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Hello everyone.

I have a Marvel and / or DC Universe-related problem, and I would really appreciate it if someone could help me sort it out.

Here's the deal: I'm subtitling the web sit-com "Husbands"s 2nd season's 3rd episode from English into Italian and there's an expression that makes reference to The Hulk which I'm finding hard to translate. It says "There's no 'situation' here. Contingency maybe, but...".

The whole passage is as follows:

Character 1: "Ladies and gentlemen, Brady Kelly is bulked up and hulking out. Somebody make you angry Dr. Banner?

Character 2: "Nah, there's no 'situation' here. 'Contingency' maybe, but..."

So I think it's plain to see that there are references to The Hulk, namely: "hulking out" and "Somebody make you angry Dr. Banner". And I think also "situation" and "Contingecy" refers to the Hulk and / or the Marvel / DC Universe, 'cuz as, you all well know, there's always a "situation" and a "contingency (plan)" in every movie / comic book. There exists also a Comic book team called "Contingency", but I don't think that's what the guy's refering to.

So could somebody help me out here? I'd really appreciate it if someone could come up with a good Italian transaltion of the above mentioned sentence. Or at least if someone could tell me what's the "there's a situation" and "Contingency (plan)" Italian version equivalent in any of these Superheroes' movies and / or comic books.

Should you need it, this is the link to the video that I'm subtitling. The passage I'm talking about is in the first minute and, more precisely, from 0'45'' to 0'50''. To visualize the Italian (and / or English) subtitles you've got to go underneath the video's toolbar, that is, at the bottom of the video to the left. Don't maximize the video to full screen, or it won't show the subtitles.

I'd be very grateful if you could give me a hand!

Many thanks in advance to all.


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