Hulk: Yea or Nae?

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Ok since my other one vanished I'll try this again. So I'v not read a lot of Hulk over my comic book career other than a few HC that I had when I was a wee bit bairn but with the Hulk starring in the EMH and appearing  in the Avengers movie and also with Hulk: Agent's of S.M.A.S.H on the horizon it got me thinking of my love for the 90s cartoon which believe it or not I liked more than Spider-Man "gasp"! anyway I ended but putting Incredible Hulk on my pull list after the relaunch and I have been enjoying it very much, but it's just not enough Hulk for me now, so I ended up getting Skaar: King of the Savagland which I also liked but as it was only a mini I need something else now. So how about Hulk? Is it any good? Would you recommend it? When's a good jumping on point? Am I right in thinking it mostly focuses on Rulk?    

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I've always liked Hulk. The Big Green guy will always have a place in my heart. I had a long absence with reading comics and just picking stuff back up again, so I decided to start with reading Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. I must say I am completely enjoying it to the point that my recommendation is to start with Prelude to Planet Hulk and continue. There will be some stuff that's going to be overlooked, but it's covered enough that you don't feel lost, and can fill you in if your lost. It's a good story arc with lots of Hulk doing what Hulk does best, Hulk Smash.

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Hulk is a great title, I'm really into Rulk. He's awesome.

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