Is Sentry The Perfect Villain For a Hulk Movie?

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It has baffled me that Marvel thinks Hulk is so unadaptable to screen. I think he´s such a great character and so rich in terms of what you can do with him. However it is true that he does lack a seriously challenging villain. However, I think the best way to go with a Hulk movie is have him face Sentry. Why?

I think he´s the greatest foil to Hulk, a superpowered schizophrenic superhero so corrupted by his own immense power that he begins to see humanity as mere ants and himself a god. At first Shield want to use him, Banner and him can even work together, but slowly he begins going mad and Banner sees this warning Shield. They don´t listen and Sentry goes on a rampage, only one being on the planet even has the remote chance of stopping him, Banner must embrace his inner beast.

Tell me that isn´t a synopsis and a half for a Hulk film. Plus it will give comic fans the closest they´ll ever see of the battle of all battles, Hulk Vs Superman. Everyone and there mother will have to watch it. What do you think.

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Sounds good to me

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I see him as more of an Avengers villain. Hulk VS Superman would be dumb. Hulk would get his ass handed to him through the whole thing.

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Not a bad idea. I agree that he'd work as an Avengers villain too but definitely you should see him and the Hulk throw down. The trick with the Sentry is that his "good" side should be as terrifying as his "evil" side, the Void. Both Sentry and Void are villains, only Robert Reynolds giving up his power should be seen as heroic.

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I'd prefer him to be an Avenger and then go Void and wreak havoc. Hulk should have one of his classic villains in his move. The Leader or Tyrannus perhaps.

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Does Hulk even HAVE good villains? His biggest villain is himself.

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I think Sentry could whoop Hulk though so...ore of an Avenger villain to me.

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@joygirl said:

Does Hulk even HAVE good villains? His biggest villain is himself.

I think so, Abomination, Leader and Tyrannus are all great IMO.

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sentry as a villain would be kinda weird in my opinion he sucks as a hero for the simple fact that hes agoraphobic and tends to go off the deep end so is that what we want in a hulk vs? hulk fighting a schitzo sentry in his living room because hes afraid to go outside? I think not HOWEVER in my opinion a great villain for him to bounce around with next would be a tie in with spiderman and bring back carnage 3 of my favorite characters in one comic/movie shoot that would be awesome

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@jphulk26: I would like to see that, but the movie won't do The Sentry any justice. He will come off as some random superpower like Superman.
He is much more interesting than Superman.

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At his worst, the Sentry cowered in a corner and at his most powerful he brought essentially the Old Testament wrath of God.

So he'd either get stomped to jelly and be wholly uninteresting or be so dramatically overpowered that no force on earth could stop him.

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I kinda like it but I think the regular movie going public would see it a bit too much as Hulk vs Superman.

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