Hulk's Speed ?

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shouldnt the hulk be faster than what hes stated the increase in muscle should make him faster and quicker

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Well the logic goes "he can propel himself faster because his muscles are stronger." It's not completely wrong, but because of the mass of his muscles I'd say he's not as fast as most would think. It's why trainers don't have boxers constantly lifting weights. If they get ripped their mobility takes a hit and they aren't as fast. He would be quick though.

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He is already quick for a brick as far as Marvel goes. Running 300+ mph. Leaps miles quickly. Leaps into orbit. Catches tank shells, jets, etc. When you compare him to other bricks in Marvel he is one of the faster ones amongst the likes of Thing, Colossus, Red Hulk, etc. His combat speed is good enough as it is for bricks unless you're attempting to compare him to the likes Superman. Because his strength is so great, you would think he would be capable of fighting at fast paces, but that isn't the case since the aforementioned Thing, Colossus esque characters would also be just as fast when they are clearly not.

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Its speed changes frequently.

Does not hang in direct along with strength.

Which version hulk and against when fighting is important.

to 600mph seems normal for him.

But he has already overtaken the Silver Surfer (at maximum speed) would be many times faster than eg Superman.

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Use the search engine, I created this same topic over 4 yrs ago!

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He has a decent set of reflexes and he should/often does possess tremendous explosive speed. I think you are beginning to see the influence of the first Hulk film and the Avengers feed back into the comics in how he is currently portrayed.

He doesn't possess the perception/cognition/reaction speed of a true speedster a la Superman/Flash and nobody should pretend he does. Thats not his thing. But that explosive speed could conceivably translate into something like this:

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Hulk has traveling Speed but No real Combat Speed.

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He's caught a rocket as it was leaving the earth before also. So he's leaped into the air at around 18,000 mph before.

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