If World War Hulk was canon?

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I understand that World War Hulk was consider canon, though I still don't understand a lot of it. Why do people in forums refer to him as "WWH"? Wouldn't it just be "Hulk?" What's the difference? Was Hulk powered by something that he isn't anymore or something?

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He was a stronger than normal version of Hulk and the story was called world war hulk. Yes its cannon but it's not Hulk at his normal level.

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Technically his proper name is World breaker Hulk since WWH was the name of the event.

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he was the strongest representation of hulk. the strongest personna. and WTH are you making a thread about this? read the vine page on hulk.@CaptainDoeo:

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Enosisik answered my question. Thank you. I apologize, Avenging-X-Bolt, I haven't read World War Hulk, yet. As for you, Kain Scion, I was asking why "World Breaker Hulk" and "Normal Hulk" were any different. "WTH" do you have to be so rude?

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@CaptainDoeo: sorry to ask, but what's canon mean?

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Main story/universe.

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The same would be for Wanda. People keep referring to her as HOM Scarlet Witch, it's her strongest incarnation; however, The Children's Crusade reveals that she can use that power anytime she wants simply by tapping into the life force.

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@stormphoenix: Canonical. Look that word up on google.

Basically when people refer to a canon, they're talking about whats happened on the same timeline with other things. Examples:

Nolan's Batman films are part of a different canon than Burton's.

Every time Marvel publishes a "What if?" it's starts a new line of "canon" separate that the main universe/story.

Stories like The Dark Knight Returns and Superman: Red Son have different "canons" than the main/regular/monthly stories being told about Batman and Superman.

Hope this helps :)

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Not just timelines but also connon means that it officially happened. Non-canon could be as he said just a 'what if' story or a fan fiction or anything that doesn't count as part of the original on going story.

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