there are times when the hulk brakes free from banner chains.

Vast Superhuman Speed

Hulk can run up to 300 miles per hour, and jump so high he can achieve stable orbit.

Once hulk reaches a certain anger level he is unable to run because he breaks the ground underneath him.

Vast Superhuman Durability

Hulk's skin is extremely durable, his skin can easily resist a Ground Zero explosion, Human Torch's Nova Blast, planet-Shattering impacts, and a blast from Galactus. Hulks durability also increases with his rage. Hulk has also been able to take a blast which ultron used to soften and manipulate adamantium.

Healing Factor

In proportion to stress, Hulk can instantly renew and augment the atomic-molecular structure of the most basic biological component, the DNA/amino acids, from which all the various uniquely tasked proteins, categorized by cell type and multiplied into tissues and organs, are formed. Hulk's healing factor is superior to that of Wolverine's because it is not limited in the energy necessary to maintain this core foundation.

The process in which amino acids assemble all the different proteins used in every bodily function (through a series of atomic mass transport, rearranging internal chemical bonds, condensing smaller molecules into bigger ones and cleaving bigger ones in to smaller ones) is not instant but due to the chemical nature of amino acids and Hulk's ability to maintain them, this process will always occur, allowing Hulk to always survive and completely reform himself.

Hulk's healing factor grants him biological immortality and an immunity to all earthly diseases and infections. It also allows even wounds that would paralyze or kill humans to heal instantly without scarring. the madder hulk gets the quicker and better he heals. And although it keeps him from death it does not keep him from being rendered unconscious at times.


Hulk is capable of adapting to inhospitable environments when ever it becomes necessary. There were many occasions where hulk not only survived airless ares, but has also spoken in them. same as his healing factor, the angrier hulk gets, the faster he adapts.

Self Sustenance

Hulk's physiology allows him to survive indefinitely without food, water, air or sleep after he has adapted.

Underwater breathing

hulk has the ability to breath under water because his glands develop an oxygenated per-fluorocarbon emulsion which fills his lungs and equalizes the pressure

Astral Form Perception

The Hulk has the unique ability of being able to see "astral forms"--or ghosts. Hulk is able to see Dr strange astral form when no one can, which comes in handy when working with his fellow defender strange. The reason for hulk developing this ability could be because of the fact that banner feared his fathers ghost would come back and hunt him. however, hulks astral from perception has not shown it's limitations yet, seeing as how he once experienced a whole town in the middle of the desert until it faded away. while it is possible that this was merely a mirage, it is also credible that hulk witnessed a town that didn't exist in our reality . there was a case during world war hulk when hulk broke Dr strange's hands while he was in his astral form.

Vast Superhuman Stamina

Hulks stamina is also very high, in a normal calm state, he can go on for several days before he even begins to feel tired. Hulk's stamina increase with his anger.


Hulks And Banners Relationship

Despite the fact that there have been many incarnations of the hulk, the one thing that almost never changes is that hatred hulk and banner have for each other. The banner/Hulk relationship is a lot like theDr. Jekyll's/Mr. Hyde's. it revolves around The good vs bad, Order vs Chaos concept, however, banner and the hulk has a far more intriguing connection in comparison to Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. The main difference is that Hulk is not a bad guy, he is not the villain, he is misunderstood, and in fact, when given the chance, he has done the right thing many numerous occasions . Hulks hatred for banner was manifested when banners mother died at that hand of their father, Brain Banner. Hulk acknowledges the fact that he and banner are one and the same, hence he blames banner for being weak and not being able to defend their dear "mommy", and as any kid would traditionally do, Hulk blames a part of the incident on himself, and so he takes his anger out on Bruce, same way his father did to him out of Fear. Their relationship can also be considered ironic, seeing as how a small frail intelligent man gets turned into a green behemoths who is potentially on of he strongest beings on earth. But there are more to banner that meats the eye, banner represents will, because he is charge of controlling a very powerful being. despite no being physically weak , banner the strongest when it comes to inner Strength of the mind, because even though banner had taken hell as a child and still managed to turn out relatively normal. Hulk on the other hand is not banners dark side (that would be devil hulk), he represents many aspects of Bruce, the traditional Savage hulk represents banners angry child self who was abused by his father, he is very strong due to the fact that most kids view themselves sometime as an unstoppable force , while the grey hulk represents the wild teenager banner never got to be. Banner and hulk have cooperated before, but no matter how hard they try the still seem to hate each other. Over the years banner has learned to use hulk sometimes as a weapon, in fact most recently, banner has joined shield because he has some unknown plans of his own, so instead of a gamma bomb, Hulk will be more like a targeted UMD.


Banner himself, along with some Hulk incarnations, possesses a genius level scientific intellect. Banner is one of the 8 smartest people on Earth. No one knows gamma radiation better than he does.

Psychic Resistance

Hulk has also shown that he has a strong resistance to psychic attacks, probably because of his multiple personalities. For example, he has been able to resits psychic attacks form Professorial X, Emma frost, and Professor Phobos .

Psychic Link

Homing ability

We can conclude that Hulk also has a very interesting homing ability, since he has been able to return to New Mexico where he fist became the Hulk on many occasions, However later Maestros image explained that Bruce was only able to do this because of his spirit, who was calling for him. However this proved to be false since the hulk was still able locate his birth place and use this homing ability after Maestro was revived. This homing ability has also been used to find people on many occasions. For example , Hulk was able to locate Rick Jones, Betty and The Abomination without knowing anything about their prior whereabouts.

Gamma energy manipulation

The hulk is able to manipulate gamma energy, he has done it many times. by emitting gamma energy the hulk nearly demolished the eastern seaboard with a step, destroyed a planet in the dark dimension( with help of brute force), and afterwords absorbing gamma energy from gamma bombs and briefly becoming 80 feet tall. Armageddon once tried to use the hulks emitting gamma energy to bring his son back to life

Other abilities

The events of Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, and its aftermath shed greater light on the Hulk's abilities. On the Planet Sakaar, his blood has been shown to transmit its regenerative abilities to making the alien flora germinate and grow at a rapid pace. Amadeus Cho also postulated that Banner's persona and intellect influence the Hulk to a greater degree than previously thought. He deduced that the Hulk is like him in many ways, able to calculate the effects of his actions to a degree so fine that he can use the maximum amount of force in any given time, and yet not kill anyone. Cho backed up his theory with the fact that despite the Hulk unleashing more power than he had ever shown before in the World War Hulk event, no one died at his hands, whether directly or indirectly.

Training and weapon mastery

While spending time on Planet Sakaar, hulk has learned how to fight better with many kind of warrior/gladiator type weapons. Furthermore, it was seen that during the time when hiro-kala was trying to destroy earth, Hulk and banner were now working together strategically to subdue their enemy, which makes the hulk a much more formidable foe.


The Hulk's intelligence also varies between different incarnations of the Hulk. Each separate personality differs in intellect, from the near mindless to Banner's level (Banner is one of the 8 smartest men on the planet). In several instances, the Hulk and Banner coexist within the body of the Hulk, sharing experiences, feelings, and intelligence. These have proven to be the most dangerous incarnations of the Hulk.


Because of his healing factor that regenerates his cells, and the gamma energy he has absorbed that empowers him, the Hulk can live longer then is normal. A possible future persona, the Maestro, was in physical prime in spite of being more than one hundred years old. In another alternate future it is implied that the Hulk's body effectively lasts forever but there is much question if that is true.


Hulk's skin can be harmed only by material such as Adamantium and Vibranium, however penetrating the hulk skin also requires strong force, and it becomes even harder to harm Hulk because his durability increase with his rage. The Hulk can also be knocked out with gas, but it would take a lot of gas to knock him out.


After Banner was deprived of the Hulk, at the hand of Red Hulk, he showed just how smart he is. His inventions include:

  • Banner has a mobile operating system that he can hack sophisticated systems with in moments and seems to be controlled mentally for the most part. Banner has a specific mobile system with which he can hack many systems, and is controlled mentally
  • Banner has a host of scanners with which he can scan everyone on a 50 radius. He can also send in a bot to preform advanced bio scans
  • Banner has a pocket dimension teleporter in his bag, which he uses to grab things from the lab.
  • Banner has managed to create a gamma old power fluid shield that can protect him from powerhouses such as Juggernaut and Skaar . Banner can also redirect the energy to increase his strength so he can lift up to 10 tons and also use it to extend his shield to protect other
  • Banner made a survival kit to survey's anywhere.
  • Old powered taser is so strong that its effects are measured on the Richter Scale. At a 1.4, Banner was able to send Logan clear across the street and according to Bruce on a 6.9 it would be able to kill Wolverine.

Enjoy .....

Savage/Gravage hulk:

The Savage Hulk

Savage Hulk

This is the 'traditional' Hulk personality. He has been compared to a child and talks of himself in the 3rd person, mostly in fragmented sentences. This Hulk typically only wants to be left alone. The Savage hulk , though having the brain of a 5 year old, is not stupid and can learn new things, he has often even outsmarted enemies. This is one of the most powerful incarnations of the hulk. The savage Hulks strength is limitless, but at a calm state he can lift 100 tons quite easily. In appearance, The savage Hulk is a giant heavily muscled ape like creature. The Savage Hulk represents the anger of the abused child when banner was a little kid.

The Gravage Hulk

A merge of the Savage Hulk With The Gray/Fixit Hulk. This even took place after the battle between Green Savage and grey Hulk within Bruce Banners mind. when banner got rid of his inner demons, he , withe help of Doc Sampson and Maynard, (Ringmaster) merged with his savage and grey personalities which gave birth to something entirely new. The new Gravage Hulk had the cunning intellect of Bruce Banner, the personality of the grey Hulk, and the raw power of the green.

Incredible Hulk # 241

With a clever assist from Goldbug to induce panic and anger, Savage Hulk overloads Tyrannus' draining devices

Incredible Hulk #228

doc Sampson cannot measure hulks strength

Secret Wars II #2

beyonder cannot measure hulks raw power

Incredible Hulk #268

Draining via magic is similarly fruitless. Here, the Spirit Stone of Pariah drains Savage Hulk as his Banner side fights to permit it to drain his lifeforce, but realizing that Pariah would be a threat to the world, he lets Savage Hulk take over who immediately escapes Pariah's grip and overpowers the Spirit Stone

Fantastic Four #112

HULK beats the Thing To death ...

Incredible Hulk #177

ripping through a bunker designed to withstand the explosion of many thousands of megatons in magnitude

Incredible Hulk Vol 1 469

matching the super adaptoid who had acquired strength and durability of a hundred heroes like Iron Man and the Vision

Thanos Quest #1

Thanos Compares a power gem wealding Champion to the Hulk, and He says himself that thats one conflict he has tried to avoid.

Tales to Astonish #101

A double-fist pound's shockwave rumbles the Rainbow Bridge enough to toss aside Heimdall

Incredible Hulk Annual 1997

redirecting gladiators beam

Incrdible Hulk 12#

owning the thing and wolverine !

Incredible Hulk #9

Hulk adapts quite handily.

Incredible Hulk #11

Breaking Off Adamantium Netting.

Incredible Hulk #127

He's destroyed an entire subterranean city with the shockwaves produced by a single blow

Incredible Hulk #464

Hulk can manipulate gamma radiation.

incredible hulk #4

hulk moves with a blinding speed.

Hulk Vs Dracula #3

`Hulk lifts a netting that was made of Adamantium and also made hulk a Hundred times heavier if he was on Jupiter!

Incredible Hulk 217#

Overpowering ring masters control!

Contest of Champions II #2

Hulk inhales reed. your argument is invalid.

Captain America & Falcon #12

Hulk vibrates A chemical a thousand times faster than the centrifuge.

Defenders #18

Classic Dr. Strange's mystic barrier can't withstand the punches of "the most powerful creature on the face of the Earth,"

Spider-Man and the Secret Wars #1

Hulk lets she hulk hold a small portion of the mountain, yet it was still to much for her.

Tales of astonish #89

overpowering a force sufficient enough to move the planet out of the orbit !

Incredible Hulk 3#

causing earthquakes around the world!

The Mighty Avengers #23

stricking down pietro while he was being possessed by a god

Defenders 3#

Hulk saves the defender from being sucked into the Macrocosm:

Marvel Team Ups #18

Hulk squeeze's adamantium

Incredible Hulk #5

Savage Hulk can even flex his lungs and release a breath that sends a regiment of soldiers flying

Incredible Hulk Vol 1 135

breaking through a time storm

Incredible Hulk Vol 1 242

ripping off a powerful device designed to fight against the Celestials

Incredible Hulk Vol 1 254

jumping out of orbit due to his very strong leg muscles and surviving re-entry

Incredible Hulk 64#

tearing open a mountain.

Incredible Hulk annual 7

Hulks almost unlimited stamina

incredible hulk 133#

Hulk requires no sustenance

Defenders 68#

Hulk Diminishes a mountain made by a sorcerer strong enough to challenge hela.

X-Man/Hulk '98

Nate Grey boasts that no physical force has ever pierced his "fully-focused teke-shields," until Savage Hulk does so

X-Man/Hulk '98

A Thanos amped by dimensional forces incinerates Savage Hulk, "searing the skin right from his bones" but he heals in moments to renew his assault

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2

Iron man is dishing enough tranquilizing has to " knock out galactus"( relatively speaking) , yet savage hulk is unaffected.

Incredible Hulk Annual 1

Even a barrier that "only the shattering sound of Black Bolt's voice can penetrate" is broken through by Savage Hulk's fists


HULK....wait for it.....wait for it.......SMASH !

Incredible Hulk 54#

beating up abomination

Spider-man 69#

A bio-kinetic energy absorption unit fails to drain hulk

Hulk Vs. Fin Fang Foom (2007) #1

hulk throws FFF to the moon

Incredible Hulk #273

Hulks super breath

Incredible Hulk #205

destroying the Crypto Man after he was boosted with physical strength superior to that of Thor

Defenders vol.2 #8

Aliens with technology formidable enough to stagger classic Dr. Strange's seraphim shields and ensnare Silver Surfer use a Starwheel machine to trap and drain the Defenders. Only Savage Hulk is able to power through the draining and cause enough feedback to destroy the Starwheel and free them all

Incredible Hulk #158

Hulk breaths and fights in thin atmosphere

Incredible Hulk #77

adaptation abilities to environments such as underwater or space

Sentry Vol 2 3#

Here he sends Blastaar and the armies of the Negative Zone flying

Defenders #4

Savage Hulk has wracked Hyperion with a single thunderclap -- that also reverberates for blocks and shatters Dr. Spectrum's prism

Defenders vol 3 5#

snuffing out dormammu

The Mighty Thor #385

Hulk vs Thor, clash of titans

Incredible Hulk #270

it doesn't matter how strong you are in comparison to hulk, because hulk will get man, and eventually overpower you.

Hulk smash the avengers #1

holding his own against the avengers.

Incredible Hulk #198

Hulk breaks through Collectors (Elder God) toughest Shield.

Hulk Smash #3

Lava means nothing to Hulk!

Incredible Hulk #111 and Incredible Hulk #216

Savage Hulk wrestles through a space engine's thruster boost

Tales To Astonish 77#


Incredible Hulk 221#

Hulk takes an axe to the chest.

Avengers vol.3 #75

Hawkeye's arrows can't even pierce hulks eyes , yeah, hulk is that awesome.

Cap And Hawkeye learn how fast the hulk is.

Defenders #90 Incredible Hulk #207

Dragonfang (which has easily sliced the likes of John Steele) can't hurt hulk.

Incredible Hulk #214

Jack of Hearts remarks, "It's impossible! Nothing alive can move that fast!"

Incredible Hulk #90-91

Hulk Can adapt to hostile environments, and he is seen completely fine when he fights in open space.

Incredible Hulk#103

Randau, an alien who has challenged and nearly bested Terrax with his energy draining, completely fails to drain Savage Hulk.

Incredible Hulk #161

mimic is overwhelmed in trying to drain hulk

Avengers Vs X-men 11#

hulk has also tanked a shot form emma frost , who had 1/2 of the phoenix force, and showed no Singh of damage whatsoever

Incredible Hulk Annual 5

putting the fiercest hurricane to shame

Savage Hulk's also resisted incredible varieties and magnitudes of energy. Blip professes to use "billions of megavoltzz" and only manages to give Savage Hulk static hair

a clone of gloom tries to Shrinking hulk and the effect is reversed on glooms clone.

But Savage Hulk can wreak even greater havoc solo. Here, Savage Hulk's double-fist pound in Colorado creates shockwaves that are felt all the way out in Denmark

Tales to Astonish #82

Savage Hulk confronts a barrage of artillery, "moving with lumbering speed that belies his massive frame, the awesome Hulk thunders toward a gigantic boulder, a hundred feet away"

Incredible Hulk 150#

Havok's normal plasma blasts fail to subdue Savage Hulk so he has to desperately resort to a concentrated plasma blast at Hulk's head to ward him off

Incredible Hulk 188-189#

Gremlin invents a beam cannon that can emit nuclear energy almost infinitely , and hulk survives it.

Giant-Size Defenders #2 and Incredible Hulk #245

He's snatched rockets out of the air

Incredible Hulk Annual 1

Takes BB whisper to the face

Incredible Hulk #112

The Galaxy Master, an entity that roamed the cosmos and destroyed entire planets, assaults Savage Hulk who impossibly manages to fight through him inIncredible Hulk #112 and forces him to switch to chemical gas tactics

Incredible Hulk #262

Surviving transmutation into glass.

Fantastic Four 12#

Hulk Moves with unbelievable speed

HULK manages to spin like a tornado

Marvel : The end #4

The celestial order one shots both Dr strange and Namor but fails to do the same with the hulk

Incredible Hulk #266

Hulk survives Transmutation form the high evolutionary. his devices could not develop him

Incredible Hulk #182

An energy-synthicon chain begins draining Savage Hulk but with increased rage, he overpowers it

Marvel Team-Up #54 and Incredible Hulk vol 2 #104

Fantastic Four #25

catching a canon head on and moving very fast for someone as big as him.

Incredible Hulk #144

doom notes on how fast hulk is

Amazing Spider-Man #14 and Peter Parker: Spider-Man #14

Now i am going to make it clear, i love spider-man, he is awesome, but most fans believe that he could take on the savage hulk, which seems unreal to me, since peter can barely make hulk bat an eye let alone KO him, hulk is just out of his league.

spider-man can avoid hulk a little while.

Marvel Team Up

pressure points are useless against the hulk.

Iron Man 131#


Bullet point #5

hulk Resisted blasts form galactus

Incredible Hulk 349#

Jack Frost fails to freeze Hulk

Incredible hulk 372#

Pantheon Fail to freeze the Hulk

Hulk Vs Hercules: when titans collide

Hulks chest breaks ares's spear and then hulk stomps him.

Marvel Feature #3 and Incredible Hulk #276

Hulk has lightning Fast reflexes.

Tales To Astonish #80

On the other end of the spectrum, chemical iso-ice is resisted and shattered by Savage Hulk

Incredible Hulk #126 ( )

The Hulk endures and then deflects the Night-Crawler's sonic attack which was so powerful it destroys the Dark Crawler’s universe

Here's Hulk punching with enough force to light up a dimension

Comet Man #3

Comet man is unable to telepathically calm hulk down

Comet Man is amazed, "How can he be that big and move so fast?!"

Marvel Team-Up #104 And Incredible Hulk #178

M.O.D.O.K.'s mental onslaught has no effect on an angry Savage Hulk in

The Man-Beast's psychic hate powers cannot overwhelm Savage Hulk in

Incredible Hulk Annual #10 and Incredible Hulk #108, 255 and 274

Aircraft guns, tank shells and other artillery harmlessly bounce off his thick hide

Tales to Astonish #79 and 98,Incredible Hulk #109, 133, 135, 160, 178, 213, 215, Giant-Size Defenders #2, and Marvel-Team-Up #27

Hulk is bullet proof.

Agents Of Atlas #8

Venus' hypnotic singing cannot ensnare a raging Savage Hulk

drugs and Fatal amounts of Gas were burned off by savage hulk.

The martial arts master, Temugin, who has torn apart Iron Man's armor with his bare hands, finds that even his chi-enhanced pressure point strikes only make Savage Hulk angrier

Fantastic Four 535

Rather convincingly tanked Johny's Nova flame, to quote Johnny Storm "Ben, he took everything i had"

Incredible Hulk 190#

Specially designed Toadmen cannons that neutralize all internal motor responses fail to do their job against Savage Hulk

World's Greatest Magazine #5

Dr. Doom has to wait until Savage Hulk is weakened for his psyche-scalpel even to just extract some memories in

Incredible Hulk 203#

Even technology designed to target his nervous system is resisted by Savage Hulk

And while Psyklop's hypnotic blasts initially prove successful, they end up being completely no-sold later by an angry Savage Hulk

Incredible Hulk 259#

Savage Hulk proves to be completely immune to Professor Phobos' mind control

HULK #30 , Marvel Feature #3 And Defenders #12

Xemnu's psionic abilities permit him to enslave billions of minds and even mind-lock Dr. Strange. But Savage Hulk has proven to be virtually immune to his power

Avengers Season One

The Hulk does pretty well against the avengers.

  • iron mans blasters don't do much
  • Thors punches doesn't KO him
  • and he Shows some pretty good reflexes.

Indestructible Hulk #1

Hulk resisted a quantum Molder which ultron used to soften and reshape adamantium. He heald pretty easily and the owned Mad tinker. also Mad Tinker classifies Hulks Strength as incalculable

Indestructible Hulk #2

Hulk is fast enough to quickly save tony from an explosion.

Indestructible Hulk #5

The Magic monster has impenetrable Skin, and it still does not stop hulk, in fact he punches Attuma down the monsters throat so hard that the beast actually goes down the crack in the ground.

Avengers #3 and 4

Drawing Blood from new Hyperion, some one who has survived two universes colliding.

New Hyperion Surviving the collision of two worlds.

Avengers #5

after banner Removes his Oxygen supplier, he seems to easily breath in space, hulk even manages to breath too.

Avengers #6

Hulk manages to take a point blank blast from the world breaker( RIP OF NAME DAMMIT!), then is sent to space and has absolutely no scratch on him, and he then pins the WB down even though thors hammer didn't even hurt him.

Professor Hulk :

Professor Hulk

At first believed to be a merged version of the Hulk, it was later revealed that this was the professor, a completion different fourth personality that represented Banner's good side. Thought this Hulk was physically the largest, he was not the strongest even though he could easily lift 100 tons, because Banner had made a safety protocol subconsciously, that if this Hulk get's angry , he becomes weaker and eventually turns into Banner with the mind of the savage Hulk, the savage Banner if you will. The professor represents Bruce Banner's good and forgiving side. This Hulk has a more human appearance unlike his Savage counterpart.

Incredible hulk #391

The mutant Havok reveals that he can forcibly drain the gamma rays empowering Professor Hulk but that doesn't stop his advance, forcing him to threaten him with a fullpower blast

Incredible Hulk #404

Brings juggernaut to his knees.

Incredible Hulk #440

Matching Madness warrior Thors strength as maestro.


Tanking Thors lightning head on.

Some people say that Thor was weakened during this fight, but in reality he regained his powers before.

Incredible Hulk #423

fighting hel hordes for days without no help.

Incredible Hulk #410

Tears down a door made to withstand nuclear explosions.

Incredible Hulk #428

the monstrous man thing attempts to smother hulk....i doesn't work....

Amazing spider-man #381

Beats up an amped doc Sampson

Warlock and the Infinity Watch #12

lays down drax( with a power gem) with one punch.

Night Thrasher #15

I find this very very funny.

Fantastic Four #374

Even Though proff hulks rage does not grow with his anger, he can still beat the thing.

Wonder Man #26

Wonder man can't even make hulk flinch despite the fact that he threw a tank in his face.

Iron Man #305

Tanks blows form a hulkbuster iron man. he is a reasonable hulk.

Warlock and the Infinity Watch #13

Tanks a blow form a power gem welding drax.

Incredible Hulk #379, 391, 396, and 400:

Bullets have zero effect on the hulk

Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1:

Robotic jaws that purportedly "can crush adamantium in 7.3 seconds" do not do much at all to Professor Hulk's exposed neck

Incredible Hulk #396

Ice means nothing to the hulk

Incredible Hulk Vol 1 397

all of his skin and part of his muscle mass were flayed by Vector; It took the Hulk a few minutes to recover the mass and heal completely

Incredible hulk #443

Engulfed in alien-borne fire does relatively little to Hulk.

Incredible Hulk #436

Ultra sonic's can't stop the HULK!

Incredible Hulk vol.2 #32

healing his brain stem

World War Hulk :

World War Hulk

This version of the Hulk was a combination of efforts between Banner and the more intelligent of the green personalities. Working with Banner's intelligence and cooperation, Hulk took control of the planet Sakaar, bringing peace to the land, marrying and even conceiving two children, Skaar and Hiro-Kala. After his kingdom was demolished, he returned to Earth to wage war on the Illuminati. The Green Scar is a very skilled fighter since on Sakaar he used various weapons as a gladiator in the arena. This particular version of the hulk also works with banner, and they use many strategies to bring down his opponents, which makes him a much more formidable foe and a great leader. The Green scar or The world War Hulk has displayed his brute force through many feats, he is by far the strongest hulk there has ever been, He was able to defeat the Fantastic Four, the X-men/X-force (simultaneously), the members of the illumination (although Black Bolt was revealed to be a skrull), Red Hulk, the Juggernaut, the Sentry himself and he even held planet Sakaar form falling apart with brute strength.

World Breaker Hulk

When this Hulk reaches a certain level of anger, he enters world breaker mode. In this state, the Hulk emits mass amounts of gamma radiation and becomes very, very strong. The World Breaker hulk Power was deployed during his war against the earth, he became so mad that he multiple earthquakes in North America and almost completely destroyed the eastern seaboard along with the earth with a few steps. We saw the return of the World Breaker Hulk in Vegas, when he was fighting against Armageddon, but fortunately the Hulk was able to hold back his power. Without holding back, Hulk was able to easily destroy the planet in the dark dimension and absorb gamma radiation to the point where he became 80 feet for a short period of time.

Reed Richards later states that Banner is actively suppressing the aspect of himself dubbed the Green Scar (later renamed by the Green Scar persona himself as the World-Breaker).

World War Hulk #2

grounding she hulk and one shotting ares

Walking all over the fantastic four. hulk took torches Nova blast combined with storms lighting.

World War Hulk #3

Hulk was impaled by sharp adamantium shrapnel's and he still kept at it with no sing of stopping. then he proceeded to break dr. S's hands

World War Hulk #4

Zom dishes out insane amounts of damage, yet none of it puts hulk down.

World War Hulk #5

Hulk Beats sentry

Incredible Hulk #621

Taking blast from Greek gods: Posiedon, Artemes, Appolo, and Boreas without any sign of hurt.

Ghost Rider vol.4 #13

Zarathos can't sear the Hulk.

Incredible Hulk 614

This is pretty much a reply to people saying Wonder Woman could cut Hulk's head using her tiara because she has cut off few featless god's head. Well so has Valkarie, and she couldnt do jack to Hulk :p

Incredible Hulk 616

Resisted a full blast from Hero Kala , hulk's dark son. The feat is impressive because same person was capable of moving a planet from microverse to macroverse (Sakaar Son of Hulk: Realm of Kings) and moving the planet around in space as a spaceship (Incredible Hulk: Dark Son- 610 to 616)

Incredible hulk 620#

Thor Punches almost as hard as hulk.....almost

Incredible Hulk vol.2 #107

Hercules gets a beat down of his life.

Incredible Hulk Vol 2 110

this should prove that hulk can heal faster and greater when he is angry, Carmilla Black injects hulk with a poison and after hulk gets mad he gets back right up.

Irredeemable Ant-Man #10

hulk is very durable on the inside.

Heroes for Hire vol.2 #13

Just a little not on how strong Carmilla black's chemicals were.

Incredible Hulk 105#

resisting planetary destruction while on sakaar ( he was even weakened at the time)

Hulk Vs Hercules: When Titans Collide #1

Cho confirms that hulk was holding back

Incredible Hulks #625

Punched meik Through A volcano.

Incredible Hulk Vol 2 95

KO'ing silver surfer in 3 hits ( both were significantly weaker than their normal states , but it's still impressive)
and redirecting gladiators beam

Incredible Hulk #634

destroying a planet in the dark dimension

Hulk was always holding back

hulk thunderclaps Fing Fang Foom to a magic wall and breaks it, the wall was made by Umar who is on par with dr strange on his peak

Incredible Hulk 611#

resisting a force equal to the kinetic power of a hundred trillion tons of shifting lithosphere

Incredible Hulk #635

Hulk can absorb energy

HULK 24#

owning rulk!

Incredible Hulks #632

Owning armaggedon!

Incredible Hulk #622

Takes a lighting blast form zeus and then fights the skyfather head on.

World war hulk: x-men 1-3#

Hulk vs x-men

B. hulk vs x-men ,x-factor, and ex-caliber

C. Hulk vs juggernaut

Incredible Hulk #99

holding tectonic plates of a planet, and it's important to know that sakaar is bigger than earth. The equatorial diameter of earth is 7,926 miles, while sakaar's is 12,150 miles.

Incredible Hulks #631

Hulk fights amped bi beast and wendigo

Incredible Hulks #627 and 629

A vaporous entity from Pandora's box measured to possess 133.45 Hercs (a unit equivalent to the maximum amount of energy Hercules could expend in one blow) is forcibly inhaled by World War Hulk's lungs in a single mighty breath and destroyed

Incredible Hulk #634

Hulk No-cells wendigos claws.

Incredible Hulks #614

A barrage of "adamantium shrapnel propelled by Starktech fusion nukepunchers" within his ear canal manages to rupture his vestibular system.

Shrugs off a punch from nova prime of "impact force of 765,000 psf."

Mindless Hulk:

This Hulk originated when Nightmare broke in Banner's mind and his worst visions and fears of the Hulk merged into another being. This is one of the most powerful hulk there has ever been, because Banner cannot hold the mindless Hulk back, he can lift 100 at a calm state. At this time the Hulk was being controlled by banner but he still feared that the savage monster would break free once again. nightmare increased his influence until this hulk finely emerged in the surface. In time, This hulk learned to speak in full sentences thanks to three creatures which he created with his subconscious, since then this personality has not been seen, it has also bee suggested that he is no longer a part of Banner's mind. However, with the help of doctor strange, a similar incarnation to the mindless Hulk entered nightmares dimension, and threatened to kill him. Hulk was destroying the whole domain so nightmare asked spider-man for his aid. Spider-man managed to push he hulk into another dimension but before he still managed to grab nightmare and pull him in. Nightmare has appeared since that, but this Hulk still remains to be seen

Incredible Hulk #305 and 306 (

Resisting Vector's all-out TK. But this time, Vector is pushing himself beyond his previous limits to the point where the fabric of REALITY is being rent (which is how the U-Foes wound up at the Crossroads).

Even when vapor morphs into acidic gas, she still isn't able to put hulk down.

Incredible hulk #300

Hulk Vs Avenges

Incredible Hulk #299

tearing up nightmares dimension.

Hulk easily Shrugs off anti-gamma Blasts

Incredible Hulk #321-22

Even Though Hulk was loosing strength, he did pretty well against the east cost and west cost avengers.

Incredible Hulk Annual #13

Hulks Incredible Stamina!

Incredible hulk 323#

Mindless hulks form is soo strong that he traps vision in his body.

incredible hulk #446

Mindless Hulk literally rips off half his head and heals it back

Incredible Hulk #447, 450, Vol 6

Bullets? Nope.

Respect Joe Fixit AKA The Grey Hulk

The Grey Hulk is one of the best chracter that i have ever seen , He is so different thean the savage green hulk, he is deviant, smart, witty, and of course as a hulk always ready to smash! What more do you want!?

The Grey Hulk AKA Joe Fixit

The first appearance/emergence of the Hulk was gray and only transformed from Banner to Hulk during the night. Later,Thinking the Hulk dead, this incarnation of Hulk was able to escape to Las Vegas, working as a 'leg-breaker' for a casino owner. He remained free of Banner for months and developed a life all his own until the transformations returned and he was fired from his job. He is capable of lifting 70 tons. The Grey Hulk is cunning, intelligent , arrogant , crafty, hedonistic, and distant with a hidden conscience. The Leader once stated that the Grey Hulk was strongest during the night of the new moon and weakest during full moon. However, this was removed when the Hulks night based transformation was removed. even though having the weakest base level. the grey hulk represents the wild teenage side of bruce banner, which might explain his perverted and deviant personality.

Strength And Durability:

Incredible Hulk #364

while suffering from a specifically design Poison (that cause mass heart attacks) grey hulk still manages to outsmart and beat abomination.

Incredible Hulk #369

Hulk took on Blob, Pyro, and Quick Silver.

Incredible Hulk #350

Beats an amped thing

Incredible Hulk #348

Best Absorbing Man in Daylight (GH weaker in daylight).

Incredible Hulk #336

Overpowering Jean Grey's TK and overpowering cyclops's blast

Incredible Hulk #338

Mercy spikes hulk with psychic Lance, but grey hulk survives.

Marvel Comics present #52

destroying and asteroid twice the size of earth

Incredible Hulk #343

Hulk tears hulkbusters with his bare hands effortlessly

Hulk smash the avengers #4

Joe fixit overpowers wonder man

lifts a pyramid and then throws it on the west cost avengers

Incredible Hulk #336

Hulk throws a train car easily

Fantastic Four #349

Supports a cave-in

Incredible Hulk Annual 15

Grey Hulk VS Abomination

Incredible Hulk #373 and Hulk: Gray #2

Hulks devastating Shock waves

The Order #3

HULK Swats cap and Iron man Like a fly with a shockwave.

Fantastic Four 54#

HULK creates a symphony of window shattering by punching the thing.

Incredible Hulk #340

Hulks Thunderclap proves lethal to wolverine.

Wolverine remarks how it's becoming hard to pierce hulks skin as the fight goes on.

Incredible Hulk #445

Enhanced earplugs won't help you against hulks thunderclap.....DUH!


Incredible Hulk #365

Hulk easily takes she-things punches.

Incredible Hulk #373 And Incredible Hulk #373

Taking Blows form Mr Hyde and Doc Sampson with ease.

Incredible Hulk #1, 333, 340, 347, 366, and 373

Bullets can't hurt the hulk.......obviously.....

Wolverine Vol #7

Point Blank.

Incredible hulk 365#

reed says he can't draw blood form the hulk.

Incredible Hulk #368

Mr Hyde forces hulk under a train wheel and nothing happens to him whatsoever.

Incredible Hulk #369

Hulk Shrugged an explosion meant to kill a shape shifting monster

Wolverine vol.2 #7

Grenades? HA!

Avengers Annual #17

The High Evolutionary's plasmatic beam meant to reduce him down to his component electrical charges barely scorches Gray Hulk. The High Evolutionary has to expend such power to get rid of him that he literally sends Gray Hulk from underwater Lemuria out to Nevada with a blast that "shakes the sea floor for hundreds of kilometers in all directions." Gray Hulk is knocked out but he survives

Incredible Hulk #371

A mental battle in a strange dimension with its Sorcerer Supreme ends in Gray Hulk's favor when it can't deal with the repressed rage hidden inside the recesses of his psyche

Incredible Hulk #363

Mr. Fixit's healing factor and heightened metabolism has shaken off the effects of transmutation. Here, he shrugs off the Grey Gargoyle's stone touch -- an ability that has turned even the mighty Thor into helpless stone


Incredible Hulk #349:

Blocking spider-mans webs.

Marvel Comics Present #55

Tagging wolverine.

The Order #1

bats down a tank shell

Respect Banner:

At his younger age and before becoming The Incredible Hulk, Bruce banner kept his feeling locked away and was always a loner, due to his very hard and sad childhood, Nevertheless Bruce banner is a very brave and heroic person. He has even often risked his life for others. Since banner believed at one point that the hulk was nothing more than a mindless monster he has over the years mastered his emotions to prevent the hulk form ever taking control, due to frequent meditation and concentration. Banner even at one point was able to unlock hulks powers Without transformation. Because of this the Hulk and Banner started to re-merge to the point where Banner did't even know who was the puppet and who was the puppeteer. In the Zen Banner form, Bruce was able to Punch abomination so hard that it made him bleed. Now Banner has a strong, cold and calculating personality, he is of course still a hero, however he realized that as a Hulk, he must never let emotions get the best of him.

Currently, banner has become more confident and has embraced the Hulk, he now uses his intelligence as a weapon which further makes the hulk a formidable foe. To be more productive, he needs resources,so he joins shield.

Fall of the Hulk 04 -07

Taking few hits from Red Hulk

Incredible Hulk 602

Taking hits from juggernaut

Incredible Hulk #152 and 605

reed acknowledges Bruce's Intelligence

Incredible Hulk #153 and Savage Hulk #1

Tony admits that banner is one of greats minds of their time.

Incredible Hulk #2 And Over the Edge #3

banner built a gamma ray gun which was able to deflect the toads men's alien fleet.

Incredible Hulk 612

taking few hits from an Angry She hulk

Dark Reign: The List #1

according Norman Osborn, banner is the fourth smartest person in the world.

Incredible Hulk 606

Can shut down any device that is not banner tech. He did that against Dr. Doom i suppose he could do that to anyone.

Incredible Hulk 608

Apparently Banner tech can affect intangible people, he froze Red Ghost in his intangible state.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2

black Goliath admits that there is no better expert in radiation-based mutation.

Tales to Astonish #60 And Incredible Hulk #601

Banner Built a Gammabot that turned hulks strength against himself.

Tales to Astonish #86

Banner built an Orion missile capable to destroy a city

Incredible hulk #286

Banners has built artificial intelligence and has also Built a telescope that can peer into space better than anyone other telescope.

Uncanny X-Men #66 And X-Men: The Hidden Years #1

Banner Built's a gamma ray impulser than can jump start dormant brain transmissions.

Incredible hulk #607

M.O.D.O.K. understands that of the remaining eight smartest people on Earth, "our biggest threat is Bruce Banner."

incredible hulk #266

high evolutionary acknowledges Bruce's genius

Incredible Hulk #602

Banner can easily create LMDs.

Incredible Hulk #601 and 603

Banners Teleporters

Incredible Hulk #621

He also made a Molecule Repulsion Field

HULK #21

Banner's stun Gun.

Incredible hulk Vol 3 #4

Power Gloves

Incredible Hulk Vol 3 #6

Banner Munitions.

Incredible hulk #614

Banner smash!

Hulk season One

Banner is the strongest there is!

Incredible Hulk #276

The Line between banner and hulk are blurred many many times

"The master of radiation directs a killing combination of radioactive rays down at Bruce Banner. It is only his own prolonged exposure to gamma rays that enables him to suffer X-Ray's assault... and live!"

Incredible Hulk vol.2 #47

Banner flung a 3 ton Suv like a toy. at this time banner had gained access to hulks power without transforming.

Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #54


Indestructible Hulk #2

Banner creates a catalytic Converter, which could prevent numerous cancers as stated by tony stark .

The End.

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Very nice respect thread. An assortment of great scans here. It's making me more excited for Indestructible Hulk!

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He shall never have my respect until he gets a decent costume!

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@Selinaky: thanks a lot friend, that means a lot :D, oh and i'd reccomend greg paks run called the incredible hulks :DD, and of you want to start fresh on the hulk, marvel now is a good place to start because hulk going to be written by mark waid and drawn by YU :DD

and thanks again :DDDDDDDD

No problem! I read Planet Hulk a long time ago and I enjoyed that, but I've not read any other Hulk books (only when he's in the Avengers or something). I'll check that out, and I will surely pick up the new Marvel NOW Hulk, thanks. :-)

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@TheAcidSkull said:

@Selinaky: thanks a lot friend, that means a lot :D, oh and i'd reccomend greg paks run called the incredible hulks :DD, and of you want to start fresh on the hulk, marvel now is a good place to start because hulk going to be written by mark waid and drawn by YU :DD

and thanks again :DDDDDDDD

No problem! I read Planet Hulk a long time ago and I enjoyed that, but I've not read any other Hulk books (only when he's in the Avengers or something). I'll check that out, and I will surely pick up the new Marvel NOW Hulk, thanks. :-)

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I. Origin

II. Strength

III. Durability

IV. Hulk's Fights

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@TheAcidSkull: Could you reorganize it into the following sections?:

I. Origin

II. Strength

III. Durability

IV. Hulk's Fights

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Hulk is awesome! X)

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@xxxddd: i made some changes , are they any good ?

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@TheAcidSkull said:

@xxxddd: i made some changes , are they any good ?

Yes, I like them very much. Thanks for listening.

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Great job on this -- for someone who doesn't know much about the Hulk, its a great breakdown for me to peruse. Very much appreciated. :)


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Thank you thank you thank you.

'm In a discussion who is stronger (vs. Hulk. Superman).

But would do so much pleasure.

Did you happen to also have a scann of the shock "of countless Dimmensions"?

Or how to recover from the first Maestro Gamabombe?

With us (Germany) latter is unfortunately not available.

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Hulk Vs ironclad

@Takao0815 said:

Thank you thank you thank you.

'm In a discussion who is stronger (vs. Hulk. Superman).

But would do so much pleasure.

Did you happen to also have a scann of the shock "of countless Dimmensions"?

Or how to recover from the first Maestro Gamabombe?

With us (Germany) latter is unfortunately not available.

is this the one :D

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@ TheAcidSkull : I hope it's ok if I do that here

Thought it would be very interesting.

A bar of chocolate in a 1 meter lift secunde = 1 joule

World Record = about 379 joules

Fang of the projectile energy of 7.62 × 51 mm NATO cartridge 3.5 X 10 ^ 3 joules

First (gray) Hulk = about 1.3 x 10 ^ 5 Joul

Rulk = (no charge) About 8.8 X 10 ^ 5 Joul

(What is the speed be? Has not yet been considered. When he is as fast as a man 100 = 8.8 x 10 ^ 9 joules)

Abomination (stronger than Mr. Fix) a blow = 1 x 10 ^ 9 joules

Dropping explosion energy = the most powerful conventional bomb FOAB 1.84 X 10 ^ 11 joules

1 kT (kilotons of TNT) == 1.162 GWh 4.184 X 10 ^ 12 joules

Bomb by 1945 = 6.276 x 10 ^ 13 joules

Green Scar before his wife's death = 17.8 X 10 ^ 16 joules

Zar bomb = over 2.1 X 10 ^ 17 joules

The force of the second (Graven) Hulk = about 2.7 X 10 ^ 33 joules

Worldbreaker attack on Armaggedon About = 1X10 ^ 37 joule

Mindless (3) attack on She Rulk = probably about 1.23 X 10 ^ 60 joule

(Armaggedon defenses Can the power of an exploding sun Survive. Harm without hassle and without.)

That would be the strongest to now 3 Hulk

(from 2 strongest I'm still thinking how you could calculate the approximate)

We were now at strength class 70000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 tons.

When word 70 Dezillion tons.

As a comparative 12300000000000000 supernova (a supernova = 10 million Nova).

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@TheAcidSkull: for what is the comic with Galactus?

Note to 11)

The energy to change an orbit is much greater than that which is needed to push a planet from its orbit. (Normally)

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@Takao0815 said:

@TheAcidSkull: for what is the comic with Galactus?

Note to 11)

The energy to change an orbit is much greater than that which is needed to push a planet from its orbit. (Normally)

The issue with Galactus on it is Bullet Point 05 (2010).

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1. Supporting a falling 150 billion ton mountain using leverage(Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #4)

2. Ripping through a bunker designed to withstand the explosion of many thousands of megatons in magnitude(Incredible Hulk #177)

3. Eventually overpowering the Invisible Woman, the Thing and the Human Torch(Fantastic Four #25)

4. Matching the Scarlet Witch (prior to House of M) and Wonder Man, Iron Man and Vision, while the narration establishes that the Hulk's power is greater than their combined might (Hulk #7, 1999)

5. Matching theSuper Adaptoid who had acquired strength and durability of a hundred heroes like Iron Man and the Vision(if the statement of the cover is not directly contradicted by the story, then it is correct)(Incredible Hulk #469)

6. Closing the doors to a nuclear core that Thor and the Thing together could not budge(Iron Man Vol 2 #6)

7. ReflectingGladiator's ocular beams back into his eyes, and knocking him unconscious(before entering in the factory) (Incredible Hulk Annual 1997)

8. Knocking the Silver Surfer out with three blows (Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #95)(both were weakened then by the passage through the black hole)

9. Matching two Avengers teams during a prolonged period of time despite becoming gradually weaker due to a physical separation from Banner(Incredible Hulk #321-322)

10. Almost breaking the East Coast and also threatening to break the entire planet by the emission of energy from his body(World War Hulk #5)

11. Destroying the Crypto Man after he was boosted with physical strength superior to that of Thor(Incredible Hulk # 205)

12. Overpowering Thor Hulk: Let the Battle Begin #1)(Incredible Hulk Annual #2001)

13. Pushing two spheres of matter and antimatter apart(Marvel Team-Up Annual #2)

14. Holding together the tectonic plates of a planet(Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #99)

15. Overpowering a field of energy endowed with sufficient power to change the orbit of a planet(Tales to Astonish #89)

16. Destroying a planet in Dark Dimension after clashing with Red She-Hulk(Incredible Hulks #634)

17. Destroying an asteroid twice the size of the planet Earth with a single punch (Marvel Comics Presents #52)

18. Overcoming a power-draining mechanism which contained much of the combined power of himself, Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer and Namor (Defenders Vol 2 #8)

19. Applying force to the space-time structure itself to prevent the Defenders from being absorbed into a fissure (Defenders #3)(with the size of the singularity estimated in about seven feets according to the Schwarzschild radius, then it's mass/gravitational attraction, by the equivalence principle, is thus equivalent to roughly two hundreds Earths),

20. smashing adamantium(Incredible Hulk #228)(Marvel Team-Up Annual 2)

21. Breaking up the own space-time continuum(Incredible Hulk #135)

22. ripping off a powerful device designed to fight against the Celestials (Incredible Hulk #242)(levelling down, if it could withstand power proportional to Kubik's, many orders of magnitude inferior to the Celestials, that's already significant), and

23. Overcoming Onslaught's enormous strength(Onslaught Marvel Universe #1)(who had achieved at least Celestial level in raw power)(Heroes Reborn: The Return #4). He could alter reality or use telekinesis on Celestial level to multiply his strength. As he could not evolve by himself, since utilized Hulk for that finality, then it means the Hulk overcame his strength potential).

24. Sending concussive force throughout countless dimensions by the impact of his collision with the Ironclad(Incredible Hulk #305)(entire dimensions, and not multiversal planets. First, the writer describes dimensions and where there are planets there are also dimensions, since every planet is situated in dimensions. Therefore to send concussive force to planets propitiates send concussive force to dimensions and their multitudes of astronomical entities. Second, there are dimensions without planets: Universes in the beginning of formation, universes where equal quantities of matter and antimatter were produced and generated only radiation, etc. Besides, there are infinite inter-branched parallel universes in the Omniverse. Therefore the postulate that suggests only planets received the entire energy is probabilistically equal to zero. Finally, the planets shown there were just examples of what occurred inside the dimensions. The same argument is applied for the premise that they were only sub-sections of the universe, just replacing the words "planet" for "sub-dimension" and "dimension" for "universe". It is important to perceive that the U-Foes's powers were vastly augmented while on Earth, so that Vector repelled reality itself and transported them to the Crossroads)(Incredible Hulk #304).

25. Thor even stated that the Hulk could possibly be stronger than himself (Incredible Hulk Annual #2001)

26. The Unleashed Hulk, now being manipulated by Apocalypse and calling himself War, overloads the Absorbing Man with his vast power (Incredible Hulk #456)!27. Apocalypse states that the Unleashed Hulk's vast power/energies could challenge or possibly even overcome the Celestials themselves (Incredible Hulk #456)!28. War Hulk battles Juggernaut and Absorbing Man, nearly killing them both until Rick Jones & Janis intervene. In doing so, Rick Jones get's his back broken by a casual backhand blow from the manipulated Jade Giant. Horrified and disgusted at what he's done, the Hulk rips off the armor that was melded to his very skin, tearing the flesh from his body before leaping away to grieve alone (Incredible Hulk #457).29. The Hulk catches the Silver Surfer's board as it moves at top speed with a single incredible leap (Tales to Astonish #92)!30. The Hulk withstands the Surfer's cosmic bolts at point blank range unharmed, breaks through a barrage of the cosmic energy, and fights the Herald of Galactus to a standstill (Tales to Astonish #93)!31. The Hulk, manipulated by the Puppet Master, battles Namor and nearly overpowers him on several occasions until the fight ultimately ends in a standstill(Tales to Astonish #100)!32. The Hulk withstands the full force blast of Heimdall's Sabre of Sorcery unscathed; The Hulk strikes the Rainbow Bifrost Bridge with such devastating force that causes it to quake quakes with such ferocity that it nearly sends Heimdall soaring off of it(Tales to Astonish #101)!33. The Hulk battles and overwhelms the Warriors Three: Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg (Tales to Astonish #101)!34. Oldar the Oracle describes the Hulk as power incarnate, stating that many have tried to hault his rampages including Thor, the Silver Surfer, Namor and many more only to fail. She made it clear that the Hulk's power was truly a threat to all of Asgard(Incredible Hulk #102)!35. Using his limitless strength, The Hulk creates a massive chasm that manages to stop the Enchantress' invading forces from attacking Asgard (Incredible Hulk #102)!36. Savage Hulk catches and crushes the Asgardian enchanted wrecking ball of Thunderball into dust and knocks him out cold with a single blow, all with relative ease (Defenders #19)!37. Savage Hulk overpowers and knocks out Hyperion with a thunderous thunderclap(Giant-Size Defenders #4)!38. In an all-out physical brawl between the Thunder God Thor and the Hulk, the Green Goliath proves to be stronger by beating the Odinson within an inch of his life(Mighty Thor #385)!39. A mind-controlled Hulk knocks Thor out cold with the Thunder God's own hammer(Avengers Assemble #4)!40. The Hulk knocks easily knocks aside several cosmic-empowered Zodiac members before resuming to beat the monstrous Zodiac member Leo to death with a few blows(Avengers Assemble #3)!41. Savage Hulk breaks free of the combined strength of Thor, Iron Man and Giant-Man (Hulk Smash Avengers #1)!42. The Hulk battles the Avengers (consisting of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Giant-Man and Wasp) and the Fantastic Four (consisting of Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Human Torch and Invisible Woman) to a standstill (Fantastic Four #26)!43. Hulk and Thor battle to a standstill on several ocassions (Journey Into Mystery #112, Defenders #10, Sub-Mariner #35, Incredible Hulk #255 and Incredible Hulk #284)!

44. The Hulk breaks free of the combined restraining strength of Namor and the Silver Surfer (Sub-Mariner #35)!

45. Professor Hulk battles Thor to a standstill, despite being unable to amp his strength through rage which would cause him to turn into Savage Banner. Despite this setback, Professor Hulk manages to match Thor on every level as their conflict destroys a great portion of Hela's domain (Mighty Thor #489)!46. The Hulk battles both Thor & Thing in a long and brutal conflict that ends in a standstill (Heroes Reborn: The Return #1)!47. The Savage Hulk is unharmed when tons of rock from a mountain collapse upon him as he allowed his teammates to escape from harm, eventually busting out of the mountain mere moments later (Defenders #16)!48. Joe Fixit/Gray Hulk battles and out muscles the West-Coast Avengers- Iron Man, WonderMan, Tigra, Mockingbird and Hawkeye (Hulk Smash Avengers #4)!49. The Savage Hulk defeats six monstrous foes one after another: Diablo, Taboo, Goom, Groot, Blip and Xemnu the Titan (Incredible Hulk Annual #5)!50. The Hulk battles Hiro-Kala, withstanding the full force of the Old Power and Kai's Worldmind energies until he eventually overcomes his dark son (Incredible Hulks #616)!51. In a sparring match with the Hulk, Korg states that the Green Goliath blows are stronger/more painful than that of the blows he received from Thor and Mjolnir during his first arrival on Earth many years ago(Incredible Hulks #620: S.M.A.S.H. Files- Korg back-up story)!52. The Maestro Hulk regenerates from nothing but ash and bones thanks partially to absorbing gamma radiation from the Hulk (Incredible Hulk #460)!53. The Hulk battles the Maestro-possessed Asgardian Destroyer! The Hulk physically match and at some points even briefly overpowers the Destroyer itself! He even blocks the destructive energies that the Destroyer was about to unleash by engulfing its metal skull with his hand before releasing his hold and lifting the Destroyer to redirect its blast towards a group of trolls! It is when Maestro and Hulk's spirit battle over dominance of the Destroyer does Hulk cause the visor to block the release of its destructive energies, causing an explosion that not only defeats the Destroyer but also buries the weakened Maestro under tons of rubble (Incredible Hulk #461)!54. The Hulk battles and destroys numerous giant robots built by the scientifically advanced alien race known as the Troyjan (Incredible Hulk #463)!55. The Hulk overloads machinery created by The Leader and further advanced by the Troyjans with his gamma-based power, resulting in Hulk killing Lord Armageddon's warrior son, Trauma, in a massive explosion as soon as he was brought back to life (Incredible Hulk #464)!56. Professor Hulk beats the snot out of Mephisto who tried to interfere in the wedding between Rick Jones and Marlo Chandler (Incredible Hulk #418)!57. Despite surviving a blast from Thanos and proceeding to get the brief upper-hand by pummeling the Mad Titan, Professor Hulk is shrinked down in size by Thanos during the "Infinity Gauntlet" saga and is cast back to Earth, where he proceeds to beat the Abomination and convince him to return his former wife Nadia to her home where she belongs (Infinity Gauntlet #4 & Incredible Hulk #384)!

58. The Hulk overcomes/defeats and absorbs the powerful mystical entity Hope that was contained in Pandora's Box. It's power was measured at 133.5 Hercs-- One Herc is equivalent to the maximum amount of energy/force Hercules could expend in one blow (Incredible Hulks #629)!

59. The Hulk destroys a mystically shielded containment chamber that contained Pandora's Box (Incredible Hulks #626)!

60. The Hulk overpowers and kills the mystical giant energy eagle of Jupiter/Zeus, which contained a vast amount of the Sky-Father's power, by breaking its neck(Incredible Hulks #628)!

61. The Hulk destroys the gigantic, mystical fortress empowered by the vast energies of Roman/Greek Gods that was being controlled by his oldest living enemy Tyrannus(Incredible Hulks #629)!

62. The Savage Hulk withstands the full onslaught of the Sagittarians deadliest beams of energy, destroys the fleet of attack spheres, destroys the engine of the giant alien ship and crashes on the planet unharmed (Incredible Hulk #111)!

63. The Savage Hulk battles and defeats the vastly powerful cosmic planet-destroyer Galaxy Master for the first time. At one point during the battle, Hulk lifts the massive Sagittarian Starship and throws it at the Galaxy Master, engulfing them both in a hydro-atomic explosion with neither of them being harmed! The Hulk withstands the immense cosmic power of the Galaxy Master, power beyond description, until he enters and seemingly destroys the Galaxy Master from within just in time to save Princess Daydra of the Sagittarians (Incredible Hulk #112)!

64. The Savage Hulk lifts the entire citadel fortress of the evil Inhuman Maximus before proceeding to throw it, destroying it and burying the giant robot under the rubble of the demolished fortress (Incredible Hulk #120)!

65. The Hulk covers and withstands the blast of a gamma bomb at point blank range unharmed (Tales to Astonish #62)!

66. The Hulk defeats the Executioner and destroys his army of robots (Tales to Astonish #77)!

67. The Hulk withstands and shrugs off the blasts of the Celestial Order guardians who were empowered by the Heart of the Universe, blasts that destroyed Namor and Dr. Strange with ease (Marvel Universe: The End #4)!

68. The Hulk withstands a blast from Thanos who absorbed the Heart of the Universe, a similar blast that shattered Ziran the Celestial (Marvel Universe: The End #6)!

69. The Hulk tears out alien Spikes with his bare hands, which resulted in tearing his flesh apart (Incredible Hulk #99)!

70. The Hulk kills a Mawkaw Magkong lava monster with a single blow despite being in a greatly weakened state of being (Incredible Hulk #93)!

71. The Hulk allows the Elder Spikes to feed upon him for seven hours (Incredible Hulk #103)!

72. The Hulk is implanted with alien larvae in his chest that feed on his blood. He eventually proceeds to rip them out of his chest despite that they're entangled to his very heart (Incredible Hulks #624-625)!

73. The Hulk withstands a brutal assault from the Devil/Guilt Hulk hybrid of Brian Banner's spirit, who is a manifestation of all Bruce Banner/The Hulk's rage, fear and hatred built up over all the years. The Hulk is brutally mauled, blasted with infinitely powerful green hellfire and violently impaled by the claws of the monster. Despite not fighting back, the Hulk endures and overcomes the demonic spirit of his father, literally blowing him out of existence with a single puff of air (Incredible Hulks #620)!

74. After their confrontations during Dark Son & Chaos War, Bruce Banner/The Hulk decide to take their business to the entire Olympian Pantheon. The Hulk shrugs off the most powerful attacks from the Olympian Gods: Poseidon, who creates a giant wave that smashes Hulk against the side of Mt. Olympus; Artemis, who fires her arrows and sicks her massive dogs on the Hulk as he begins to scale Mt. Olympus; Boreas, who unleashes a powerful blast of freezing of ice and wind against the Hulk; and Apollo, who unleashes the full fury of the sun on the Green Goliath.

All fail to stop the Hulk as he reaches the summit of Mt. Olympus. Hulk then battles an army of monsters consisting of the three Titan Cyclops, Gorgons, Centaurs and other powerful beasts that guard Olympus. The Hulk wades through the monsters, dispatching them quickly before confronting Zeus and Hera.

The Hulk lunges at Zeus & Hera only to be struck with a massive devine thunderbolt, its size and sheer power comparable to the one that brought a malnurished Galactus to his knees, engulfing the entire summit of Mt. Olympus itself! The Hulk survives, rising to his feet and goading Zeus to strike him again, who proceeds to unleash more powerful devine lighting upon the Hulk, who shrugs it off. But something isn't right, for the Hulk/Banner are schemeing something as they goad Zeus into fighting.

Hulk lands the first blow, sending Zeus smashing back againgst the massive collums, achieving a feat that few beings have ever accomplished by knocking a Sky-Father off his feet. Zeus lashes out at the Hulk, amping his physical powers to their hightest limits, his fists encased with powerful mystical energies/devine lightning that Hera claimed could vaporize the Green Goliath. The Hulk does not fight back and remains calm, enduring every powerful blow as the long and brutal fight that levels Olympus. In the end, the Hulk's ribs are shattered, his lungs collapsed and his body brutally beaten.

It is then revealed that the Hulk was holding back and remaining calm, that he was throwing the fight against Zeus for a reason. He wished to sacrifice himself to the Gods in hopes that his family-- Skaar, She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb and Korg-- would be given the help that they've rightfully deserve. However, Zeus and Hera are unmoved by this selfless act. Zeus lashes out one final powerful attack, knocking Hulk off of Mt. Olympus.

The Hulk is then chained to a rock and feasted upon by giant vultures, not unlike the fate of Prometheus The Titan. The Hulk endures three agonizing days of being eaten by the vultures until he is rescued by Hercules and the Hulks. It takes exactly two days for Hulk to recover from his battle with the Olympian Pantheon.

This feat not only proves how powerful and durable Hulk can be, but of how truly selfless and heroic a character he is. I mean, how many can claim to throw a fight to a Sky-Father who is equal to Odin and survive a confrontation with an entire pantheon of Gods? But even more impressive is the noble and selfless act taken upon by Bruce Banner/The Hulk. This is a feat that all Hulk fans should be proud of. Now, if only we could get a rematch that's more even-termed in the future... (Incredible Hulks #621-622)!

75. Professor Hulk battles Hela's Army of the Dead for several days straight without tiring and easily breaks the jaws of the giant ice wolf Hoarfen (Incredible Hulk #423)!

76. The Hulk undergoes brain surgery while still awake, enduring an adamantium chainsaw slicing through his skull and supressing his own healing factor by sheer force of will (Incredible Hulk #5).

77. Dr. Strange tells the Unleashed Hulk that his power is going out of control, that the gamma energy he's absorbing and unleashing that he normally could control is coming from every dimension/universe in existence, and it would eventually lead not only to his destruction... but the entire destruction of the Marvel Universe itself(Incredible Hulk #450)!

78. While fighting the Fantastic Four and Dr. Strange, the Hulk shatters the unbreakable Crimson Bands of Cytorrak which were used by Strange in an attempt to subdue the Hulk (Incredible Hulk #450)!

79. Hulk battles and defeats the Thunderbolts, destroying a dam with relative ease in the process (Incredible Hulk #449)!

80. The Hulk rips off half of his entire face/skull with his bare hands (Incredible Hulk #446)!

81. The gamma radiation emitting from the Hulk's body melts a containment unit that could withstand the intense heat and explosion of a powerful nuclear bomb(Incredible Hulk #446)!

82. The Hulk fights and defeats Wolverine & Thing at the same time while under assault from Banner's device (Incredible Hulk #12)!

83. The Savage Hulk fights and nearly overpowers the combined teamwork of the Avengers (consisting of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wasp and Giant-Man) and the Agents of Atlas (consisting of Jimmy Woo, Gorilla-Man/Ken Hale, M-11, Namora, The Uranian and Venus) who don't hold back and hit Hulk with everything they've got until Venus uses her siren singing to calm the Hulk (Avengers Vs. Atlast #3)!84. The Hulk nearly kills the Agents of Atlas (consisting of Namora, Gorilla Man, Temugin, The Uranian and Venus) when in such a rage that even Venus siren song fails to work. Hulk goes on to easily shrugs off the Meteor Smasher blasts of the Uranian's Saucer and heavily damages the nigh-invunerable ship with a single strike. Once the Hulk begins to lose some of his anger, Venus manages to calm the Hulk with her siren song, allowing her and Namora to catch him in the gentle embrace of their arms (Agents of Atlas #8).85. The Unleashed Hulk battles, overpowers and physically dominates the Silver Surfer, who fully unleashes his power and does not hold back against the Hulk. The Green Goliath withstands the Surfer's most powerful cosmic blasts at point blank range unharmed and even resists the Surfer's draining technique that was used on the Savage Hulk way back in (Incredible Hulk # 250) (Silver Surfer #125)!

86. Peter David wrote this master piece and addresses the issue of AIDS. In this issue Prof Hulk battles ignorance from the public and his own best fried Rick jones. Prof Hulk has alot on his shoulders at this point. In a series of converstations Hulk enlightens Rick about AIDS and truths and misconceptions and predjuices shown. Prof Hulk had to make a tough decison not to use his blood to heal his friend Jim Wilson. In a way Prof Hulk let his friend die and he had the power to save him. The reasons for him not doing it was sound. Feats of the Heart will always tackle feats of strength and power in my book(Incredible Hulk #420).

87. Prof Hulk vs Speed Freak..this is a feat of durability and high thresh hold for pain. Speed Freak with adamantiium blades slices open Hulk's guts. Hulk has to use his hands to stop it from spilling out. In mere minutes Hulk's own skin healed over his hand. Prof Hulk must now rip out his own hand from his gut(Incredible Hulk #430).

88. Prof Hulk is walking around with grenade fragments in his brain. It affects his reasoning and we start to see the Maestro persona emerge alittle. Love this whole arc Ghosts of the Future..the feat is Hulk is able to function at all with metal shards in his brain(Incredible Hulk #438).

89. The Savage Hulk shatters the Collector's powerful forcefield and frees all the captives within ship (Incredible Hulk #198)!90. The Hulk overpowers and BFR's a Warrior Madness Thor (Incredible Hulk #440)!91. The Savage Hulk matches and eventually overpowers a full-powered Juggernaut(Incredible Hulk #172)!

92. In an attempt to counter a attack from Night-Crawler, the Savage Hulk slams his hands together with so much force that not only does he defuse the attack, but he manages to destroy all the planets/landmasses within the entire dimension(Incredible Hulk #126)!

93. The Savage Hulk strikes a floating island mass with such might that it creates a powerful release of heat and light that illuminates a cosmos that has been dark for eons! (Incredible Hulk #126)

94. The Beyonder states that the Hulk's strength has no finite element inside and that Hulk's power is virtually limitless (Secret Wars 2 #8)!

95. While Thor and the rest of the heroes were driven back by Galactus' power, Hulk wades through it to attack Galactus by himself. The Hulk withstands a full force cosmic eye blast from Galactus and is virtually unharmed (Secret Wars #9)!

96. Green Scar Hulk unleashes a thunder-clap that sends a super amped Fin Fang Foom (with Tyrannus & Red She-Hulk) smashing against the unbreachable mystical barrier meant to keep out the Mindless Ones, which shatters from a combination of Fin Fang Foom's mass smashing against it and the Hulk's powerful attack(Incredible Hulks #634)!

97. Absorbing the explosion of six gamma-bombs and the gamma radiation from Fin Fang Foom after crushing him underfoot, Hulk along with Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb, and She-Hulk become massive titans that tower over the landscape. Unlike the others who have gone insane, Hulk retains his intelligence and holds back, fearing that if he unleashes himself in his current powerful state, he would annihilate everyone and everything, quite possibly causing destruction far beyond that of anything thought possible! For those that believed that Hulk can't go anywhere near Sky-Father or Super Cosmic/Galactus/Celestial levels of power... eat your hearts out (Incredible Hulks #635)!!!98. The Savage Hulk shatters the Collector's powerful forcefield and frees all the captives within ship (Incredible Hulk #198)!

99. Green Scar Hulk catches a large landmass/island, which was a good portion of Las Vegas, and safely places it back down on the earth below, thus saving many innocents from harm (Incredible Hulks #631)!

100. Hulk thunderclaps Dormammu's skull between his massive hands, snuffing out his flaming head and taking him down and out (Defenders: Indefensible #5)!

101. Nul-Hulk gets hit by two trains going top speed and is virtually unharmed (Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula #3)!

102. Nul-Hulk tears through adamantium netting, powers through gravity generators that increase his weight one hundred times heavier than if he were on Jupiter, and smashes Dracula's castle fortress with one powerful blow of his hammer (Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula #3)!

103. The Hulk crushes the enchanted uru hammer of Nul with his bare hands, freeing himself of the evil entity and The Serpent/Cul's control, who was at the height of his power when Hulk crushed the mystical hammer (Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula #3 and further proven in Fear Itself #7)!

104. Hulk throws the giant dragon-like alien Fin Fang Foom all the way to the moon(Hulk vs. Fin Fang Foom One-Shot)!

105. The Savage Hulk tears an entire island from the ocean floor and pulls it all the way to the African continent (Hulk Magazine #18)!

106. Savage Hulk crushes and wraps Blastaar up in adamantium alloy and tosses him all the way over into the Mid-Atlantic ocean (Marvel Team-Up #18)!

107. Professor Hulk KO's Dr. Octopus with a simple flick to the villain's forehead and proceeds to tie his adamantium arms up into a big bow (Incredible Hulk #396)!

108. Savage Hulk rips apart, shatters, and utterly destroys M.O.D.O.K.'s giant robot that is composed of adamantium and various indestructible steel alloys (Incredible Hulk #167)!

109. The Hulk defeats the powerful U-Foes: Vector, Vapor, X-Ray and Ironclad(Incredible Hulk #254 & Incredible Hulk #277)!

110. The Hulk breaks the hold of and knocks Pre-Crisis/Silver-Age Superman into orbit with relative ease and wasn't even angry!(Incredible Hulk vs. Superman Vol 1)

111. Overwhelming the Avengers, Johhny Storm, Iron fist, Luke cage,Vision(at max density), Star Fox,Scarlet Witch, Captain Mar-vel, Wasp, and fighting Thor to a standstill before being sent away to another dimension by Doctor Strange(Incredible Hulk #300)

112. A Mindless Hulk literally tears Nightmare's Realm apart (Incredible Hulk #299)

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Here is the Whole Scene of Hulk Pushing apart the two Spheres of Matter and Anti-matter inMarvel Team-up Annual #2:

The Hulk's strength is that of a gamma bomb.The sun is a trillion megaton bombs exploding every second( 1 megaton is equal to a million tons of TNT or 4 quadrillion joules). A gamma burst can produce as much as the sun does in it's entire billion year life cycle.

there are 31,536,000(31 million 536 thousand) seconds in a year. Multiply that by 1 billion years and you can get a good approximation of a sun's total energy

1 percent of the sun's total output over the course of billion years is 315 septillion 360 sextillion megatons (315,360,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)! Having only a mere 1 percent of the sun's total output would make you a power house!

100 percent of the sun's energy output is 31 nontillion 360 octillion megatons (31,536,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)

Want more atomic bomb facts? check out this link:




#45 Posted by Lord_Johnathan (3303 posts) - - Show Bio

Acid, could you post some more of the Hulk's speed and reaction feats?   That'd be totally awesome.

#46 Posted by TheAcidSkull (19387 posts) - - Show Bio

@Lord_Johnathan said:

Acid, could you post some more of the Hulk's speed and reaction feats? That'd be totally awesome.

i'll do some research, and i'll try my best :D

#47 Posted by Killemall (18607 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheAcidSkull: Here are few more Hulk feats, while the best of the feats are already up, though i'd add few more.

Starting with Banner Tech.

Fall of the Hulk 04 -07: Taking few hits from Red Hulk

Incredible Hulk 602: take hits from Angry Juggernaut

Incredible Hulk 612: taking few hits from an Angry She hulk

Incredible Hulk 606: Can shut down any device that is not banner tech. He did that against Dr. Doom i suppose he could do that to anyone.

Incredible Hulk 608: Apparently Banner tech can affect intangible people, he froze Red Ghost in his intangible state.

that's all i got for banner tech.

Now durability

Fantastic Four 535: Rather convincingly tanked Johny's Nova flame, to quote Johnny Storm "Ben, he took everything i had"

Incredible Hulk 621: Taking blast from Greek gods: Posiedon, Artemes, Appolo, and Boreas without any sign of hurt.

Incredible Hulk 614: This is pretty much a reply to people saying Wonder Woman could cut Hulk's head using her tiara because she has cut off few featless god's head. Well so has Valkarie, and she couldnt do jack to Hulk :p

Incredible Hulk 616 : Resisted a full blast from Hero Kala , hulk's dark son. The feat is impressive because same person was capable of moving a planet from microverse to macroverse (Sakaar Son of Hulk: Realm of Kings) and moving the planet around in space as a spaceship (Incredible Hulk: Dark Son- 610 to 616)

And one completely unrelated NON CANON feat from hulk, coz its awesome.

Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes 04: Blitz and knocked out Champion with power gem, the reason this feat is impressive is because the very nature of power gem makes it impossible to knock out anyone with power gem, but hey Hulk doesnt care, Hulk smash!

#48 Posted by Lord_Johnathan (3303 posts) - - Show Bio

@theacidskull: Thanks, the typical stickler in Hulk's fights with other high end characters is whether he can tag them.

#49 Posted by Eternal19 (2076 posts) - - Show Bio

What is Hulks greatest strength feat

#50 Posted by TheAcidSkull (19387 posts) - - Show Bio

@Eternal19 said:

What is Hulks greatest strength feat

probably destroying a planet or maybe pressuring the space time continuum

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