Mark Ruffalo Talks About Motion Capturing For The Hulk

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I'm still a little bummed that Ed Norton won't be reprising his role as the Hulk. Of course I'm willing to give Mark Ruffalo a chance and I'm going to trust that Marvel Entertainment knows what they are doing as far as casting. Ruffalo has done a variety of roles in the past so his interpretation should be interesting. Also, in the comics we've definitely seen different 'versions' of the Hulk so we shouldn't dwell on this too much. 

 Ruffalo recently told NY Magazine's Vulture about how excited he was to be playing the Hulk. 

"I'm really excited. No one's ever played the Hulk exactly, they've always done CGI. They're going to do the Avatar stop-action, stop-motion capture. So I'll actually play the Hulk. That'll be fun."  

It's good to hear that Ruffalo himself will be doing the motion capturing. Perhaps I'm a little unclear by what he meant that no one's ever played the Hulk. They did use motion capturing for the last movie, only it wasn't Norton that did it in one of those funny suits. To get an idea of what this entails, check out this clip Universal sent us back in October 2008. 
 == TEASER == 
What are your thoughts on Ruffalo as the Hulk? (Thanks to   johnnie619 for pointing this in our direction ).  
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I don't think he'll do better than Norton, but I'm willing to give Ruffalo a chance. I can't wait to see Thor smash his hammer into Hulk's face!

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I think he'll be better then Norton.  I was happy with Bana.  Bana is a hell of an actor (watch Chopper)  I always picture Banner as being some what laid back if you could call him that.  Norton is to high strung for it.  Mark will be fine. 

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I'm with G-Man, I am still disappointed that Ed Norton won't reprise his role as Bruce Banner.  I'm not so hung up on it though, and while I don't know anything about Mark Ruffalo, I do hope he does the role justice.  Interesting to know about the stop-motion FX, didn't know any of that.   
If this info has already been posted, I apologize, but has a release date even been scheduled for the next Hulk movie, or will The Avengers movie take place first? 
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@Decept-O: There's no word of a Hulk movie, as far as I know. I think his next appearance will just be in Avengers. We know the battle with Abomination was on the screens at the end of Iron Man 2. We'll have to see if there's any reference to Hulk in Thor or Captain America (doubtful for Cap).
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I'm excited! I hated the choice of Norton. i knew he would cause problems in Post (which he did) and I knew he was not going to return for the Avengers (which he didnt) from the start. Always thought he was a terrible choice. Mark Ruffalo is a great actor and is fantastic at playing an "everyman".  So i'm happy at this choice.
Avengers is next. A hulk sequel is not in the works because the first one didnt do as well as they hoped. But if ruffalo does a good job in Avengers, there is a better chance we will see an incredible hulk 2.

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he meant that he will have little sensors on his face. and a face camera. to act out the hulk. just like they did in AVATAR

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I am still upset that Ed Norton wont be playing the Hulk, to me he was Bruce Banner.

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I don't like Mark Ruffalo at all as an actor. I am 100% disappointed that Edward Norton isn't the hulk, he was just perfect for the role imo. Also Mark Ruffalo doesn't fit the pasty white nerd role at all that is Bruce Banner so this is a major strike for the movie in my book.

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I hated Ed Norton in the role. Hated Eric Bana in the role. I think they should just give up on the Hulk. I don't think the character is going to work.

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@goldenkey: Of course Banner is high strung! He's a little ball of nerves constantly teetering on the brink of a breakdown, and since he's Banner a breakdown is a really bad thing.
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Ruffalo as the Hulk? I suppose it could work, he kind of has a touch of that caveman brow thing going on. Ruffalo as Banner? God help us all.

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@Chibi-Iroh said:
"I am still upset that Ed Norton wont be playing the Hulk, to me he was Bruce Banner."

Exactly my thoughts. Now we'll have 3 different Hulks in 3 different movies. ERRGHHHH!!!!!!!!
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@IAMtheHERO: But he is wrong about no one every "playing the Hulk." 
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I'm gonna miss Norton as the Hulk. It was splendid casting.
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I tend to think that Bruce is a non-personality. As in, just about anyone with a vacant expression can play him. I also liked Bana AND Norton's depictions, pretty much equally. Norton, I actually had a bit of a problem with because he just couldn't make eye-contact with any other actor... and while I guess the script called for Bruce to be brooding, I'd rather see him as someone who hasn't had a bad day every day of his life. 
Mark Ruffalo, while an accomplished actor, tends to play these types. The kind who emulate the characters around them and appear "mild-mannered" but really and truly have very little depth to their personality. If I was worried about anything, it would be that Mark Ruffalo will end up playing Edward Norton, but it's not that big of a deal to me. As G-Man said, there really isn't a DEFINITIVE Bruce Banner out there. As he's just one actor in a mix of so many (strong) personalities, I'm not looking to expect too much or too little.

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Oh IDK, I actually thought Edward Norton was the best Hulk for the second film! He had a great role!!! I really miss him! I wish he could reprise his role again! That would've been like totally awesome!!! :D

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Unless they actually use a mo-cap "actor" who has a large amount of muscle mass it will never come off as accurate. Geeks pretending to be muscular and powerful always translates to inauthentic ala ang lees Hulk iteration. This guys version came off as not quite realistic as well.

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@Kid_Zombie:      Never read anywhere this was the case,  so that's news to me.  This is just speculation but I thought there were plans for at least one more Hulk movie sometime in the near future regardless of the job any actor does. 
Thanks for that info.  I thought The Avengers was indeed going to take place prior to the next Hulk movie (if one gets made) but wasn't certain.  You bring up good reminders, hopefully there will be references or some type of appearance of Hulk in the Thor movie.   It wouldn't make sense for the Cap movie that's right.
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I don't know if I'm going to miss Ed Norton yet or not...depends on how Ruffalo does I guess...I know that I want more of Hulk talking...I want more "Hulk Smash" and "Hulk is the strongest one there is" and I want  Fred Tatasciore voicing the Hulk

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Yeah out of the Avengers line up Mark Ruffalo is the only one I'm not sure about. I think Edward Norton did a really good job as the Hulk, but anyways hopefully Mark is good.
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@danhimself said:
" I don't know if I'm going to miss Ed Norton yet or not...depends on how Ruffalo does I guess...I know that I want more of Hulk talking...I want more "Hulk Smash" and "Hulk is the strongest one there is" and I want  Fred Tatasciore voicing the Hulk "
I think on the same lines. Ruffalo has a clean slate IMO for this role and I also want Hulk to say those iconic lines of his. I'm also waiting to see the inevitable scene in the Avengers movie though where Hulk picks up Thor's hammer at some point and beats him with it. lol
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When the Ed Norton vs Marvel stuff came out, I honestly thought they'd just go with all Hulk, all the time in the movie and no Banner.

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imo Cillian Murphy is Bruce banner but he was already scarecrow ppl wont like the scenario that ryan reynolds did playin 2 diff characters

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bring back norton get rid of that nobody

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love him, hate him, or are somewhere in between, we all want the same thing. a good Avengers movie with good actors.

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Honestly, if they have to go through a cast change, I'm just as happy it's the actor that's going to spend a significant portion of the film represented by a screaming CGI monster. I'm more curious about what role the Hulk is going to play in the film than who's playing Banner.

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ugggh  Ed leavin severely  weakened my faith in this movie 
but ill try and give this..........person a chance.

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Just paint Chris Evans green, that dude is huge now!

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Ang Lee motion-captured Hulk for his own movie and they had Gridiron players motion-capturing the Hulk for the more recent film, so I'm not sure what the difference will be. Perhaps he means they'll be capturing his facial expressions as well.

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Out of all the people they could have got to play the Hulk for the 3rd time they chose Ruffalo....I'm Just not Impressed! No disrespect to his acting ability but I just totally think he's the wrong choice to play the Hulk! I am not all expecting good things from his take on the the Big Green Guy or Bruce Banner! I only hope that most of his screen time he's just the Hulk and not Banner or it's gonna take me out of the film!  
With the Human Torch playing Capt. American, it's already going to be hard for me to  suspend my disbelief; So, having ANOTHER guy I'm not that keen on playing one of my favorite Marvel  Monster Hero is not going to make it any easier. 
I think I'll wait and let others catch it first to see if it's worth watching in the Theatre. At this point the biggest draw for me to the Avengers flick is Joss Whedon as director.  Even RDJ is not that big a reason for me since, at this point, I would rather see him in a 3rd Iron Man flick than an Avengers flick. Time will tell and I'm hoping something else draws me to want to see it with all the other Comic Fans. But Alas, It's not looking good so far.
I have Higher hopes for THOR!

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i will always say ed is best
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@FadeToBlackBolt: Or why not Ryan Reynolds. He could play every comic character.
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He does an ok Hulk... But he is still no Edward Norton. the voice acting is so so.  But I don' t know if I'm can picture him as a Bruce Banner.

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That's actually pretty cool. 
@G-Man: But I think he means someone playing Bruce Banner AND the Hulk. Lou Ferrigno played the Hulk but not Banner. Eric Bana and Ed Norton only played Banner and not Hulk. I'm sure he means that.

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Maybe the third time is the charm because they have yet to manage a convincing CGI Hulk. 
Everyone that is bashing Ruffalo, take a deep breath and chill.  This sort of none sense happens anytime an actor is cast.  The fact is Ruffalo is a very good actor, see Zodiac, and should get the benefit of the doubt.  The fact that they are casting a good actor alone should be something to be happy about. 
As for Chris Evans, I gotta say he is at least looking the parts with the recent set pictures I have seen.

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It's been so long since the last Hulk movie, I don't see where it'll be that big of a difference who plays Banner.  Someone earlier already said it, but we're not really going to see Banner anyway.  We want to see "Hulk smash!"

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As long as they keep the Hulks personality intact with all the anger and smashing and green skin, I'm happy. Besides, I don't go to a movie with the Hulk in it to see Bruce Banner, I want to see the Hulk. They could have gotten Woody Allen to play Banner for all I care. The only person I DON'T want to see play Bruce Banner is Eminem.

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@cbishop said:

It's been so long since the last Hulk movie, I don't see where it'll be that big of a difference who plays Banner.  Someone earlier already said it, but we're not really going to see Banner anyway.  We want to see "Hulk smash!"

I prefer Bruce to the Hulk :P
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
"I prefer Bruce to the Hulk :P "

Yes, you can't drive the story with a mindless monster, so you need Bruce, but c'mon, you didn't enjoy the Hulk fights in the last movie?
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I'm already missing Ed Norton there :/
The actor doing motion capture? I guess it's a good thing! So the CGi Hulk will move and feel a bit closer to Bruce Banner.

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For those Edward Norton defenders, maybe this will come as a surprise, but his problems with film studios never started with Marvel.  He's butt heads with other studios before (not to mention the fact that the Writers Guild of America is not very fond of him): 
(From the LA Times): 
American History X - They believed director Tony Kaye had delivered a powerful drama. But even before filming was completed, tensions mounted as Kaye and Edward Norton jockeyed for control of the film. Norton was involved in rewriting portions of the script; his influence was obvious when Kaye shot a crucial scene where the actor rallies his skinhead troops before they ransack a Korean market.   
Last fall, New Line test-screened Kaye's first cut of the movie, which earned surprisingly good numbers for such a hard-edged drama. But then New Line made an unusual move; it agreed to have Norton edit a cut of the film himself. Kaye contends Norton broached the idea.  
New Line President Michael De Luca says he approached Norton, although he acknowledges the actor gave him an incentive, threatening not to do press if he couldn't "stand behind the movie."  Norton has repeatedly refused to discuss his involvement in rewriting or editing the film. 

(From Empire Magazine):
The Score
- Frank Oz, the director of The Score, had already cast Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando. Like many people he saw Edward Norton as the natural choice for the youngest generation of thief. Norton though had reservations before agreeing to join the cast.

Oz recalls, "Edward's first concern to me was, 'Can I contribute? I don't just want to be an actor because I have ideas.'"

Indeed, although he remains uncredited, Norton is pretty vocal about his "pretty substantive rewrite" of Kario Salem's original script for The Score.      

(From Edward Norton's bio): 
Frida - According to, The WGA is giving all writing credits to Zak Penn for the Incredible Hulk, who wrote the original script. Norton also wrote the screenplay to Frida, but was denied screenwriter credit.   This could be due to the fact that Norton still rewrote the script before going through the process of first being a member in the Writer's Guild of America.

Incredible Hulk - Edward Norton is a smart, talented guy. But he really had a bad time with Marvel on “Hulk.” He spent hours and days rewriting Zak Penn‘s script (not the first time he's rewritten a script). At the 2007 Comic Con, Norton bragged about writing the screenplay. But it was Penn who got the credit.

In the end, Norton had such a falling out with Marvel that he skipped the movie’s premiere and went off to some island to lick his wounds. He exited the promotional campaign without a contract to do sequels, although both co-star Liv Tyler and director Louis Letterier each had them. 
^ I don't blame Norton (well not so much) for trying to re-write the script on the movie he was starring on because it shows dedication, but this was at least his 3rd re-write of a film (there maybe more), he has a tendency to rewrite a lot of his roles in the film; that's bound to get a film movie ticked off eventually. 
The only thing I give Norton credit is for handling his exit professionally with Marvel.  But...
Imagine Norton reprised his role?  Rewriting some of the script in The Avengers, with a cast of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Samuel Jackson, and Scarlett Johannson... yikes!  Talk about clashing ego.

#43 Posted by Kid_Zombie (822 posts) - - Show Bio
@Jordanstine:  Again Thankyou! Been stating these for a long time, even when he was first casted into the Hulk. Very happy he wont be screwing up Avengers!
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Hulk has gone Independent! 
#45 Posted by The Impersonator (5731 posts) - - Show Bio

Hopefully Ruffalo's character turns into the same Hulk as in The Incredible Hulk movie. This Hulk is way better than Ang Lee's Hulk.
#46 Posted by UnclePappyWolf (130 posts) - - Show Bio


Funny thing about Edward Norton is most of the very few films he has done rewrites on have been pretty decent improvements. American History X was a great film despite what others may think from the screening. The question there would be if he had not got involved with that film would it have been as good at all? Though, I would like to see that other edited version to see for myself. I hope it comes out on DVD.

  However, In those few cases he has rewritten something he was “allowed” to do so. He was given a lot of liberty, maybe too much in retrospect, but all those films were major hits or were critically acclaimed and they didn’t seem to mind too much once they were successful.

Besides, if Marvel didn’t want him doing any rewrites they could put it in writing. Any studio with a decent contract specialist could fix a problem of what role Norton would be playing as a cast member on the Avengers. It's not as if he can just do whatever he wants without legal permission. And you don't think Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ) isn't going to bring the same kind of major changes to a script as Norton would or have a major say in script approval? Man... Most of Iron Man was changed on the Fly with all those adlibs. 
Besides, Most of the few films Norton’s rewritten on were films he's been the lead on with exception of Frida; which was a film his then Girlfriend Salma Hayek starred in and produced.There's no history of him doing these things on every one of his films or on films with ensemble casts like the Italian Job, Red Dragon or Kingdom of Heaven.   Or for that matter many other big film projects he's been involved with such as Fight Club, 25th Hour, or the Illusionist. Which were all films with big name actors and directors with plenty of strong opinions such as Spike Lee and Ridley Scott! 

I'm sorry, I just don't find his intensity and zeal any different from RDJ’s or any other actor who really puts himself deep into a role.  You just don't usually hear about those stories. I think the reason fans are disappointed with Marvel's decision is because people wanted to see these two intense actors in the same film.

Is Norton Zealous...even a little too zealous on certain projects? Sure…but not so Impossible and crazy that he can't be in a big cast and should be treated like some kind of pariah to be avoided.I don’t think people hear are defending Norton because he’s not overzealous they are defending him for being a darn good actor who cares enough about the projects he’s in to take an active role. Much like RDJ and a whole host of other actors who want a certain amount of script approval.  

As for Marvel, go back and watch the special features on the Hulk BluRay.. Kevin Fiege does nothing but sing of Norton’s praises the whole time. It’s like a 180 degree turn from his comments later on. He seemed quite pleased with him during the documentaries and that was after the film was over and done. I just think it's more about a lot of egos involved than it is about shooting straight to the fans. At Comic Con Fiege so skirted the issue. It's just disappointing. Can they get past it..? sure! with some of the choices they've made in casting I think its going to be harder but time will tell. As a fan of Comics and movies I am rooting for all involved but it doesn't mean I'm not skeptical.


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