is the hulk a force of nature.

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he has been transformed at a molecular level by gamma radiation.  gamma radiation is a universial power house as far as radiation goes.  the deadliest.  where should his power top out at.  the world breaker is powerful but is there more?  why can thanos handle him in a fight.  should the hulk be able to reach the levels of the stranger or even say lower level celestials.
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No, nature was just fine before hulk was not even close.....................................................

and hulk should never be able to reach the Strangers strenght level, or even Thors but he has.............

#3 Posted by Thor's hammmer (7186 posts) - - Show Bio

No He got hit with massive amounts of radiation...He should get cancer and Die.
#4 Posted by TheUltimateSurvivor (848 posts) - - Show Bio
He somehow gets his powers from some strange dimension, hence how he changes in mass when transforms. Gamma rays seem to activate the transfer of that power.
#5 Posted by PowerHerc (86165 posts) - - Show Bio

Nope.  What he is isn't natural.
#6 Posted by weaponx (1608 posts) - - Show Bio

No, he is not and he should never reach the levels mentioned in the op.

#7 Posted by gravitypress (2102 posts) - - Show Bio
@jec777: If Hulk was on Celestial level his comic would suck because there would be no villains to pit him against. As for force of nature I would say he is the opposite a force of mans folly to dabble with dangerous things we don't understand.
#8 Posted by cattlebattle (14798 posts) - - Show Bio

definantly a force of freak science, I like him at his old school levels

#9 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

While gamma rays may be nature, the Hulk was man-made, so I say no. 

#10 Posted by hulk_beyond (99 posts) - - Show Bio

Technically yes, gamma rays are natural and the Bruce Banner's genetics allow him to absorb them. The Gamma radiations natural effect on Bruce is to turn him into the Hulk.

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