Hulk's death.....Who can kill Him????

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Anyone with a decent amount of normal human strength, a sharp sword, and unimpeded surprise from behind while Hulk growls out his monologue.

#52 Posted by PurpleCandy (984 posts) - - Show Bio

Molecule Man

and anyone with matter manipulating powers

#54 Posted by TheCowman (461 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheAcidSkull said:

no, hulks is walking nexues and he has soem magic energy within him , he has always been able to see astral ghosts and touch them

Uh huh.

Please refer to my earlier statements about not liking all powerful characters. Even Superman is vulnerable to psychic and magical attacks. If you liked WWH, good for you. My preferences are certainly not global standards. But everything about the story rubbed me the wrong way, and trying to convince me that it wasn't inconsistent with the Hulk's character doesn't make me like the story more; it makes me like the Hulk less.

#56 Posted by Mei (166 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheSwordsman said:

Anyone with a decent amount of normal human strength, a sharp sword, and unimpeded surprise from behind while Hulk growls out his monologue.


#57 Posted by TheSwordsman (1972 posts) - - Show Bio

@Mei said:

@TheSwordsman said:

Anyone with a decent amount of normal human strength, a sharp sword, and unimpeded surprise from behind while Hulk growls out his monologue.



#58 Posted by SpectroRaphael (167 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheCowman: I completely agree with you. World War Hulk was filled with such bad writing just to boost the hulk's image. It made me like him way less!

#59 Posted by The_Emerald_Soviet (116 posts) - - Show Bio

Chaos War Abomination could probably kill most Hulks before they're anywhere near his strength level by snapping his neck or tearing off his head. He was man handling the entire Hulk family with absolute ease, imagine what would happen if he could just focus on Banner?

#60 Posted by Takao0815 (109 posts) - - Show Bio

In order to destroy him permanently, I see 3 options.


If he is just reflected in weak before traveling with something not attack what is left blasphemous (no soul and no cells).


Deprive him the power gamers and then destroy every cell.


Someone from the First or Second Power downstream has to do it.

First League symbols for things from the real reality.

One Above All, The Fulcrum (authors of the comic) Protégé (Cosmic mimicry = copyright infringement, etc. One Above All instead One Above All)

First Galactus with his sealed power = Ultimate Nullifier (the end). Yin and yang (DC and Marvel Publishing)

Second League support of all Supreme Power

(All power to a an author can give.)

Support the heart of Eternity (once Thanos), Living Tribunal together with Stranger

Nemesis (ok maybe I was considered a bit high but still be more powerful than all of the multiverse together infinity gems).

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I have to agree with throwing him into the sun. Even if the Hulk can breath in space and regenerate.... He wont regenerate fast enough while hes getting pulled to the core of the sun so he would disintegrate and even if his regeneration was still fast enough he would eventually tire out (Hulk Form) and go back to normal form and die. As we've seen he cannot stay in {Hulk form) forever and when he comes out of it (after long periods) hes completely exhausted.

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He's an atomic-powered, genetically indestructible man. Nothing can kill him. The atomic-molecular strength of his DNA grows in proportion to stress. DNA in the machine that make all the different types of protein belonging to different types of multicellular organ systems.

The one thing always remains when Hulk is hurt is his DNA and all other things, DNA's protein products, can be regenerated from that. Because Hulk's DNA is indestructible, his healing factor does not rely on how fast it can makes copies of itself, or how fast it generates proteins. Now matter how fast, DNA replication and protein production is not an instant process but Hulk's regeneration does not rely solely on that speed because his DNA will always remains due to being simultaneously built up strength in proportion to stress.

While other superheroes can brag of their super-powered genes, Hulk is the only built to survive anything. Wolverine is similar to the Hulk, except he does get stronger and the energy needed to maintain his DNA, continuously feeding it mass thus keeping it from falling apart, is limited unlike the Hulk who depends on the limitless atomic energy of the entire universe. Hulk says he's "the strongest there is" for a reason. He's the ultimate genetic juice-head so of course his powers are also a big problem for him and a problem that he can't get rid of.

And Hulk has withstood the equivalent of core solar temperatures and beyond so throwing him into the sun would not even phase him.

Hulk does not tire as long as he is under the stimulus of great stress. Banner transforms into Hulk in midst of such situations in order to survive.

#63 Posted by Takao0815 (109 posts) - - Show Bio

@rgomez305 said:

I have to agree with throwing him into the sun. Even if the Hulk can breath in space and regenerate.... He wont regenerate fast enough while hes getting pulled to the core of the sun so he would disintegrate and even if his regeneration was still fast enough he would eventually tire out (Hulk Form) and go back to normal form and die. As we've seen he cannot stay in {Hulk form) forever and when he comes out of it (after long periods) hes completely exhausted.

He must not turn back. There are enough Hulk versions which can remain indefinitely in Hulk form.

Even when he will complete his mind remains destroyed. Once this has gathered enough energy it can withstand a body make (in the sun should go pretty fast).

Gladiator's heat vision is hotter than the core of the sun. Hulk could still fend him with his hands. Once he has fully adapted to the heat of the sun is no longer a problem.

#64 Posted by Blashun (2 posts) - - Show Bio

Deadpool killed him in Deadpool Kills Marvel series.


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I just sign in to reply. First of all check this page,is in spanish but i think you can get a translation. You will see how powerfull the Hulk really is even before WWH. In the other hand,Hulk is unkillable even if you get to his brain,as the Maestro said,he will allways come back. His strength goes beyond physics,everything is on that page,suported by comics obviusly,if you dont get to translate the page at least see the images.

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In terms of up to date comics? No one yet, though Rulk did.

#67 Posted by GreenScar1990 (1282 posts) - - Show Bio

Galactus and other beings of similar power levels or higher.

#68 Edited by youmessinwithme (1278 posts) - - Show Bio

Dr strange

Ghost Rider



Silver Surfer,


Zeus (and every other, high father, sky father or all father)


Galactus (and anyone approching his level)

the wrest of Galactus's heraldas


DP tyrant




anyone who can fly fast enough to get him into space without being KOed.

.... So yeah it's a really big list.

or combined efforts between teams of weaker characters.

#69 Posted by youmessinwithme (1278 posts) - - Show Bio

oh and anyone with matter manip, reality manip, or time manip... :)

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Could someone like Flash theoretically kill him by phasing through his body at lightspeed and removing his brain? I can't see how someone can heal if they are brain dead.

Alternatively, if someone used one of those samurai swords that halts the healing factor and took off his head. Can't see how he comes back from that!

Can he breathe in space? i.e. Green Lantern or Superman flies him out of earths atmosphere at hypersonic speed and he is left stranded?

Gotta say though that killing Hulk is darn near impossible. IMHO he's harder to kill than Superman.

#71 Posted by Petey_is_Spidey (5724 posts) - - Show Bio

Surfer could just take him apart atom by atom with out even touching him.

#72 Posted by kadumadu (2 posts) - - Show Bio

Old man Logan kills hulk

#73 Posted by Vendel (371 posts) - - Show Bio

The Juggernaut.

#74 Posted by JetiiMitra (9476 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider-man can. He even said so.

#75 Posted by DrunkVader (813 posts) - - Show Bio

each of his deaths has been fodder but there are plenty of cosmic beings and such who can end his life with a thought add to that list pretty much anyone with murderous intent its up to your imagination I guess

#76 Posted by QueenCorp15 (1058 posts) - - Show Bio

Anyone if they can kill him as bruce b4 he turns

#77 Posted by Perethorn (5248 posts) - - Show Bio

Who can kill The Hulk?:

-Any Thanos level or above character



-Silver Surfer or any of the Annihilators

-Invisible Woman

-Dr Doom (with prep)

-Reed Richards (with prep)

-Dr Strange


-Jean Grey

-Charles Xavier

These are the one in the top of my head.

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@jonsmith said:


Franklin Richards

The Celestials






Phoenix Five


Anyone with the Infinity Gauntlet

Adam Warlock


Molecule Man


Dr. Doom (maybe)

Silver Surfer (maybe)

Maestro (He count?)

Beta Ray Bill

Anyone with the Ultimate Nullifier (maybe)


Any Watcher

I could keep going.


#79 Posted by RaynorJ (1503 posts) - - Show Bio

The question is silly... Anyone can kill anyone, a regular human can kill Galactus if the writer wishes so. Why even ask this question? And lol at people actually making lists...

#80 Edited by warbandit (12 posts) - - Show Bio

wolverine with muramasa blade?

#81 Posted by Bezza (5019 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk died in Old Man Logan...Not sure why he didn't heal, but he died in that story.

#82 Posted by wolviex (77 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Storm killed Hulk. Though the writing was probably crap.

#83 Posted by lukavinokic (1 posts) - - Show Bio

How about Ultron? And Wolverine could kill him, Galactus for sure and i think Deadpool killed him once.

#84 Posted by Thorgoki (39 posts) - - Show Bio

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe Thor has killed him before.

#85 Edited by seekquaze (741 posts) - - Show Bio

@thorgoki said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe Thor has killed him before.

I think those have been regulated to What If?s or alternate realities. In an older What If? where the Hulk went truly berserk and killed Iron Man Thor ended up snaping the Hulk's neck because Thor saw the Hulk was beyond reason and Thor had lost his hammer and was under the 60 second limitation at the time. The other occasion was during "The Reigning" storyline. Thor was deprived of most of the Odinpower at the time, but still had some left. He ended up killiing the Hulk by shoving a tree trunk through his chest having a prolonged battle against Hulk and Ben Grimm. This storyline was later removed to an alternate reality thanks to time travel.

#86 Posted by en_sabah_nur_apocalypse (120 posts) - - Show Bio

@castleking: this is incorrect. cable and storm did not kill the hulk. in that comic, hulk was being controlled by onslaught. cable was going on and out of the hulks mind trying to free him of the control , tring to find secrets and possibly help bridge the connection between bruce and hulk. at a point in the comic, storm and cable simultaneously attack hulk basically the psionic attack to his mind and storms lightning. hulk falls to the ground and isnt moving. storm asks is he dead. they got him to his feet after cable goes in his head again to break the mind control. storm shocks him again. he never was "dead" in the comic

#87 Posted by Bezza (5019 posts) - - Show Bio

.....a number of characters could kill the Hulk but he wouldn't stay dead for long. Even the Maestro Hulk reformed himself eventually after being disintegrated.....but I am sure the likes of Thanos and Galactus could kill the Hulk, at least temporarily if not longer.

#88 Posted by Grandwazoo (1 posts) - - Show Bio

In Avengers Annual 13 Wasp of all people apparently killed Hulk with a sting that caused a reaction in him that turned Hulk into coal. In actuality no one can kill Hulk, he is the ultimate who's power grows with his level of anger and his strength & power can be dialed up to outmatch anybody period!

#89 Posted by leonkarlen123 (8819 posts) - - Show Bio

Deathstroke can put a promethium sword through his head and he is dead.

#90 Posted by JimboBchez (476 posts) - - Show Bio

@thecowman hahaha yeah he always can magically keep getting angrier. next thing hulk will be his maddest ever and be sooo strong that they'll have to make hulk have rabies to surpass his last angriest moment.

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Allot of people can do it, though it's been hinted at that hulk can't truly die (within reason of course).

#92 Posted by petra197 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Guys to kill the hulk is easy all you need to do is:

Step 1: Get an long range teleport.

Step 2: Teleport the hulk near a black hole.

Step 3; Start your evil world dominating plans (maybe team up with Dr.Doom)

Easy right.

#94 Posted by Gizmorino (6218 posts) - - Show Bio

Omega level mutants,


silver surfer,



anyone herald of galactus can if they don't job,

the members on this list is too much

#95 Posted by worldbreakerhulk (346 posts) - - Show Bio

Shorten the list by remembering durability and healing ability of the hulk,.......which makes him pretty much unkillable.

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  1. Archangel Michael -would hit him once and send him spiraling into the Lake of Fire
  2. Medieval Dragon - Canonically 'invincible', per the text of a medieval bestiary, which carries as much or more weight than any Marvel writer's description of a superhero's abilities, powers or limitations
  3. Atlas - Strength incarnate. Holds up the heavens. Many other divine powers.
  4. Lancelot - Canonically invincible in combat.
  5. The Kraken - Would rise up from the sea and drag him down into eternal darkness

...Essentially, any canonically invincible being, hero, god or legend from myth, folklore or religious texts. As long as the ancient author describes the being as 'invincible', then it will either defeat the Hulk or fight him to a draw.

This not only gives equal or higher merit to ancient writers, but also gives props to the very way ancients perceived supernatural abilities. Their minds were shaped to see more powerful abilities, higher levels of divinity and immortality, IMHO. Thus, Marvel writers are likely incapable of conceiving a being that can defeat an ancient god or hero. They just don't know how to create one as powerful. No matter how much people in Norway learned about music, no matter how much theory they absorbed, no matter how many styles they were familiar with, they probably would not have developed Delta Blues. It would not have come from their spirit or soul. Same here: No matter how hard the Marvel writers attempt to create a super being, they just can't do it like Old Testament writers or singers of Icelandic sagas, Arthurian legends and similar fare. Just my crazy opinion.

Power this, regeneration that, rage this, strength that...the beings listed above are beyond all that.

#97 Posted by arthurkerr (1929 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought they had a creature they absorbed Gama and was like slime. It just covered the hulk and fed on him until he was dead?

#98 Posted by AtheistKnowledge (5151 posts) - - Show Bio

@arthurkerr: Never heard of a such a thing and seeing as Hulk never actually died, i guess not.

#99 Posted by bonifidehustla (169 posts) - - Show Bio

He's very hard to kill but can be done. Then again you better kill him before he gets mad. Basically what silly Mark Waid run did they tried to kill him when he was Bruce.

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My understanding, is that his immunity to being both knocked out or even killed works in proportion to how much stress and anger he is experiencing.

And even if he is somehow killed, he'll always come back, its part of what makes him Incredible.



Silver Surfer


The Void






The Living Tribunal



Molecule Man

Peter Parker(He said he can)




And even Aunt Mae, if the writer or situation calls for it.

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