Is there any suspense in Hulk fights anymore?

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It seems under Pak everytime I turn around there is either some new comment or new feat to showcase how much greater the Hulk is than everyone else.  Anytime I flip through a book with him in a fight the Hulk never comes across really challenged or in danger of losing.  He gets attacked than just powers on through whatever is attacking him healing in the process.  I can't recall the last time he ever seemed to struggle in a fight.  Even the fight against Zeus, which raised many Hulk fans ire is called into question because apparenlty the Hulk "wanted to lose."
So, is there any suspense in his fights anymore or are Hulk's victories a done deal?

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Nope I agree with you, they are pretty much a done deal. Alot of Hulk's enemies forget they have advantages over the Hulk and decide to play his own game with a face punching contest due to plot mainly, Sentry and Thor being more of the well known ones. It's basically been the same story for the past well Hulk's entire career. I think under Pak namely WWH, I liked the story, it was a fresh change IMO. Giving the Hulk a little more character depth with Caiera and Skaar and him becoming a king it was something different than, angry nerd angry cause picked on, angry nerd must hurt people. Oh angry nerd chased by military, must hurt military cause they make angry nerd, angrier.  He gets pissed, he fights, he heals, he gets angrier, he smashes, he wins. I like the Hulk, i liked his concept, but his stories have just gotten stale IMO, nothing really is a challenge anymore and if it is, they dumb down the challenger so Hulk can beat them in a brawl. It's one of the reasons I don't read his comics anymore.

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i've said it several times on this site and i'll say it again, the Hulk is the biggest walking P.I.S machine around

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Hulk is the ultimate winner... You can save lots of $$$ if you skip every single issue of Hulk and just buy the finale if Marvel ever decides to axe the series :)
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Poor writing of villains across Marvel.

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I don't think his origin suits his power....  thats his problem.....................
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@The Stegman: YEP
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What do you think would be more appropriate? 
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@seekquaze said:
@ebuchanan:  What do you think would be more appropriate? 
anything that is more convincing......................................
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Red Hulk has continued to outsell the Green Hulk since his debut... and many readers of the big red have admitted to never caring that much for Banner's Hulk.  Taking some time to analyze why might bring some answers..
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Do you have an opinion as to what it the reason might be?  Maybe due to the Red Hulk once after the initial arc has not been portrayed as so invincible?
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One of the main problems is with the original, most popular, and most well known Hulk personality: the unintelligent one.. where he has the mind of a child. That's what the casual reader is familiar with. In battle, all Hulk has is the brawn to survive. He has no wits or any other skills. But "the madder he gets, the stonger he gets" which lets the reader know he'll eventually win. After a while, this can get tiresome.

When it comes to Red Hulk, he is obviously not "the strongest one there is".. which is why he's on Steve Roger's redeemer program and not running the White House. But beyond that, Rulk is always Ross, and he has a tactical mind and military training he uses to outsmart enemies... a mind he just used in the latest Hulk issue against Modok and Zzzax... not to win the battle... but just to survive it.

But when we're talking incredible, almost unmatchable power of a Hulk, it all comes down to the man that wields it.  As mentioned in one of the above replies, many see Banner as a boring "nerd", a victim who just happens to be one of the smartest men in the world. Sort of like a Bill Gates personality. Not very interesting as a man.

Ross on the otherhand, people have found very interesting. He's cocky, brash and thickheaded. A military mind so strong in his views.. which allowed him to justify in his mind that taking over the county to fix it was the right thing to do. He's very flawed.. with old prejudices.. which inspires him to say things like to a long haired villain... "get a job hippie".

So there ya go.  Just my two cents.... :)

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