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Can any resident Hulk experts recommend me a GREAT Hulk story to read? I'm not a stranger to the character - I know quite a bit about Hulk from movies, TV, and wiki-browsing; I haven't read any Hulk books save for the first few issues of the latest on-going (which I wasn't a huge fan of).


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Most people say to start with planet hulk and I admit it a great story.

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World War Hulk

The Ultimates 1 and 2

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Incredible Hulks: Dark Son. I only have one volume of it, but the art is great and the story is beyond solid. Also Future Imperfect is a cool 90's-esque Hulk story and I hear Hulk: The End is pretty good too (although I honestly hate the design of the end Hulk).

Another is Old Man Logan, but in that they make the Hulk and Bruce Banner into insane red necks.

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Peter David's run.

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I loved the Planet Hulk run, World War Hulk not as much, but Planet Hulk was great!

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Peter David's run and Pak's run till World War Hulk.

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The Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk was pretty good

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Planet Hulk, for a single storyline.

PAD (Peter David) run if you don't mind spending the time/money collecting it all.

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