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I am new to this forum so thought it best to introduce myself.  I live in the UK, I have been collecting comics for about 10 years on and off.  I collect a range of comics, mainly Marvel, including the Hulk comics.  But I seem to have missed some Hulk related plot details somewhere along the way. 

When I read the Planet Hulk and WW Hulk comics Bruce Banner had control of the Hulk and his strength was augmented to incalculable levels, then when I picked the comics up again a little later the Hulks is somewhat stupid again and his strength levels are back to normal(for him) - what happened?

Please forgive me if this topic has been discussed before, I suspect it has?, but this question has been annoying me for a while.
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To be honest, we don't know what happened. After WWH, the Hulk received a new title with a new writing team, and they decided to make Hulk stupid again, without, to my knowledge, giving any explanation for it. My guess is after the whole trauma of revelations at the end of WWH, the old Hulk personality simply re asserted itself in Banner's mind.
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@AtPhantom: Isn't that a bit silly? changing the whole concept of the comic without telling anyone - did no one in the comic community think "hold up"?.  Anyway, I wonder if the idea behind it was because the writers wanted to bring in the red Hulk but they realised that the WW Hulk would be too poweful for him and reverted him back to his original form? Or when the Hulk fought Sentry at the conclusion of the WW Hulk series somehow he lost his new power?
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The Hulk's had a lot of personalities over the years so it's not exactly something new.

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Reed Richards pretty much summed it up when Skaar came to Earth. He said something to the fact that the WWH personality is being repressed by Banner's intense emotions. To let that Hulk personality re-emerge might mean the destruction of the Earth and Banner is apparently aware of that. So... oddly enough, it seems that Banner/Hulks have come to some sort of understanding about the pain involved with the WWH personality and keep it hidden.

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i hope by the end of World war Hulk's WWH emerges again and proves that he can control himself so as to not destroy the world making WWH the new persona that banner can turn in to willingly whenever he feels. (kind like beast but can revert back to his human form) I htink as long as WWH emerges as stated and has the ability of control and use his strength and intelligence for good then red hulk can stay around. Hulk just needs to stay the strongest in the hulk family unless he is surpassed by his son. Red hulk from the sounds of it was made with a more potent and more powerful serum/gamma radiation, which should mean that he should be stronger than hulk at base level, more like the original abominations strength was (is the new abomination as strong as stronger then or weaker then the original?) 
Also i think WWH was so powerful and comprehensive bc hulk and banner were working towards the same goal instead of fighting for control
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It would be nice to see the WWH personality return for good. It was my favorite of all the hulks... but i don't see them putting him back in a control seat since he was so powerful it might be pretty difficult to put him in stories out of fairness. But then again, they keep Sentry around...

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