Hulk's Greatest Love

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For a giant, muscle boung green guy with anger issues, Hulk sure gets around just fine. Obviously his pimp game increases with anger too. But seriously, being a Hulk love interest is like walking through Gotham at night, flashing your money. His relationships don't tend to end well. So my question is, out of all his love interests, who love Hulk the most?

Personally, I say Caiera.

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Betty/Red She-Hulk <3

Red She-Hulk vs. Wolverine by Ian Churchill
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betty ross/ red she-hulk.

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Betty. Though Caiera comes a close second.

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It depends on which you're really asking about.

Who loved the Hulk and accepted Bruce as a part of him? Caiera.

Who loved Bruce and accepted the Hulk as a part of him? Betty.

They're two completely different sides of the same coin. Taking Betty's... issues...

... Yeah... Those... Out of the equation, Betty knew Bruce first, she respects and loves Bruce. After his accident, she accepted the Hulk as a part of him, rather than treating it like a monster, she treated it like a personality defect. Hulk wasn't a real thing, it was Bruce during an episode. The Hulk wasn't really a monster or even it's own thing, it was JUST Bruce Banner. So she didn't love the Hulk, she loved the man trapped within, Bruce Banner.

Now Caiera? Different story. She knew the Hulk, respected his power, strength, and skill. She was a warrior, and just like Diana respects and cares about Batman as a fellow warrior, she cared for the Hulk. Eventually, that care grew to love. Finally, the Hulk had found someone both strong enough and skilled enough to match him, on a world he wasn't a monster. He wasn't feared because he was so powerful, he was feared by those who preyed on the fearful. Caiera saw a noble warrior, not effected by reports of monster that smashed and destroyed all in it's way. Then she met Bruce. And just as Hulk cared for Betty because Bruce loved her, Bruce cared for Caiera because the Hulk loved her. But again, Caiera accepted Bruce. She recognized him as a part of a noble warrior, but he was Hulk, the Green Scar, a King to her. Not Bruce Banner, a man trapped within a monster.

So who is Hulk's greatest love? Having thought it through as I have above, Hulk loved Caiera the most. And vice versa. To delve further into your question would involve trying to investigate the psychological boundaries of Banner and Hulk, where does one begin and one end? Are they truly separate as they would both have the world believe? Or does the fact that the love of one holds both prove that they are truly one in the same?

These are questions that require even more thought than the one you ask, and I've over thought THAT already.

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Caiera is Hulk's true love, Betty is Bruce's.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

Caiera is Hulk's true love, Betty is Bruce's.

I agree with this. I was curious if someone would say it.

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@BlackWind:What you said...

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We all seem to be forgetting about Jarella here.

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I am working my way through the Hulk from the beginning and so far i have come to the conclusion that Betty Ross is a selfish pain in the arse and that Jarella was far better for Bruce/Hulk.

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  1. Betty
  2. Jarella
  3. Caiera
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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

Caiera is Hulk's true love, Betty is Bruce's.

I agree

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Jarella forme she loved hulk and bruce equally.

Betty is more of bruce's true love

Caiera is more of Hulk's

Jarella on the other hand took both sides and loved them equally, hell bruce even left betty for her.

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